Conversly by Karthik Ramani Review : How a Simple Chat Widget Can Convert Every Visitor on Your Page Into a Sale, Build your Email List on Complete Auto-Pilot

Conversly by Karthik Ramani Review : How a Simple Chat Widget Can Convert Every Visitor on Your Page Into a Sale, Build your Email List on Complete Auto-Pilot

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Conversly is The Most Advanced Social Interaction widget with Customer Support features. Conversly Pro Oto has everything from bringing in customers to initiating a conversation and building an online community all from one single dashboard. You can promote Conversly to your customers as a tool that helps them engage and interact with their customers and collect leads as well. Interact and address all your customer’s queries. You can encourage group conversation and build a live forum on your web page. Not just that, address all your customer queries instantly. Your dashboard provides you with all the vital information about your visitors like their contact info., their preferences all laid out in front of you nicely. With Conversly you can get started by creating a campaign in 5 seconds flat. The templates are provided to give you a head-start. Just edit a few details and you are on your way. The video trainings are so thorough that even your 5 year old can create campaigns at the end of it. We did say Conversly works instantly, right? Cange the design of your campaign so that it’s in sync with your brand and product. Choose the background and text colours that truly compliment your brand. Just a few clicks and you have the perfect looking campaign ready and good-to-go. Next, just click ‘Configure’.

It is now all so easy to run and manage an online community on your web pages. The engaging Power of Online Communities. The real power of online communities is that it joins people in an active conversation, engaging them into a meaningful discussion with questions and answers from various members within the community. Group Interaction Provides Strong Social Proof! Conversations within a group provide strong social proof for the object of discussion. Even members that do not take active part of the conversation, base their buying decisions on members recommendations. Problem with Conventional Online Communities. You do not Own The Group Yourself. Your Account can be deactivated At Any Moment. You Cannot Easily Control Conversations, You Do Not Own The Content. Certain Content can be Blocked From Being Posted, All the Communities Cannot Be Shown On Your Website. Take Your Slice Out Of The Social Media $ Billions! Communities are the foundation on which organizations like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram thrive, using online communities that help resolve questions and build strengths. Organizations that earn billions per year leveraging communities and ever growing their customer base. Build Stronger Relationships With Your Clients Online communities help create lasting relationships between its members and give brands the opportunity to interact with users to increase brand loyalty and engagement. Conversly provides any visitor a true online shopping experience and gives them the feeling that they are heard. Take control of your website visitor, welcome them onto your page or into your online shop. Help them decide, make the sale, and see your revenues surge. Build Instant Communities That Help You Sell, The Most Advanced Social Interaction Widget with Seamless Customer Support features. Conversly initiates conversation and builds online communities all from a single dashboard.

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Conversly Features:

  • 1000 Conversations/mo.
  • Use on 1 website
  • Support Upto 3000 Unique Prospects
  • Add upto 10 Channels/Chat Rooms
  • Add Upto 3 Team-Mates
  • 5 Pre-Made Chat Themes
  • Add on a Facebook Page
  • Built-in Moderation
  • Login with Facebook and Gmail ids

Conversly More Features:
Conversly Builds Your Website Community!

  • Grow Your Brand Loyalty – With active communities and live chats you will grow your brand loyalty fast to get customer to come back for more.
  • Grow Your List Fast – With Conversly you will be able to grow your e-mail list fast with channel/room signups.
  • Communicate To Impress – With live agents and carefully timed message, you can effectively communicate with members and random page visitors
  • Build Communities in Minutes, NOT Months – Create communities fast with just 3 simple steps , no need for any technical skills
  • Lead Your Visitor To The Sale – Conversly allows direct interaction with your visitor, to answer any question that may be preventing them from buying what you have to offer.
  • Ultimate Transparency Builds Trust – By allowing visitors and community members to chat amongst themselves and chat with your moderators, you give full disclosure to build endless trust..
  • Integrations – Conversly lets you integrate with your favorite autoresponder and allows to send e-mail messages from inside Conversly using direct SMTP Integration.
  • Clean UI – With a clean user interface, you will quickly be up and running with seamlessly maneuvering throughout the Dashboard and various menus.
  • Charter Access – Simply pay a low one-time fee now, and get the Charter Member access for Conversly. No strings attached!

