Business Video Footage by akash1510 Review : The Amazing Stock Video Library

Business Video Footage by akash1510 Review : The Amazing Stock Video Library

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The package contains 100 original stock footage clips shot on professional equipment by Leon, and produced in high definition.

You’ll be getting ALL 100 videos in full 1920 by 1080 HD resolution.

You’ll receive all the videos in MP4 format, which is compatible with all computers; both Windows PC’s and macs, and even mobile devices.

These are very high quality videos, as you can see some examples here on this page. These were high end 4k resolution video cameras costing $5000.

So you’d have to spend a lot of money just to even have equipment capable to shoot these types of video, but even more importantly is Leon’s knowledge and passion for video. You will not find these video clips anywhere else.

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There are three BIG PROBLEMS that most marketers encounter when using stock videos…
Here are the pitfalls you need to avoid…

  • Video Problem #1) Illegal Videos
    The first one is illegal videos. You can’t just take videos from anywhere and use them on your site. And if you had someone else build your site for you, you’re still liable.
    We’ve also seen a lot of public domain videos being SOLD in stock video packages. But even those can get you in trouble, because many of those videos have attribution requirements that are not being passed along to the people who are buying and using them!
  • Video Problem #2) Poor Quality Videos
    The second big mistake is poor quality videos.
    I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here, but there are a lot of people out there who call themselves video experts, and they’re charging money for videos that are actually hurting your website more than they’re helping it.
    You gotta watch out for those poor quality videos because they’re all over the place. And again, a lot of those are being scraped from public domain sites.
  • Video Problem #3) High Prices On Stock Video Sites
    The third big problem is high prices. The most popular stock video sites charge over $50 per video, and it’s not uncommon to see $200 or more per video. And that’s just to use the video one time.
    Those kind of steep fees really cut into your marketing budget (and ultimately your profits) as a business owner.

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Business Video Footage Bonus:

  • 100 Different types of Audio Files ($ 450 Value)
  • Extra Bonus Audio Files ($ 550 Value)

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