ChromEngage by Cindy Donovan Review : Unlimited Google Traffic, Leads & Sales From A Hidden Source of 1.38 Billion People in Any Niche On Complete Autopilot, In Under 2 Minutes!

ChromEngage by Cindy Donovan Review : Unlimited Google Traffic, Leads & Sales From A Hidden Source of 1.38 Billion People in Any Niche On Complete Autopilot, In Under 2 Minutes!

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ChromEngage is easy way to Creates Chrome Extensions Ready to Publish Instantly, That Become Powerful Leadmagnets on Your Website and Inside The Google Extension Directory and Start Collecting Sales. ChromEngage is a Website to Chrome extension conversion solution, however the users are not limited to that, they can use it to generate email & push notification leads by giving a lead magnet and utilizing the Google’s Chrome extension directory of over 1.5 billion people. Like we have done with our own ChromEngage made Chrome Extension. We now have over 260 users on that extension who are subscribed to receive our push notifications and 30% of them subscribed to us via email as well. And if that isn’t good enough – our extension ranks number one for the keyword “Dizign” on Google.

ChromEngage creates Chrome Extensions ready to publish instantly, that become powerful leadmagnets on your website and inside the Google Extension directory. Making the lead magnets is SO EASY! In the sales video I actually demonstrate how I was able to Build the extension, Connect push notifications, Submit it to the Chrome Extension directory, Have it Instantly approved and live, Connect the system with my site, Start collecting leads. The product is easy to use and is highly customizable.

Customer satisfaction- as always is our highest priority.Whether you want to sell more products, make more money as an affiliate, build your online audience or get more business to your offline store. Everyone can agree on these three aspects, being the most important keys to any online business.Traffic, without it, you’ve just got a lonely, sad pathetic (did i mention lonely) website. Customer or subscriber base. The larger the list, the bigger the income! Sales. Cold, hard, spendable, in your bank account kind of money. A lot of people might try and overcomplicate things, right? When you have these three things. An audience, products that sell and people to buy it WILL make you money.

So why isn’t everyone online just swimming in cash? And how do you get your fair share! You see, the truth is A ‘simple’ three part plan for Internet Marketing cash. SOUNDS easy, but FAR OUT, How may times does each of these ‘easy’ pieces come with SO MANY CHALLENGES! Traffic Challenges, Subscriber Challenges, Sales Challenges. Google Chrome Has More Users Than EVERY OTHER BROWSER Combined Opening Up A Perfect Opportunity To Leverage Google’s Own Love Of Google To Create Infinitely Powerful Lead Generation Machines. FREE TRAFFIC: Google’s ego ensures your Chrome directory listings rank higher (and get listed faster) in Google searches.

BONUS SUBSCRIBERS: You’ll also tap into a new source of one-click subscribers directly from the directory searches. RESPONSIVE LISTS: Send UNLIMITED push notifications (no caps or added fees) + added to your email autoresponder too! Siphon Leads From An Untapped Audience of 1,385 Million in Any Niche On Complete Autopilot, In Under 2 Minutes! It is New Technology Makes It Point & Click Simple. Your Own Chrome Extension Lead Magnet In Minutes In Google’s Directory, Deliver Unlimited Push Notifications AND Capture Email Leads Too, 100% Newbie Friendly Way To Make Money, Sell More Affiliate Products To An Entirely New (FREE) Audience, Get Masses Of Extra Free Subscribers From The Directory AND Fast Google Ranking, Easiest Way To Get More Signups, Traffic & Sales With A Simple 2 Minute Setup.

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ChromEngage Features:

  • Cloudbased SaaS Platform: Will work on PC, Mac and on any browser
  • Done For You Extension Builder: ChromEngage builds a completely done for you lead magnet
  • 100% Newbie Friendly: Buy today and always have access to future upgrades and improvements to the ChromEngage platform
  • Unlimited Push Notifications: No hidden fees or subscriber limits, send notifications to all of your subscribers any time you like
  • Autoresponder Integration: Add your new extension users to your email list too!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Don’t like it? No worries. Try for a full 30 days, no risk.


ChromEngage Benefits:

  • Your Own Chrome Extension Lead Magnet In Minutes In Google’s Directory
  • Deliver Unlimited Push Notifications AND Capture Email Leads Too
  • 100% Newbie Friendly Way To Make Money
  • Sell More Affiliate Products To An Entirely New (FREE) Audience
  • Get Masses Of Extra Free Subscribers From The Directory AND Fast Google Ranking
  • Easiest Way To Get More Signups, Traffic & Sales With A Simple 2 Minute Setup
  • 30 Day, No Risk Money Back Guarantee


See How Chrome Extension Lead Magnets Are Driving More Traffic, Getting More Leads & Earning People More Money:

