Doodly by Jimmy Kim Review : Discover The Proven Video Software That Will Attract, Engage, and Convert Visitors To Buyers!

Doodly by Jimmy Kim Review : Discover The Proven Video Software That Will Attract, Engage, and Convert Visitors To Buyers!

Doodly is a powerful point and click desktop software that allows ANYONE to create doodle style videos with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Included is over 200 custom “poses”, 20 scenes, 200 props AND the ability to upload your own images. Fully tested and developed from the ground up, Doodly allows you to create unlimited videos right from your desktop for marketing needs. It’s a Simple Drag and Drop Doodle Video Creator. Pick Between Whiteboard or Blackboard. Create A Video Using Doodly Done For You 100’s of Characters, Props, Images, Fonts, and Sounds! You Can Even Upload Your Own Images, Fonts, and Sounds! And Export Your Video in Multiple Formats and Quality In Minutes!

Have you heard about the newest super weapon marketers have been using to increase conversions? It’s Doodle animation videos! If you have not heard, doodle animation videos are quickly becoming the gold standard for marketers to use. Not only are they exciting, eye catching, and creative, but most importantly they convert! In fact, marketers see up to 3x the conversions and sales when they switch to animation based videos. It’s that powerful. Normally though, to get that type of video, you have to pay thousands of dollars and weeks to process. Not exactly good for business. Today, I’m really excited to show you a brand new app that was released called Doodly.

This powerful yet simple drag and drop doodle animation tool is revolutionizing videos. Besides incredible increases in conversions and sales, here are a few reasons why Doodly is so special:

  • Done-For-You Library of build in animated images
  • Doodly is Easy to use Drag and Drop Tool System
  • Custom Image Uploads
  • Doodly have Ability to create white board and black board videos
  • Realistic images drawn in the way YOU want it drawn
  • And so much more..

Simply put Doodly can create any animated realistic doodle video in less time and for less money. Creating compelling sales videos for your audience is no easy endeavor, which is why when something as simple and effective as this, comes along, you have to take notice. I don’t want to alarm you, but have you looked at your videos lately? I don’t want to sugar coat this so I will just come out and say it. They could use some serious work. I can tell you put in a lot of time and effort into your sales videos, but the problem is the delivery is BORING, And this isn’t just a symptom of your videos, it’s a pretty common problem. With the amount of noise and videos in the world today, it’s IMPORTANT to stand out and create highly engaging videos. Today, I have a great way to give your video a BOOST.

It’s called Doodly and its changing the way we create videos. Doodly is able to cut through the noise and directly broadcast your message to the customer thru highly engaging “doodles” that keep your audience captivated and engaged.

  • Create Doodle Videos That Get Attention. Realistic Drawing – Attention-Grabbing Doodly Drawings!
  • Done For You Background Scenes. Over 200+ Custom Characters and Poses
  • You Can Upload YOUR OWN Image AND Create Your OWN Doodly!”
  • And You Can Use Your Own PNG or JPG Images. No Special “SVG” or “Vectors” required!

The numbers don’t lie. In fact, when marketers implement doodle animations created through Doodly, they saw up to a 3x increase in their sales and conversions. That is not small potatoes. So, if you are ready to increase conversions and sales and at the same time save money, then you need to Pick up Doodly today and start creating marketing masterpieces in minutes instead of weeks.

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What Doodly Can Do For You

Doodly is by far one of the fastest and easiest to use desktop software apps they’ve created to date. They knew it had to have 3 unique elements to help you stand apart from the others:

  • Tech-friendly – Though they know plenty of techy guys, let’s face it: even in 2016, it is important that software passes the ‘mom test’. They made sure Doodly was designed to be THAT easy.
  • Powerful & Professional – Too many times, other “doodle” video creators are just showing images as they want. We wanted it to show the way it would be drawn and let the end user DECIDE how they want it be drawn on screen.
  • Whiteboard AND Blackboard Everyone talks whiteboard, but many niches would LOVE a blackboard. So Doodly added that option as well!

Doodly was created FOR YOU to save you tons of money on video production WHILE giving you increased conversions, which means more sales and more money. Today, they’re proud to share with you their masterpiece. Doodly is by far one of the coolest, easiest to use software desktop apps they’ve created to date.

Powerful High Converting Videos in a Snap

  • Easy to Use. Built from the ground up, Doodly was designed with you in mind. Easy to use interface is fully drag and drop, point and click.
  • Powerful and Professional Doodle Videos. Their biggest pet peeve with other “doodle” software’s options was the lack of ease to use and professional results. They designed Doodly based on their experience as digital marketers and the level of quality YOU expect.
  • The Power of Doodle! From affiliate marketers, eCommerce Owners, Digital Marketers, and small business owners, doodle videos are versatile. Doodly builds videos that everyone will love and enjoy.

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Doodly Features

  • An easy to user interface that’s newbie and tech friendly
  • Drag and drop/Push Button ease!
  • Doodly Includes EVERYTHING you need to get started and create your first video today
  • Create White board AND Blackboard videos!
  • Includes a strong variety of done for you images
  • Doodly Allows custom image upload with custom draw paths
  • Available for both PC and Mac (desktop software)
  • Point And Click And Create Your Own Doodly In Minutes!
  • No Technical Skills, Coding, Or Programming Required!
  • Includes Custom Created Drawn Characters Each With Unique Poses .
  • Upload Any Image And Create Your Own Doodly!
  • During Introductory Pricing, They Are Offering Doodly With No Monthly Fees!
  • Doodly Export In SD Or HD With Up To 100% Quality
  • Unlimited Personal Use – Create As Many Doodle Videos As You Want!

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