Easy Member NEO Review & Bonus – In Just ONE CLICK, You Can Join Over 3,200 Smart Happy Marketers Using The World’s Most Comprehensive ‘Done For You’ Membership Site Solution…

Easy Member NEO By Marius Price Review – In Just ONE CLICK, You Can Join Over 3,200 Smart Happy Marketers Using The World’s Most Comprehensive ‘Done For You’ Membership Site Solution…

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Easy Member NEO is A Powerful, Easy To Use Membership Software, Trusted By 1000’s of membership sites worldwide that’s going to allow you to do more with your membership sites than was previously possible! It’s a specially designed membership script – designed solely to build membership sites with membership site owners in mind.

Unless you have got yourself a Membership Site – then you haven’t yet unlocked the key to a real regular passive income online. Today, Membership Sites = Internet Marketing Goldmines And Easy Member NEO is the easiest, most solid, secure and pure quality membership scripts on the market. It doesn’t even need WordPress (but it works with it).

For over 9 years and with constant updates it’s been making Internet Marketers like you rich with regular recurring incomes. Delivering the most effective, functional and professional Membership Sites on the Web And helping Marketers like you to profit BIG – every single month!

We all know that membership sites are online goldmines – Creaming in that delicious recurring income for you every single month. But – The truth Is: Build your membership site on WordPress and you WILL BE HACKED! It’s a sitting duck for hungry hackers! In fact, on one blog, we had over 175 attempted hacks in just a few days…

Unlike other membership software out there Easy Member Neo IS NOT reliant on WordPress with all it’s inherent security problems. Easy Member Neo is a specially designed membership script -designed solely to build membership sites with membership site owners in mind. So you have absolutely no worries about WordPress hackers wiping out your members.


Today the developers are offering you an INSANE offer Not only are they going to give you a MAMMOUTH DISCOUNT BUT because they know that Membership Sites are usually a complete and utter pain to set up – requiring tons of time, effort and technical know how – They are also going to do EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THE SET UP FOR YOU. Taking every ounce of hard work out of your profitability. Meaning this really is your one true opportunity to FINALLY unlock your regular recurring passive income from your online ventures And FINALLY live the Internet Marketing Lifestyle you truly deserve.

The developers are also going to be generous enough to give you the UNLIMITED LICENCE version of this software – which means you can utilise Easy Member NEO on as many of your own sites as you wish! Meaning your capacity for profit is literally limitless.

It’s Cinderella time. That’s right. The “one and done” pricing for Easy Member NEO goes away at midnite, Easy Member NEO will go up to a monthly price. I hope you see this is your chance to get the best, Don’t fall for those complicated, buggie and expensive “Membership Site Plug-Ins!” Easy Member NEO is easy, bug-free, and VERY AFFORDABLE.



  • Unlimited License: This is the UNLIMITED LICENCE version of this software – which means you can utilise Easy Member NEO on as many of your own sites as you wish!
  • Affiliate Management. You can Set up and manage a stress free efficient affiliate programme
  • Easy Member NEO has Autoresponder Integration. Effortlessly build customer loyalty on autopilot
  • Automatic Backups – Never lose your members – even if your hosting goes down! When you have hundreds or thousands of paying members onyour membership site, BACKUPS ARE IMPERATIVE. If anything should go wrong with your web hostingcompany…don’t worry – Easy Member NEO has it covered
  • Coupon Codes: Offer prospects an irresistible offer and increase your membership. We live in a society where coupons and codes are deemedessential to offering a good offer! In fact, some people won’t take action on an offer without some sort of coupon code! Easy Member NEO create a genuine buzz and drive members to your site with Coupon Codes – create scarcity and make your membership site even more desirable to join
  • Target Everyone! Easy Member NEO has Multiple Currencies and languages
  • Member management system. Easy communication between you and your members and complete membership control
  • Page management system. Have your membership site exactly how you want it! You don’t need to be a “techy” to use Easy Member NEO. Pages can be created and edited as easily as using a Word Processor. However, for those of you more tech-inclined, you have the ultimate freedom to create pages from scratch too
  • Easy Member NEO has multiple payment options. Offer every single prospect a tailor made offer
  • Supports multiple payment processors – Take payment any way wich suits your customers
  • Upsells and one time offers. Offer every single prospect a tailor made offer
  • Compatible with WordPress plugins. Easy Member NEO is as bullet proof as physically possible!
  • Bullet Proof Security. Insure your recurring income and protect your members
  • Robust round the clock online support desk. Never struggle on your own – no matter what time of day



Imagine you’ve just been a super-smart marketer and just downloaded Easy Member Neo. You’ve set up your membership site super easily – ‘cos we’ve done it for you and you’ve generated a (rather conservative estimate) 100 members in your first month all paying $47 a month in recurring subscription fee. Congratulations, You’ve just earned yourself $4,700 with virtually no effort…

And think how small that tiny one off investment really was -just 1.5% of what you’ve just earned.Well done Easy Member NEO! Now, lets imagine you carry on the trend of generating(again, a rather conservative) 100 new members each month all paying just $47 per month recurring memberships. Then by the end of month 2 you’ll have doubled your income to $9,400. And that tiny one off payment you just invested in Easy Member NEO is now looking even tinier isn’t it?!

And, now, most impressively Without EVER having to do anything else except drive traffic to your site. In just one year in just 12 tiny months (which will fly by). You will have earned yourself, in completely passive income…

Easy Member NEO is Your complete ‘done for you’ solution to a regular recurring income with UNLIMITED LICENSING on all of your own sites … Incorporating the incredible functionality of:

  • Built In Affiliate Promotion System
  • Run Promotions With Coupons
  • Offer Free Trials
  • One Time Or Recurring Payments
  • Automated Daily Database Backups
  • Create Upsells And One Time Offers
  • Total Autoresponder Integration
  • Content, File and Video Protection
  • Drip Feed Content (Set & Forget)
  • UNLIMITED Membership Levels
  • Full Featured WYSIWYG Editor
  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • PHPBB forum integration
  • Simple WordPress integration



  • Easy Member NEO – Unlimited Site License
  • Easy Member NEO – Developers License
  • Easy Member NEO – Single Site License



Easy Member NEO is very very professional product. Easy Member NEO is more about explaining than it is about showing and this carefully organized training course was clearly built with all audiences taken into consideration (i.e. it is very newbie friendly). Get Easy Member NEO Now!


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