Demio by Demio Review : Wow, Simple, Smart, Reliable, Powerful, Easier, Clean, Smooth, Top Class, Awesome, Million-Dollar Technology.

Demio by Demio Review : Wow, Simple, Smart, Reliable, Powerful, Easier, Clean, Smooth, Top Class, Awesome, Million-Dollar Technology.

Demio is different than other webinar platforms, everything is different. From the way that it’s designed with a focus on simplicity, to the powerful features that make webinars more effective, to amazing attendee experience. Demio is a delightful webinar experience for everyone involved. Our core values also make us different, our drive, our amazing team, and everything else that you get with Demio that you won’t get from our competitors. This No downloads whatsoever. Demio is completely, 100% web-based, and your attendees can join from one simple click on their unique join link. This means higher attendance rates for your webinars. You can have real-time conversations with your’s attendees, Of course it’s true. One of our missions from the very beginning was high-quality with no delay. Our streaming is nearly instantaneous, and you’ll be able to get lightning fast feedback from your attendees.

If you purchase Demio Webinar Platform By Demio the 100-attendee package today, you will not be able to upgrade to the 1000 attendee package at the same price that it’s offered today. So if you plan on growing your business, we highly recommend locking in a bigger package than what you need right now. We currently, natively integrate with 7 CRMs: Aweber, InfusionSoft, OntraPort, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and ConvertKit. We plan on expanding these native integrations after the initial launch period. Don’t see your CRM listed here? No problem! We also integrate with Zapier that allows you to connect Demio with up to 300+ other applications. You can see if your CRM is supported by Zapier here. We are obsessed with providing you a great user experience with both the platform and customer service after your purchase. You will find active Support in the platform via Email, Live Chat, and a Knowledge Base. Our support will be on around the clock to make sure we get responses back to you as quickly as humanly possible. Plus, if you wish you can request a 1-on-1 Demio demo with us to get you moving and see everything that Demio has to offer. We have created an entire knowledge base, a getting started video, and we’ll also personally 1-on-1 onboard you with a demo if you want it.

Demio is by far the simplest webinar service to get up and running quickly with your demos, trainings and online sales efforts. Thanks Guys! – Don Christie

My first try was surprisingly easy to setup and get going, nice job! The UI is superb and easy to understand. – John Mini

It was a very smooth experience, easy to handle and it worked perfectly. As soon as this is launched I’ll be jumping on it – Amin Motin

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Demio Features:

  • Multiple Registration Templates
  • Embeddable Registration Forms
  • Automation Rules & Advanced CRM Segmentation
  • Private/Public Handouts
  • Recurring Webinar Series
  • Web-Based – No Download Required
  • High-Quality Streaming with No Delay
  • Does Not Use Google for Streaming
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Custom Thank You Page
  • Automatic Reminder Emails
  • Featured Chat Messages
  • Add Tracking Pixels to Pages and Webinar Room
  • Automatic Replay Page
  • Sub-users with limited permissions
  • Individual Contact Reporting
  • Minute-By-Minute Webinar Analytics
  • Display Offers & Call-To-Actions
  • Integrate with over 300+ Applications




Demio More Features:

