Elementio by Elementio Team Review : The most user-friendly, yet advanced, overlay platform on the market today…

Elementio by Elementio Team Review : The most user-friendly, yet advanced, overlay platform on the market today…

Elementio is World’s first overlay platform with drag & drop element placement. It is the most user-friendly, yet advanced, overlay platform on the market today, “Elementio is the smart marketer’s lead generation tool for the 21st Century.” This best Lead Generation Software And Revolutionary Software Forces More Profits And Subscribers Out Of Your Marketing Pages Even Brand-New Marketers Can Build Big Lists And Earn PASSIVE Profits Fast. Elementio is a clever software tool with a number of practical uses for increasing your sales and conversions which has been created by one of the top development teams in the internet marketing space, Approved. Elementio Increases Conversions On ANY Marketing Page Of Your Choice Adding Elementio elements to your pages is like plugging them directly into the power grid for supercharged conversions.

Elementio Then all you have to do is, Sit back and enjoy how many more leads and sales you have pouring in daily with Elementio. Elementio is one of the best, most sophisticated apps that I have seen to generate leads using pop ups, notification boxes, countdown timers, animated characters and everything that you can ever think of using to capture leads! From a Beginner to a Seasoned Marketer this is one piece of software that will be of true benefit to your business. This New Groundbreaking Technology Grabs Your Visitors Attention In Seconds. Elementio’s eye-catching element overlays act as irresistible magnets to pull in leads and sales. It’s so EASY to grab subscribers and sales.

“I have been testing Elementio for the last couple of weeks, and before I had it, I would share articles and information on social media, simple because we are always told we need to engage people. But now that I have Elementio, I can share content, but add my own marketing to it. So rather than just sharing an article, I can share an article from an authority site, but put MY optin, MY video, MY poll questions and more on that article! And with the ability to add countdown timers and videos to other people’s sites, I can do affiliate promotions where my review or my times can be on THEIR sales page! This thing is awesome!” ~ Ray Lane , The Video Guy

“This is one on the those software that don’t come around too often . Anyone can build big lists And earn passive Profits – Fast by using this new revolutionary product. I will certainly be using this in my business from today on. Don’t miss out on this or you will regret it big time.” ~ Mark Barrett, Affiliate Marketer and Top Coach

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Elementio Features:

  • Add Multiple Overlay Elements, To Any Page – Elementio allows you to add multiple overlay elements to your web pages from any of 8 available options. Use one element… or use them all in your campaigns
  • Curated Campaign Content From The Hottest Websites on the Planet Saves You Time & Money – Hot trending posts from viral content sources are at your fingertips inside the Dashboard. Simply edit with YOUR overlays for fast, easy list building and off-the-chart sales using OTHER people’s viral content
  • Use Content From Any URL – Want to use content from your own website or elsewhere? Elementio allows you to place your overlays on any URL of your choice
  • Drag & Drop Element Positioning – Place overlays where they’re most visible… real-time mobile preview ensures overlays are placed optimally for mobile traffic. Got heatmap software? Use it to optimize your placement for insane conversions!
  • Full Control Over Elementio Created Pages – Worried you could lose your overlaid content if the owner takes down the page? Relax. Download your Elementio-created pages as HTML with one-click. Upload them to your server for peace of mind.
  • Intuitive Dashboard – Everything you need to get the most out of Elementio is highly visible inside the dashboard. Get access to campaign data, tutorials and support at a glance.
  • Share Campaigns Inside The Elementio Dashboard With 1 Click – Get FREE viral traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest without having to log in and out of any sites
  • Real Time Stats – Optimize your campaigns with real time stats. No guessing – you’ll know which of your campaigns are crushing it so you can EASILY scale them for even higher profits
  • Built-in URL Shortener – Create shortened links on the fly with URL shorteners from Google and Bit.ly baked right into the Elementio Dashboard – so YOUR links work on all the top social networks every time
  • Campaign Clone – Replicate your best campaigns with a single click. Makes split testing headlines, images and text a breeze

Elementio More Features:

  • Notification Box – Ideal for affiliate/CPA marketers. 3 individual box styles catch your visitor’s attention… and put your links in the path of a hungry crowd. Full styling options available including custom image upload, choice of border/text/font and button colors, a delay setting and animations.
  • Video Box – Create show stopping video notification boxes with custom calls-to-actions and animations. 20 pre-formatted CTA buttons are included (upload your own buttons if desired)
  • Delay Pop Up – Maximize conversions by delaying popups until visitors have time to interact with your content. Upload a custom popup image, or choose one from your existing library.
  • Countdown Timer – Timers add extra urgency to your offers. Creates blockbuster sales and subscriber sign ups. Choose from 8 timer style options; customize background color, headline font style and color.
  • Exit Pop – eCommerce marketers: incentivize visitors with a discount code to stay on site or subscribe. Affiliates, product vendors and CPA marketers get a last chance to add visitors to their lists before they leave their sites for good
  • Image Box – Creates a clickable image which redirects to any URL of your choice. Ideal for social media marketers.
  • Embed Custom HTML – Place HTML opt-in forms in your overlays to sign up eager new subscribers on the spot… or place custom HTML code within the embed box. Compatible with ALL HTML- based autoresponder forms.
  • Retargeting Pixel Support – Elementio retargeting pixel placement is a simple copy & paste operation which takes mere seconds. It’s never been easier to boost conversions with the proven power of retargeting
  • Meta Details Support – Improve your SEO for FREE organic traffic by including page titles, meta descriptions and keywords on your Elementio pages
  • Any Webpage or Most Trending Topics
  • 8 powerful elements never seen before
  • Define element’s position via Drag Drop
  • Real time preview of your campaigns
  • HTML Download Option
  • Built-in URL shortener (Google/Bitly)
  • Display campaign elements via Script
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Built in Mobile Responsive Checker
  • One Click Social Sharing
  • Unlimited Campaigns

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Elementio in Just 3 Simple Steps:

  • Create your campaign – Campaign creation cannot be easier than this. In just few clicks.. your campaign is created and is ready to get customized.
  • Choose and customize any of our 8 impossible-to-ignore overlay elements. Click. drag-drop, place. Its that much easy.
  • Press ‘Publish’ and watch new subscribers and sales come pouring in…

Elementio Ready For:

  • Email Marketer – Grow your subscriber base fast by creating calls-to-action directly related to the content your reader is browsing
  • Affiliate and CPA Marketer – Redirect motivated readers who want to solve their problems to your offers with notification boxes, videos and more
  • eCommerce Store Owner – Add attractive Product Boxes with discounts and countdown timers. Stir up an incredible urgency for your visitors to buy your offers on the spot
  • Blogger – Grow your email lists, create engagement and convert more visitors with calls-to action featuring animated characters
  • Product vendor – Use overlays to alert your followers of your latest release. Or send them to a sign-up page so they don’t miss out on early-bird product specials
  • Video marketer – Place your own videos (from YouTube or Vimeo) on curated content for powerfully effective lead generation and sales
  • Social media marketer – Share your Elementio links with your social media followers for FREE viral traffic to your landing and sales pages.
  • All website owners – Keep your visitors on your pages longer – reduce your bounce rates for floods of FREE organic search traffic

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