E-Commerce Firesale by Edmund Loh Review : Get Our Brand New, 40-Part Course And Break Into The $1.6 Trillion Market At A Crazy ‘Steal’…

E-Commerce Firesale by Edmund Loh Review : Get Our Brand New, 40-Part Course And Break Into The $1.6 Trillion Market At A Crazy ‘Steal’…

E-Commerce Firesale is a 40-part PDF course on how anyone can start an e-commerce business on popular and commonly known platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba and eBay. E-Commerce Firesale PLR was created not only to end the struggles that most newbies face when it comes to building their online business… But also as a go-to master guide for experienced e-commerce merchants to stand out from the rest of the competition and to finally make a name for themselves in the world of online marketing.

Most E-Commerce training courses and books in the market focus on acing one specific platform or marketplace.

But because everyone is different, Kate and I decided you should get the whole gamut. This is a 40-part training course on how anyone can start their own E-commerce business on some of the world’s most popular platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba and eBay.

This is based on Kate’s experience as an E-Commerce entrepreneur so you’re bound to find something that works for you.

Your newbie status or past failures with E-Commerce matters little – here’s how you can start your own online store from scratch and build a profitable, repeat business.

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With E-Commerce Blueprint, You’ll DON’T..

  • You DON’T need high-level technical knowledge
  • You DON’T have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out
  • You DON’T need high capital to start an online business
  • Go with just ONE of them and you can build an income stream that replaces your job… or DOUBLE, TRIPLE your online profits!

What’s Covered In This 40-Part Blueprint

You’ll Learn How To Build Yourself A Successful Online Business Empire Using One Of These 4 (Or All Of Them… The Choice Is Yours!) Most Popular Websites Used By Merchants Worldwide…

  • Alibaba – This leading platform for global wholesale trade has over millions of products in over 40 different categories ranging from electronic devices to accessories… Discover how you can use it to your full advantage by reaching a global audience for your products, and if you’re a buyer, find suppliers fast and efficiently!
  • Shopify – What started out as a simple platform to pursue their passion quickly transformed into a tool in helping other online merchants to build their own retail business… Merchants today use Shopify to manage all aspects of their business including product orders and building relationships with customers.
  • Amazon – Originally a book seller, this largest online shopping website expanded to sell a huge variety of electronic media, digital media and consumer goods… Similar to eBay, users from around the world can purchase and sell goods using their online marketplace system.
  • eBay – With their mission to be the world’s favorite place for discovering wide selection and rekindling passion, they aim to provide sellers the platform they need to grow and expand their businesses… They are currently the top 10 global retail brand and are focusing on building stronger connections between buyers and sellers as well as turning items that customers no longer need into real cash.

Starting Your E-Commerce Website

  • Why You Should Start Your Own E-Commerce Business
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Targeting Your Traffic
  • Using Live Chat Services
  • How To Build Your E-Commerce Mailing List
  • Building Up Your Affiliate Army
  • Retargeting Marketing
  • Logistics Outsourcing
  • O To O (Online To Offline)
  • Secrets To Boosts Your E-Commerce Sales

Here’s A Full List On What’s Covered In This Amazing 40-Part E-Commerce Blueprint…


  • Why Be An Amazon Affiliate?
  • How To Register For Amazon Affiliate Program
  • How To Get Amazon Affiliate Approval
  • How To Identify Bestsellers On Amazon
  • Keywords Research (Google Adword, Google Trend)
  • Your Amazon Affiliate Site Blueprint
  • Ultimate Copy Formula For Your Website Post
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Amazon Affiliate Site
  • How To Optimize Your Landing Page
  • How To Scale Your Amazon Affiliate Business


  • Why eBay?
  • Setting Up Your eBay Store
  • How To Identify Hot Selling Products?
  • Essential eBay Vendor Tools
  • How To Source Items?
  • How To Sell On eBay?
  • Shipping Logistics
  • Price Point Strategy On eBay
  • eBay Traffic Building Strategies
  • How To Scale Your eBay Business


  • Shopify At A Glance
  • Getting Started With Shopify
  • How To Set Up Your Shopify E-store
  • How To Identify Hot Selling Products For Your Shopify Store
  • Shopify Optimization
  • Launching Your E-store
  • How To Generate Traffic To Shopify
  • How To Optimize Your Store
  • Shopify Apps To Drive More Traffic
  • How To Start Your Affiliate Program As A Vendor

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3 Big Reasons Why You Need To See This Right Now

  • Increasing Demand For E-Commerce
    Online marketers at JVZoo are focusing on selling E-commerce information products due to its success rate of generating high sales revenue…
    …In 2015, it accounted for more than a third of total retail sales growth in the US!
  • Amazing PLR & Resell Opportunity
    Take over our top quality content so you can rebrand, resell it as your own, and keep 100% of the sales!
    These are the same materials we used to build ourselves an overall successful online empire…
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Private Label & Resale Rights Opportunity

There are 3 options on the Order Form That You’ll able to choise

  • Personal Use – If you want to get E-Commerce Firesale and learn the course with no intention of reselling, then this option is for you.
  • Resale Rights – If you want to resell the product as it is, and keep all the sales you make, then this option is for you.
  • Private Label Rights (PLR) – Not only you can resell, you can also rebrand the course as your own. This means you can put your name as the author, edit the contents, put in your links, and even repurpose it to grow your business!

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