Boost by Hoang Lo Review : The only software in the world that combines the power of social logins and email marketing to get your more leads than ever before.

Boost by Hoang Lo Review : The only software in the world that combines the power of social logins and email marketing to get your more leads than ever before.

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Boost is The only software in the world that combines the power of social logins and email marketing to get your more leads than ever before. The data collected will be automatically synced directly to your email marketing service or via Zapier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BOOST right for me?
If you want to get more email subscribers & leads then BOOST is absolutely right for you. Not only it’s right for you but also for your audience because they will have a better time subscribing to you without having to type!

Do I have access to support and future updates?
Yes! We’ll provide you the same support as we provide to our subscription customers.
We’re going to maintain and update the application with features based on your requests.
Please check our upcoming features below.

How can I add social subscribe options to my existing optin forms?
Depending on what you’re using as your optin form/website/landing page builder, all you need to do is to add new buttons or links near your optin form and link to BOOST shortened URLs. You can always contact us and we will help you with the setup.

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Boost Features:

  • More integrations with email marketing services
    We will integrate any email marketing services or any application that you need to automatically sync data to. Even if your desired integration is not available at the moment, just send us a message and we will get it done quickly for you.
  • More ads and analytics platforms
    Similarly, if you need any other types of pixels or tracking codes integrated just let us know.
  • Use your own apps
    At the moment, you can only shorten URLs using our social apps (Facebook, Google, Twitter & Linkedin). Every BOOST user will use the same social apps. If a visitor gives the permission to collect his email address when visiting the URL created by another BOOST user and then visit your URL by coincidence, he won’t be presented with the permission page again. You will still get the email address, but the visitor might be confused why he becomes your subscriber. So we are going to give you the ability to create shortened URLs with your own social apps which are free to create. This feature is already in our roadmap.
  • Edit existing URLs
    You will be able to edit existing shortened URL to change integrations and pixel codes attached to that URL.
  • Other feature requests
    Any feature requests to make the application better will be taken in consideration seriously.

Boost Benefits:

  • Easily build your custom audience
    Attach FB pixel or tracking code to your shortened links.
  • An easier way to subscribe provides an easier way for your audience to subscribe to your mailing list. No more filling in forms, no more typos. It’s a win-win for you and your subscribers.
  • Fastest way to capture emails is the easiest way to grow your emailing list. Just shorten your links with Boost, drive traffic to it and watch your email list grow.
  • Built by marketers for marketers
    The only marketing-focused URL shortener in the world.

Get more subscriber in 2 easy steps

  • Step 1. Use BOOST to shorten the URL to any webpages
    It can be your lead magnet, thank you page, blog posts or any other web pages. You can also add retargeting pixels or tracking codes to the shortened URL
  • Step 2. You can either…
    Send traffic directly to the shortened URL and collect subscribers WITHOUT an optin form
    Yes! You can collect email address and other information about your subscribers without using a form. This has never been possible until now.

Or create buttons to add social optin options for your optin form
You can also add buttons to your existing optin forms and link to the shortened URLs to enhance your optin form conversion rates.

Add a retargeting pixel to every URL shortened with BOOST

BOOST allows you to include a retargeting pixel or tracking code in every link.

  • Easy custom audience
    Start building a custom audience on an ad platform and improve your marketing efforts. Increase your ads campaign CTR, decrease your CPC
  • Easy custom analytics
    URL shorteners tend to limit you with their own analytics. With BOOST Pixel Addon, you can now add your own tracking codes (e.g. Google Analytics) to track and gather information about your link clickers

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More data without more form fields

Ever feel hesitant about whether to include a first name field in your email optin form because people might skip the form if they have to fill an extra field? With BOOST, no more form fields all together!

  • Email + First Name + Last Name in 1 click
    No need to ask your subscribers to fill out one or two more fields just to get their first name & last name. Remember. With BOOST, you subscribers just need to click once to give their permission and you will be able to collect their names along with their emails.
  • Easily export and sync your subscriber data
    BOOST integrates with popular email marketing services and CRMs. And with Zapier integration, you can add hundreds of integrations. You can automatically sync and export subscriber info collected via each individual shortened URL
  • Transforming your optin forms into subscriber generating machines
    Add social subscribe options to your existing optin forms and watch your conversion skyrocketed

Turn clickers into subscribers with any link you share

  • BOOST is the only URL shortener that helps you collect emails
    Want to shorten your URLs and share your shortened links while collect email addresses of the link clickers at the same time? BOOST is the only solution for you.
  • Only your non-subscribers will see your permission request
    You non-subscribers will be asked to give permission for you to collect their information every time they go through one of your shortened URLs. Because of that reason, BOOST can also be used to protect your content against non-subscribers.
  • Your subscribers will see the page you want to share without having to give permission again
    Subscribers who have already give you permission to collect their information before will not see your request to see their info again. They will be redirected to the destination instead. For example, you can share your article on your Facebook page and people who already subscribed via BOOST will immediately see the article. People who haven’t shared their info will be asked to give permission.
  • Generate subscribers from any URL your share
    Yes, you can use BOOST to shorten any URLs: your website, your Youtube videos & even other people’s pages. With BOOST, you have the ability to turn any URL into a lead magnet in 10 seconds.

Wondering if BOOST is perfect for you? Answer these questions:

  • Do you want to get more subscribers and leads?
    BOOST allows you to easily implement a strategy that’s been used by hundreds of thousands of websites to increase their sign-up conversion rates. It’s time for you to take this strategy and be a pioneer in the email marketing space.
  • Do you want fast implementation and get a head of your competition?
    We’ve built boost in a way that allows you to add social subscribe options to your email marketing strategy fast. You can literally have BOOST shortened URL ready to collect subscribers for your in less than 30 seconds. We want you to grab this untapped opportunity before everyone knows about it. Therefore, BOOST is so fast and easy to use.
  • Do you want to give your audience a better way to subscribe?
    Let’s face it! Having to type a long email address over and over again, especially on mobile phone, sucks. Give your people a break from typing and allow them to subscribe and sign up using their social accounts. They will thank you for that.

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