Convertifire by Stefan van der Vlag Review : This Futuristic All-In-One Feedback Tool Really Help You To Increase Conversions by 512% & Double Profits

Convertifire by Stefan van der Vlag Review : This Futuristic All-In-One Feedback Tool Really Help You To Increase Conversions by 512% & Double Profits

Convertifire is The world’s most advanced feedback tool using cutting edge technology that allows you to plug hyper-spying heatmaps & behavioral recordings, feedback polls & surveys, conversion funnels & form analyiss right over your pages with all the stellar-conversion-technology fully intact. Get unlimited power over conversions and grow your company. It is Best All-In-One Feedback App Software Tool To Increase Your Conversions By 512% And Boost Your Profits In Less Than 30 Seconds. Convertifire works beautifully out of the box. It is World’s Most Powerful Conversion Machine. That’s Revolutionizing the Way You Market in 2017 (and Beyond) Using Top-of-the-Line Features. Any marketer, any company, caring about their online business, cares about their conversions. Simply because high conversions equal more leads and higher profits. So asking if this really is for you, isn’t the right question to ask yourself. The question to ask yourself is the same question that Fortune 500 businesses, start-ups, and successful marketers are asking, it’s simply this: “Do I care about my business?”. If you get the Unlimited Edition you get access to Convertifire for an one-time fee, and you’ll get everything as shown on this page. No subscription. No long-term contracts or commitments at all. When you enter the software, you get a simple code you need to place in the header of your website. We even have a plugin for your WordPress site(s). It really takes less than a minute to set it all up! Copy. Paste. Easy. Convertifire gives you unlimited access to your visitors sessions, recordings, and heat maps. Our competition limits you with 2000 – 3000 user sessions a month. Because we use a different way of gathering your data, we can promise up to 20,000 user sessions a day. Convertifire is using cutting-edge technology which allows for low server loads, being able to get you more data, and it will never slow down your site. We’ve a cool dedicated support team that provides you with support 24/7. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns. We also provide in-depth training and video tutorials to help you get started, as well as a knowledge base covering everything you need to know.

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Convertifire Features:

  • Heatmaps – Understand what visitors want, care about and do on your site by seeing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior – strong indicators motivation and desire
  • Behavioral Recordings – Eliminate guesswork by seeing your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements, and identify issues they encounter. Take back control.
  • Conversion Funnels – Optimize your money maker! Optimize for improvement and testing by identifying at which step in the funnel visitors are dropping off
  • Form Analysis – Do your forms convert? Increase conversion and completion rates on sign up forms by discovering which fields are performing
  • Feedback Polls – Know the reasons behind your visitor’s behavior with polls that can be tied to specific user recording sessions. Be able visualize their entire experience
  • Feedback Surveys – Get inside your visitor’s mind! Build responsive surveys to collect responses in real-time from any device. Answer represented in finger-licking graphs.

Convertifire More Features:

  • Unlimited users – Invite your entire team at no added cost! Specify user roles & rights with ease.
  • Use on unlimited sites – Install & use Convertifire on Unlimited sites and on unlimited pages per organization.
  • Easy 30 second install – No headaches. Quick, simple install. Copy & paste 1 single line of code on to your site.
  • Block IPs – Only get reliable data by excluding tracking for yourself, or your team by blocking IPs.
  • Share Your Findings – Share heatmaps, recordings, survey & poll results with others easily!
  • Advanced Filtering – Easily filter data on operating system, which browser they use, referral source, and more!

Convertifire Benefits:

  • Saves your pages and CSS styles. All built with next-gen compression technology. Your site won’t slow down, your visitors won’t notice a thing. And because Convertifire saves your entire website it’s not fast, but your visitor recordings are always spot on! Unlike others on the market.
  • Works on platforms you already use and love. Simply add a line of code and you’re ready. It works. It doesn’t matter if you’re on WordPress or use page builders like, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, InstaPage, iGloo or Convertri. It even works on your shopify sites! It’s copy & paste simple to install Convertifire on your site!
  • Records all devices and browsers – Enjoy fully responsive recordings & heatmaps. Convertifire records everything. It automatically detects if a user is on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Easily see if your site is performing like you want cross devices.
  • Convertifire is Cool!
    Everyone thinks it’s sexy. With a steep lifetime discount, our state of the art compression tech, and a whole different way of gathering data, we can deliver a better (with never-seen-before features) software at a fraction of the cost. The training, knowledge base and all other help is neatly presented in our cool looking SaaS.

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Here are some of the other things you can do with Convertifire!

  • Compare taps and clicks before & after tweaks.
  • Change page copy to reflect visitor objections.
  • Give your boss proofs of what works, or not.
  • Overhaul forms to generate more leads.
  • Impress your team & colleagues with visual insights.
  • Test what content works best above ‘the fold’.
  • Understand why test pages do not beat your control.
  • Discover how visitors react to longer or shorter pages.
  • Improve navigation.
  • Discover what to move higher or lower on your pages.
  • Uncover & remove distracting elements on your page.
  • Discover ‘false bottoms’ in your pages.
  • Identify confusing elements & copy.
  • Think like a visitor by understanding their mindset.
  • Identify BIG opportunities by prioritizing tests
  • Change layout to streamline navigation and UX.
  • Identify content needed to be added to the page
  • Confirm hypothesis before creating new elements.
  • Reveal your visitors’ pattern of reading the page.
  • Identify & move elements on your page.
  • Generate new A/B test ideas.
  • Identify UX issues frustrating to visitors.
  • Remove or rethink ignored content.
  • See which type of imagery works best.
  • See how different traffic sources behave.
  • Know whether your CTAs are attracting attention..

Increase Conversions with Convertifire 
In Just 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1. Copy & paste simple – Once inside, all you need is to copy & paste one single line of code to your header. We even provide plugins and tutorials for a task this simple. After pasting the code it immediately tracks all your pages!
  • Step 2 . Analyze your data – Watch recordings, analyze your heatmaps, check your funnel, see survey results and more. Then improve user experience fast and easy, and make changes to your pages to reflect all of your visitors’ objections!
  • Step 3. Enjoy, rinse & repeat – Check your site’s conversions and repeat step 2 again and again until you can’t see any significant change in your conversions. Congratulations your site is 100% optimized and raking in more leads and sales!

Convertifire in a nutshell:

  • EASY SETUP – Easy setup, works out of the box. No tech-headaches, pinky promise!
  • INCREASE – Convertifire’s features will help you and your business to grow fast and easy.
  • EXPERIENCE – We have a combined marketing and software experience of over 30+ years!
  • HEROIC SUPPORT – We got 24/7 support. We are here to help you with any questions!

Convertifire Bonuses:

  • Exclusive Bonus #1 – 100 Split-Test Ideas
    Get the 100 split-test ideas checklist — we use with our heatmaps and recordings on all of our own offers and sites — to start increasing your conversions immediately!
  • Exclusive Bonus #2 – 6 Figure Casestudy
    You’ll get a full-blown casestudy on how we increased conversions on a product launch, including simple easy tweaks that help any site increase conversions and boost profits!
  • Exclusive Bonus #3 – Founding Member!
    Get your name (or company name) on our founding member page, indicating you act on an awesome opportunity when you see one. Full bragging rights included.

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