We All Know That:

  • Transparency Builds TRUST, And Trust Makes People BUY!
  • Engagement Keeps Your Visitor On Your Page
  • Sense of Community Will Get People RETURN To Your Page!

Let’s Summarize What You Get Today:

  • Only Available During This Launch!
  • Bring back the sense of community to your webshop/page
  • Create Facebook Like Interaction With Live Chat & Comments
  • Build Your Website Community On Various Pages!
  • Grow Your Brand Loyalty
  • Grow Your List Fast With One Click Signups
  • Build Communities in Minutes, NOT Months
  • Lead Your Visitor To The Sale Taking Away Objections
  • Ultimate Transparency Builds Trust
  • Integrate For Optimal Reach Through messaging & email
  • Communicate To Impress With Live Moderation & Group Discussion

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Conversly More Benefits:

  • Everything In ONE Dashboard
    See at a glance how many new or returning visitors you receive on your page. How many have subscribed and how many are online at any moment in time. PLUS see where your visitors are coming from Geographically!
  • Multiple Chat Channels/Rooms
    Visitors can sign up for different channels on your community panel, making it more desirable to sign up for specific channels with interesting subject or themes.
  • Chat Anonymously
    Any visitor to your page can chat anonymously according to your settings. You can disable this at anytime in the settings menu.
  • Welcome Message
    Welcome each visitor to your page and invite them to interact with other visitors, participate in discussion, and sign up for one or more channels/rooms.
  • Multiple Autoresponder Integration
    Conversly integrates with most autoresponders, allowing you to capture each sign up! Now you can easily invite them back to your page for more discussion and interaction with your community
  • One Click Opt-ins
    We have made it easy for your visitors to opt-in to your chat channel/rooms by providing the option to login with Facebook or Google with only a click of a button.
  • Chat Skins That Attract
    Choose different types of skins for your chat rooms to distinguish them, and make them stand out.
  • Copy/Paste To Launch Widget
    Simply copy the code that Conversly provides in the BODY Tag of your web page and your community is set.
  • Multiple Website Channels
    Create multiple channels on the same domain and place them on multiple pages with ease.
  • Scheduled Message Broadcasts
    Create instant messages for your communities or schedule them for the most convenient time when you know most community members will be online.
  • SMTP Integration
    With SMTP Integration, you can send e-mail messages straight from the Conversly dashboard.
  • Push Notifications
    Everytime a message is posted, Conversly will notify anyone with the page open in their browser, by playing a “message received” sound!
  • Invite Team Members
    Outsource chat moderation by inviting members from your team or your virtual assistant to manage chats or settings on your dashboard.
  • Invite Users
    Send users a direct link to your Conversly community to start instant chats and fill up the various channels/rooms you have created.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are chat skins?
    Chat Skins gives you the options to display your community in an attractive way. You get two options with this purchase: Dark and Light
  • What is add on FB option?
    You can install your community on one of your FB fan pages
  • What is Login with FB/Gmail ids?
    Your webvisitors have three options to sign up. They can – Sign up using e-mail id – Login with their FB id – Login with their Gmail id.
  • Are There Any Monthly Or Ongoing Fees To Use The App?
    For a limited time, Conversly is available for a small one-time payment as a launch special. The price may change after launch to a monthly subscription at any time without notice once this special deal expires! When you get Conversly during this launch you will be grand fathered into the lifetime price.
  • Does Conversly Work On PC or Mac?
    Conversly is created as SaaS Software (Software as a Service) and is cloud based. This makes Conversly accessible to all browsers and all Devices, as long as you have an internet connection!
  • Will There Be Up-Sells After My Purchase?
    Yes, we will offer you the ability to obtain PRO Features and serve as an Agent for Conversly, but only during this launch week!
  • What is the link to your support desk?
    If you have any questions or problems, you can open a ticket in our support desk. Go to [Contact Us] for that.

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