CryptoJacker by PaidAllDay Review : Missed the Bitcoin Boom? Good News! You can cash in on the crypto-coin craze, we made it easy…

CryptoJacker by PaidAllDay Review : Missed the Bitcoin Boom? Good News! You can cash in on the crypto-coin craze, we made it easy…

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Do You Charge Any Ongoing or Monthly Fees?
No, there are no mining fees associated with using our software. There are fees associated with using the browser mining services offered which vary depending on the provider. Fees are based on a percentage of profits accessed during payouts.

There are no upfront fees to mine monero besides your investment in the software.

What Browser Mining Options do You Offer?
We mine monero crypto-currency using: Coinhive, Authedmine and Crypto-Loot.

Why Mine Monero of all the different crypto-currencies?
Monero is one of the only crypto-currencies that can be effectively mined through CPU power which means it does no require expensive graphics cards to mine it’s crypto-coins. Recent developments in technology have created a new concept known as browser mining which Crypto Jacker is based on. We use the browser mining services mentioned on this page to mine Monero through a pool of mining services that leverage your website visitors processing power. With Crypto Jacker you can mine monero from sharing website links.

How many domains can we install this plugin on?
You can install Crypto Jacker on an unlimited number of domains you own.

If you flip a site or transfer ownership the new owner must purchase their own copy.

Do you offer PLR or White Label Rights?
No, we believe the best way to earn money with Crypto Jacker is to use it yourself.

We do not offer resale rights and you may not copy or alter the plugin in any way.

How Can I Access the Software After I Purchase?
After you complete the checkout through JV Zoo you’ll receive an email with a link to your JV Zoo customer account where you can login and access your Crypto Jacker purchase.

What are the Software and Hardware Requirements?
You must use your own self hosted WordPress website.

We recommend Hostgator or GoDaddy. Also, you’ll have to sign up for free accounts at the browser mining services used by Crypto Jacker including Coinhive and Crypto-Loot.

Does this work on Mobile Devices?
Yes, it will work on mobile devices, however we recommend sending desktop traffic only to your links for two reasons.

  1. desktop processors will be more efficient at mining.
  2. mining on a mobile device can consume battery power.

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Features all the other “Jackers” are missing…

  • Social Cloaking – shared links look like original website’s on social media.
  • Pagination – Designed to handle hundreds of active campaigns easily.
  • Search – Quickly and easily locate, manage, and edit your campaigns
  • RSS – Export campaigns to RSS feeds for other software and websites.
  • Stealth Mode – Sneaky way to hide mining code from ad approval teams.
  • One Click Load Title, Meta Description & Keywords from original websites.
  • Crypto Mining Capabilities (multiple networks with mining statistics)

Here’s how the plugin works:

  • Step One: Hijack Authority Website and Display the page on your site..
  • Step Two: Visitors agree to mine crypto in exchange for viewing your link.
  • Step Three: You get paid daily deposits for website visitors on auto-pilot.

CryptoJacker Bonus:

  • BONUS 1: Crypto Currency Secrets

  • BONUS 2: Crypto Locker WP Plugin

  • BONUS 3: Bitcoin Profit Secrets


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Check out these reviews from previous customers…

“I’ve purchased all of Thomas’ software and I assure you he stands behind his products. His support is always fast! And he treats his customers like business partners, not a sack of gold.”
– Lisa Nathalie,

“Fantastic plugin, well worth the money. Every now and then a new software is put out that is worth every penny and more, a diamond in the rough this is one of them.”
– Chris, WebRankSEO

“I implemented some little test campaigns today and I’m happy to say these little campaigns are seeing clicks and activity. I am flat-out IMPRESSED! Thanks again for an amazing tool!”
– Jennifer, PotPieGirl

“Love it! It skips the content creation headache part and gives you instant credibility.”
– Katya Senina


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