Blog Defender 2018 by Matt Garrett Review : The top selling “Security” system on Marketplace, with over 6,000+ copies sold!

Blog Defender 2018 by Matt Garrett Review : The top selling “Security” system on Marketplace, with over 6,000+ copies sold!

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Blog Defender is the top selling “Security” system on Marketplace, with over 6,000+ copies sold! The brand new 2018 edition is the most up to date and comprehensive WP site security system, covering not only hosting and the only plugins to use, as well as some very special secret tools and code for keeping out hackers and the real nasty “super powered” botnets that have started appearing. Two Premium plugins (worth $150 per year each) are included as bonuses with full developer rights, so you can install them on as many of your own sites as you want, And as many of your customer sites as you need. Over 73% of WordPress Site Owners Are Risking Everything, The #1 KILLER Of Your Conversions & Profits Is NOT What You Think! Every Day Your Sites Are Offline Can Cost You Thousands. Peace Of Mind Knowing YOUR Assets Are Secure Industry-leading, Top Level Protection In Minutes, Zero-Hack track record – over 2500 users have Never been hacked since using the software, Set & Forget Security Protects Your Profits, Traffic & Leads, 100% Passive Income Stream With Site Security As A Service and Full Developer Rights License Included: Protect Yourself And Get Paid At The Same Time. Secure Your Sites From 99.9% of All Hacker, Bot And Brute Force Attacks. Easy WP Security without compromise. Blog Defender was to create a SIMPLE website security solution.

Blog Defender is so Special Security Plugin for you. Securing YOUR money sites has never been easier. Download the plugins, follow the step by step training, then secure your sites IN MINUTES. Passive Income PLUS Total Security Has NEVER Been Easier. Secure All Your WP Sites For A Low One Time Investment. Blog Defender Is Like Having A TRIPLE Kryptonite Lock On Your Best Bike. The bottom line is this. Most hackers – like bike thieves – are lazy. They’ll try for “easy” wins. When they come across your site and see the security in place, most will move on instantly. Those that go a step further will be blocked at every turn. And soon realize it’s not in their best interest to continue. Then they’ll move to another, more vulnerable website. Hackers Have Many Ways To Attack Your Site – Blog Defender Slams The Door In Their Face. Blog Defender will protect your sites, And your client sites. Imagine, you’ve spent months developing an amazing website. Researched your niche, created unique content. Invested time or hard-earned dollars on SEO, link building and traffic. Finally your site is getting regular visitors AND income, then one day you wake up and it’s all gone. Your site’s been hacked, and all that hard work has gone up in smoke.It could take you DAYS to restore your site. Your hosting account has been suspended or banned. You’ve been BLACKLISTED by the search engines. And every day your business is bleeding profits.

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The Powerful Features of Blog Defender 2018:

  • Nefarious Traffic Blocking
  • Hiding WordPress ‘Tell Tales’
  • Anti Comment Spam
  • File & Link Monitoring
  • Active Known Offender Blocking
  • Automating Core Updates
  • Hosting Security Advicory
  • Plugin Security Audits
  • Theme Security Audits
  • Anti Brute Force Security
  • Anti Cross Site Scripting
  • MYSQL Database Security
  • WP Security Audit
  • +Use on Unlimited Sites
  • Passivecome PLUS Total Security Has NEVER Been Easier

The More Features of Blog Defender 2018:

  • Exclude files or tables
  • Restore or deploy ta a different host, including from a localhost setup
  • URL replacement for site migration
  • Back up to DropBox, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloudfiles, FTP & Email
  • Database only or full site backup
  • Scheduled backups
  • Backup notifications
  • Individual file restore option
  • Mass text replace in databases
  • Auto database scan and repair
  • Strong password enforcement
  • Lock out bad users
  • Away mode
  • Hide login & admin
  • Malware scan & blacklist check
  • Brute force protection
  • File change detection
  • 404 detection
  • Email notifications (user lockouts etc.)
  • Online file comparisons
  • Two factor login authentication
  • Scheduled malware scans
  • +Standard security tweaks
  • Scan & Repair – detect what has been changed and fix it
  • Source code scanning to verify open source plugins, themes & WP core files
  • Scan content for malicious URLS
  • Backdoor scanning
  • Automated bad bot banning
  • Block brute force attacks
  • Detect content leeching