  • ChromEngage Makes Money – FOUR Affiliate Sales From One Push Notification
    One push notification sent to people ONLY added as a result of having one of our ChromEngage extensions listed in the directory. His technique was simple.
  • Bought a cheap piece of software to give away as a lead magnet
  • Created an extension with ChromEngage & published in Chrome Store
  • Collected handsfree email & push notification leads
  • Sent a push notification and made money as an affiliate
    Now he has the leads, he can do this over and over again AND the list is still growing! Watch the video to see how he did it.
  • ChromEngage Drives Traffic – Page 1 Google Rankings Out Of 63,700 Results
    An obvious benefit of being listed on the Google Chrome Store is the SEO advantage. This was ranked by the name of the ChromEngage extension he created. You can get strong rankings from the extension name you choose, as well as the description and any tags you add too!
  • ChromEngage Builds Email Lists – 83 Handsfree Email Leads (11 in ONE day!)
    The ChromEngage extensions are created to leverage every part of the traffic that comes to your website and to the Google Chrome directory. These leads were captured as part of the automatically built-in lead generation funnel. When someone installs your ChromEngage extension you’ll automatically be able to send push notifications, but by capturing their email addresses you can stay in contact with them via email – even if they uninstall your extension. The money is in the list – and with lists built for you from organic search traffic? Well, those are the BEST kind of leads. Targeted, automated and constantly fresh.


ChromEngage Simple Steps:

  • Fill Out Your Details – Add your website name, URL, your logo, activate notifications etc. Our ChromEngage software turns your info into zip file ready for you to upload to the Chrome Extension directory!
  • Submit To Google – Upload your extension. You will need to pay a $5 fee, which lets you upload 20 extensions (just $0.25 per extension) and there is no approval process so as soon as you upload, it’s live!
  • Add To Your Site – We’ll give you a short snippet of code to add to your website, OR if your website is on WordPress you can simply upload and activate our plugin – it couldn’t be more simple!

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Your very own Chrome Extension page prompting them to install your extension:

  • Professional Look & Feel, Hosted By Google In Their Directory
    This all happens for you, without any extra work on your behalf. You simply take the zip file we give you, upload it and add your website details. Once it’s set up in the Google Chrome directory and you’ve enabled push notifications, anyone who has your extension installed (they simply click ‘add to chrome’) you can send them push notifications, delivering a traffic driving call to action whenever you choose via our easy to use dashboard.
  • Subscribing Them To Your List
    You can control everything in your ChromEngage cloudbased members area, so there’s no need to install any software or have any fancy tech specifications. Simply connect your autoresponder in your dashboard and our system creates this welcome page for you giving you the best results with just a couple of clicks! We’re fully integrated with GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp or you can import your html embed code from any other autoresponder.


Google Chrome is owned by Google, you’ll also INSTANTLY increase your websites SEO visibility with:

  • Faster SE Spidering
  • Google Backlink
  • Higher Rankings
  • Organic Traffic
    – Getting noticed by search engine spiders almost instantly, so faster listing in SE’s
    – A powerful backlink by the most respected search engine online
    – Listing in the Google Chrome directory, searched by millions every day
    – Organic traffic from the Google Chrome directory


ChromEngage Bonus:

  • Bonus #1: Add Hundred Of Subscribers Weekly Video Course – Description: A video course that will show you how you can grow your subscriber base
  • Bonus #2: Better SEO In Less Than A Month Report – Description: Blueprint for kicking profits into high gear with a blog that’s getting massive traffic
  • Bonus #3: BounceBaby Software – Description:This software will lessen the extent to which your website’s visitors will ‘bounce’, abandoning your website after a quick click on one page!
  • Bonus #4: Exit List Pro Software – Description:Easily Add Powerful Exit Popups To Your Web Pages – To Build Your Mailing List On Autopilot!
  • Bonus #5: EZ SEO WP Plugin – Description: A plugin that automates the SEO work on your WP blog.
  • Bonus #6: Free Fast Traffic Formula Video Course – Description: Free and Fast Traffic Formula: Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Quickly, Without Paying a Cent.
  • Bonus #7: Rank Your WordPress Site on 1st Page of Google Video Course – Description: An 8-part video series that will teach you how to get your blog site ranking to the first page of Google.
  • Bonus #8: Get Targeted Traffic From YouTube Video Course – Description: Learn step by step, how to make YouTube videos rank high and direct the resulting targeted traffic to your website.
  • Bonus #9: List Building Simplified Report – Description: Build your lists quickly and easily with these top list building tips, tactics, and secrets condensed into this easy to follow guide that will have you building responsive, targeted profitable lists in no time.
  • Bonus #10: Social Media ABC Report – Description: Learn about the importance of social media in successful internet marketing.
  • Bonus #11: Viral Master List Builder Software – Description: Create software products without writing a single line of code.
  • Bonus #12: WordPress SEO and Traffic Secrets Video Course – Description: A video course that will teach you how to get more traffic quickly and easily.
  • Bonus #13: SEO Video Warrior Video Course – Description: Generate serious traffic and cash with these brand new video warrior secrets.
  • Bonus #14: WP Profit Page Creator Plugin – Description: Instantly create money making pages that are SEO friendly and will bring profits day after day with little content.


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