  • Create a webinar without a handbook – You’ll be up and running with your first webinar in just seconds. Simply enter your title, date, and time and “VOILA!” you have a webinar ready to launch. We’ve placed a great emphasis on making Demio a pleasure to use every single time.
  • Custom branded registration pages– Use the Demio editor to fully customize your registration page for your Webinar to match your brand. You change the color, add text, images, videos, customize the logo, and more. We’ll offer you a couple templates to choose from right inside of Demio. Also, you can use the Tracking section to add pixels to any page in the registration process.
  • Embeddable registration forms – With Demio, you’re not restricted to only using our registration page templates. We give you the freedom to embed your registration via HTML form on absolutely any website. This is perfect for member’s areas, inside of software applications, or even on your blog. On top of that, the embeddable registration forms makes it easy to use Demio with popular landing page builders such as Leadpages, ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, and almost any other landing page builder that can parse an HTML form.
  • Create a recurring webinar series – Hosting a webinar series? With Demio, you can setup a recurring webinar series, so your audience only has to register once to attend multiple sessions. Once you create your first webinar date, it’s a breeze to add the rest of your recurring webinar dates right inside your event creation page.
  • Let your registrants choose a date/time – If you’re hosting the same webinar multiple times, you can offer your registrants multiple dates & times to choose from on the registration page. Choose the date you want them to choose from and have your webinar event set up and ready to go in seconds.
  • Use your webcam and share your screen – With Demio, you can let your audience see you while you share your entire screen, or an individual window on your computer. Add that personal touch to your presentation with your webcam only, webcam and screenshare, or just showing your screen share. Have conversations with the audience or have them share their webcam on the presentation with one click.
  • Automation rules – This is where the real power shows through. With automation rules, you’ll be able to segment contacts in your CRM in real-time based on the actions that they take. For example, if a registrant does not attend, you can apply a tag. If an attendee stays until the 30-minute mark, you can apply another tag. If a registrant joins the webinar, you can have it automatically send the recording to their email. These powerful rules allow you to segment your audience into buckets based on their interaction, so you can follow up with the right message at the right time.
  • Live, real-time chat with your audience – Have a conversation with hundreds of people while running your webinar. Demio is completely real-time, so you can get instant feedback from your chat messages and questions. Miss any questions? No problem, you’ll find all your chat messages stores in our Webinar reporting after the webinar too.
  • Automatic webinar recordings – Demio will automatically record your webinars and upload them in HD right into your Demio account for you to download later. Recordings include all webcams and screensharing, just like the live event. All recordings are saved as an .mp4 format so you don’t have to worry about any strange recording files for easy editing after your event.
  • Automatic reminder emails – Never worry about reminding your registrants about your upcoming webinar. Demio will automatically send reminder emails to your registrants instantly on registration, 24 hours prior, 1 hour prior and 15 minutes prior to the webinar with their unique join links. We know how important these are to your attendance rate and work hard to make sure they get to your registrant every time.
  • Custom Thank You Page – If you don’t want to use the standard Demio thank you page, you can redirect your registrants to any custom URL of your choosing. However, our thank you pages will come with the registrants unique join link and a calendar save button to make it easy to join any webinar.
  • Invite up to 15 Coordinators – Don’t worry, you don’t have to run your webinars alone. With Demio, you can invite up to 15 event coordinators to each webinar at no extra cost. Coordinators can communicate prior to webinar launch in the Webinar backstage, present their screen, and see the entire Demio Chat room along with you every step of the way.
  • Feature individual chat messages – Want to share someone’s message on a webinar with the entire audience? With featured messages, you can display a chat message from an attendee right on top of the stream, so the entire audience can see it. This feature is perfect for social proof, sharing testimonials, or highlighting questions.
  • Add tracking pixels to registration page, thank you page or webinar room – With Demio Tracking, you can easily add retargeting, tracking, or conversion pixels right on the registration page, thank you page, or even in the webinar room. For example, with Tracking, you can see who landed on the registration page, who converted into a registration, and who actually attended the webinar! This is great for your webinar advertising campaigns.
  • Automatic replay page – As soon as you recording has processed, a replay page will be generated within Demio automatically. We’ll generate a link for you that you can share with your audience. Additionally, you can also customize the replay page and even add a Call-To-Action button below the replay. With Automation Rules, you even have the option to have Demio send certain segments of your registrants the replay. All automatically.
  • Sub-users with limited permissions – Give your team members access to their own Demio profiles & logins, so you don’t have to share the same account. You can even limit permissions for your sub-users so that they can only access certain parts of your Demio account or export certain data.
  • Individual Contact Reporting – Learn more about your about your registrants and attendees at a glance. With our individual contract reporting you can find any contact who registered for your webinars, any upcoming webinar links, and see the past webinars they attended. We make it easy for you to keep track of the data that matters most.
  • Minute-By-Minute Webinar analytics – You can’t manage what you don’t measure. With Demio’s analytics you can learn how your audience watched and engaged with your live webinar, so you can improve your presentation for next time. See the attendee rate over time, interaction rates, registration attendance numbers, attendee chats and questions, poll submissions, automated rules that have been triggered on your webinar in one place and more.
  • Reply to your attendees after the webinar – Demio reporting will show you every attendee on your webinar, as well as their individual chat messages and questions. Missed an important question or have a sales objection? Simply send them an email and see your conversion increase from this added communication.
  • Understand WHO did WHAT on your webinar – Segment your audience to see actions of your attendees and event Sort by individual or multiple webinars. See who registered, See who attended, See who left early, See who completed the webinar and make the most with these customer segments.
  • Display offers and CTA’s – With Demio Resources, you can display offers and call-to-actions in real-time during your webinar. Add text, featured images, and buttons to the attendee’s featured Resources section. This is a great way to get your attendee’s to take action while on the webinar.
  • Share handouts with the audience – Upload Handouts before or even during your webinar to share with your audience. Deliver gifts, notes, worksheets, videos, or any other files that you want your attendees to download. You can even keep your files private until you manually choose to share them. For example, you can make your handout available to download at the end of the webinar as a thank you gift to those who have stuck around.