The Benefits of Blog Defender:

  • An Estimated Trillion Dollars Of Intellectual Property Stolen
    – Once hacked, it’s too easy for attackers to share your paid products on blackhat and torrent sites. Some product creators have had this happen EVEN BEFORE they launched their product. All that work – and potential profit – gone.
    – Blacklisted By The Search Engines
    – Hacked sites are almost instantly de-indexed by the major search engines. Organic traffic to these sites disappears overnight.
    – And when legitimate customers or prospects do try to navigate to a hacked site? Often they’ll get a scary warning like this:
    – Even if you’re able to recover your site if it’s hacked – 1 out of 4 hacked sites are NEVER recovered
    – Even if you’re able to reopen your hosting account – most hosts suspend or cancel the accounts of users that get their sites hacked
  • The Long Term Damage To Your Online Reputation Can Be Devastating
    – Short term loss of profits from having a site hacked is really just the start of the story. Having your entire subscriber base compromised – often sold and presented with fraudulent offers – is where things get really scary.
    – Add in the fact that any or all of your PAID products can start popping up on free sharing sites, and it’s easy to realize that being hacked is a serious risk to any online business.
    – And if you think your hosting company, basic security plugins and even paid services will protect your site, think again. In my years of experience, none of these have done anything to secure my websites.
  • Set & Forget WordPress Security In Minutes
    – Blog Defender is the most advanced, all-in-one WP site security system available today. It protects against ALL kinds of hackers, bots and data miners.
    – And is now faster & easier to have up and running than ever before. Secure your sites AND client sites in a matter of minutes.

The Advantages of Blog Defender:

  • Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Assets Are Secure
  • Industry-leading, Top Level Protection In Minutes
  • Zero-Hack track record – over 2500 users have Never been hacked since using the software
  • Set & Forget Security Protects Your Profits, Traffic & Leads
  • 100% Passive Income Stream With Site Security As A Service
  • Full Developer Rights License Included:Protect Yourself And Get Paid At The Same Time

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Best Module of Blog Defender:

  • Video Module 1 – Preparation
    Hosting, Local Security & Installing Plugins
  • Video Module 2 – Backup WordPress
    Choose backup locations, run 1st backup, schedule future backups
  • Video Module 3 – Security Plugin Setup
    Initial setup, whitelist IP, global settings, system tweaks
  • Video Module 4 – Scan WP for Malware
    Scan with Wordfence, get your Virus Total API Key, cleaning infected files, Schedule scanning, file change detection
  • Video Module 5 – Hide WordPress
    Hide login area, change admin user, change content directory, Change database prefix, WordPress tweaks
  • Video Module 6 – Defend WP With A Firewall
    404 detection, banned users, user logging Brute force protection, automatically ban admin users

What Do You Have To Lose? If You Do Nothing, Plenty:

  • ALL profits and leads while your site is out of commission
  • The Time and financial costs spent in recovering your sites
  • Search engine traffic, and potentially ANY traffic your site is receiving right now – remember, it takes 152 days on average for a webmaster to even realize his or her site has been hacked
  • Your online reputation
  • Your premium products
  • Your peace of mind
  • Your affiliate links and commissions
  • Your Entire subscriber base and subsequent email marketing profits
  • Your hosting account
  • All while Further risking potential criminal charges, fines and court time.

Blog Defender In 3 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1 – Follow Our Hosting Security
  • Step 2 – Use The Tools To Identify
  • Step 3 – Implement Site & Recommended Host List


How Does Blog Defender Lock Down My Websites?

  • We’ve left absolutely nothing to chance. The software STARTS with the 4 most vulnerable points of attack for any WP site:
  • Protects against password & direct attacks
  • Protects against plugin vulnerability
  • Protects against hosting and PC malware
  • Protects against hackers trying to compromise themes

That’s Just For Starters – Blog Defender Goes Many Steps Further:

  • Disables directory indexing, so hackers can’t access your uploaded files to launch an attack
  • Masks theme exposure and plugin signatures – shutting down most potential exploits
  • Hides your WP version, stopping most hackers in their tracks
  • Turns off username broadcasting, cutting a hacker’s chance to attack your site in half

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