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Demio Benefits:

  • Save over 1000% from other Competitors During our Grand Opening
  • Increase your engagement with your Audience with Real Time Communication
  • Bring up to 1000 Attendees onto an easy browser based platform in seconds without any download issues or delays
  • Make your marketing and sales webinars more effective. Increased registration rates, higher engagement, improved conversion rates
  • Onboard new users easier into your programs, courses, and software with easy to run user demo’s.
  • Segment your audience and send more detailed, personal follow up emails to the right sub-groups of your registrants
  • Get Detailed Analytics of your webinar to find where you can update or improve your webinar presentation for maximum engagement
  • Seamlessly integrate Demio into your business with Zapier integrations to reduce webinar campaign set up




Here’s what we built Demio for:

  • Marketing Webinars – From the beginning, we’ve had the marketer in mind. Almost every feature we’ve built in Demio has been built with a common goal: make webinars more effective. With advanced segmentations, automations, real-time engagement, in-depth tracking, actionable analytics, in-webinar features such as Call-To-Actions, Polls, Handouts, Featured Chat, and more, were all built to help make your webinars even more powerful.
  • Sales Webinars – Demio is powerful sales tool. With real-time streaming and interactive chat, you can engage your audience easily and kill objections. With Automation Rules, you can follow up with different segments of your audience in different ways in order to close the sale. With featured chat messages, you can display testimonials or social proof to effectively push your prospects off of the fence. And of course, with Resources, you can display offers in a beautiful, effective way. The days of just pasting in a link to your sales page in the chat are over.
  • Live Trainings and Q&A Sessions – With training and Q&A sessions, it’s REALLY important to get feedback in real-time. A 30-second streaming delay simply won’t cut it for you. With Demio, the live streaming is in real-time; therefore, when you ask a question, you’re going to get nearly instant feedback and answers from your audience. Your webinar sessions are recorded automatically, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to press “record.” You can even have Demio send the replay link to your audience automatically. After the webinar, you can use the analytics to see how engaged your audience was during the live session.
  • Group Demos and Onboarding – Webinars are great for building relationships in a scalable way. 1-on-1 demos and onboarding sessions are limited: one person at a time. With Demio, you do daily, weekly, or monthly group sessions to demo your product or onboard your customers. There’s nothing like face-to-face interaction, and it’s never been easier to achieve with Demio. Imagine being able to segment your most active customers, your most engaged prospects, or your hottest leads.




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