Bay Profits Academy by Declan Mc Review : How YOU Can Go From 0 To $20K MONTHLY With 100% Free Traffic In 30 Days or Less Using One Of The World’s Most Trusted eCom Platform

Bay Profits Academy by Declan Mc Review : How YOU Can Go From 0 To $20K MONTHLY With 100% Free Traffic In 30 Days or Less Using One Of The World’s Most Trusted eCom Platform

Bay Profits Academy is Best eCommerce Revolution, Explosive eCom Profits With eBay WITHOUT Needing Anything More Than A Tiny Budget To Start Just By Copying A PROVEN To Work System That’s Generated Over $900 000 In 2 Short Years. In fact, eBay has over 162 million users, and 25 million sellers globally. In 2015, it generated 82 BILLION dollars in sales. Not millions. Billions! eBay is currently #7 on the TOP TEN list of sites where people spend the MOST amount of time online. At any given time there are over 50 Million items for sale. An item is purchased less than every two seconds using mobile. You can adopt a pet on eBay classifields. The fixed price format out performs the auction format. eBay was the first company to live tweet its earnings call in 2010. A logo change took place in 2012. eBay has over 157 Million active users globally. This sutem puts you in front of the most engaged buyer online, eBay gets more than 11 Million searches Per Hour from people looking to buy. And this method is 99% successful in getting you first page eBay ranking. Just imagine how much free buyer traffic your listing will generate. It’s a completely untapped eCom GIANT. While everyone else is chasing Amazon and Shopify – and paying WAY too much in fees – you can tap into the platform with pure profit potential. You’re not just getting training, you’re getting access to Salman’s tried-and-proven STRATEGIES to crush it as an eBay seller. These are worth thousands in the hands of a smart marketer. The FASTEST & CHEAPEST Path To eCom Riches Is eBay. You won’t be forking out for expensive site designers. No inflated monthly hosting fees. Bay Profits Academy’s team have designed this method to cut your expenses to an absolute minimum at every step of the process. With eBay and their system, you can have a fully functioning store driving you profits for 20 bucks a month. No apps or add-ons. Compare that to the $79 to $299 MONTHLY fees you’d pay Shopify, and this is a no-brainer. The traffic is free. Sure, when you’re in profit and want to scale, we’ll show you how to get the most bang for your buck with paid ads. But you don’t need them to start. And you’ll know exactly how to negotiate the LOWEST possible prices for your products so you can resell them at the HIGHEST profits.

Bay Profits Academy will Leverage one of the largest eCom platforms ON THE PLANET so users could create reliable, long term profits. Bay Profits Academy shows you how to make eBay profits in your spare time if you already have a full-time career, are enrolled in school, or have other businesses to run. Bay Profits Academy is perfect for the new eBay seller. With the step-by-step, over-the-shoulder training provided, even complete novices at eBay can follow along and get their first listings up fast. We leave no stone unturned at how to make fast profits on eBay. You don’t have know how to create a listing , because we provide you with our product listing template, proven to work in any niche. Just ‘cut & paste’ and you’ll have your listing up in no-time flat. Bay Profits Academy will give you complete training on where to find products give you the highest profit margins possible. Bay Profits Academy provide a complete eBay outsourcing template, so you can create a ‘hands-off’ business bringing in cash like clockwork. You’ll discover what to outsource so you can run your eBay business in just a few hours a week. This Is Your all-in-one program, Just follow along, implement the simple tips one step at a time, and build your own eBay cash empire. No guessing, no expensive fees or designers. Everything you could possibly need is included in this training. You could try and figure it out for yourself – if you’ve got a few years to do all the homework and a big budget for testing. You could invest in private coaching that hardly comes CLOSE to what’s included here – we’ve seen private eBay coaching programs that cost 5-7 THOUSAND dollars offered with absolutely no guarantee of results. Or Just Tap Into The PROVEN Results Of A 48K PER MONTH eBay Earner. Bay Profits Academy is the only and LAST eBay training you’ll ever need. Step by step video guides show you exactly what to do, and when to do it. Tons of real world examples – straight from Salman’s own business. There is literally NO guesswork required. With an internet connection and a tiny bit of action, you can be up and running in days.

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  • A-Z, “from scratch” training shows you EXACTLY how to create a jaw-dropping income
  • Simple to follow, “do this, then that” video format gets you up & running FAST
  • Over $913,452 in verified earnings proof
  • NEVER touch a product, store inventory or deal with shipping
  • Market REAL products to hungry buyers for consistent, dependable profits
  • Do it all EXTREMELY part time WITHOUT tech skills or a large budget

This Is SO Much More Than Basic eBay Training – We’ve Covered EVERYTHING:

  • ACCOUNT SETUP – How to set up your eBay accounts & stores the RIGHT way
  • YOUR APPROACH – Different sales approaches and which to choose for YOUR business
  • COMPLETE PROCESS – Completing the sale from fulfillment to shipping – without EVER touching a product
  • FREE TRAFFIC – Tapping into unlimited FREE eBay traffic for explosive profits
  • OPIMIZATION – FREE seller tools to optimize traffic and profits
  • MAX SALES – Setting up your listings for maximum sales
  • TOP RATED STATUS – How to get top-rated seller status – meaning MORE traffic & higher conversions
  • OUTSOURCING – Outsourcing and scaling for a hands-free business that keeps growing

Life Changing Profits In 3 Simple Steps

  • STEP 1 – Login to the member’s area & follow the over-the-shoulder training
  • STEP 2 – Set up your store by copying our exact process
  • STEP 3 – Watch the free traffic, sales & profits roll in!

Here’s EXACTLY How eBay Is Going To Make YOU Money This Year, With Bay Profits Academy, You’ve Got EVERYTHING You Need:

  • Bay Profits Academy Videos – complete, step by step “do this, then that” training to take you from zero to 5 figures per month with eBay
  • Our battle-tested pricing and product description templates
  • Formula for becoming a Top Rated eBay seller, so you instantly increase traffic and conversions
  • PROVEN free traffic method to tap into the hottest eBay buyers
  • Outsourcing hacks – so you can focus on making even MORE money, while getting others to do the time consuming stuff & Scaling up – exactly how to turn your stores into long term profit machines
  • Free research tools, software and EXCLUSIVE discount to our best fulfillment center

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Here’s EXACTLY How eBay Is Going To Make YOU Money This Year.

  • With Bay Profits Academy, You’ve Got EVERYTHING You Need: Patented SUPER ranking tactic – tap into those 11 million HOURLY searches to get buyers checking out YOUR offers without paying a dime for traffic.
  • Free & premium product research tools included
  • SECRET listing optimisation techniques never before shared – instantly outperform 60% of your competition with our insider strategies
  • Know exactly WHAT to sell, and what NOT to sell for maximum profit margins
  • Outsourcing 101 – get the tedious tasks done for you, so you can focus on making money
  • Spot trends and profit opportunities from the comfort of your phone and Spy on the competition to find great products to market

You’ll discover:

  • ACTIONABLE VIDEOS – 20+ over-the-shoulder, easy to follow and ACTIONABLE videos walk you from scratch to consistent monthly profits.
  • FULFILLMENT CENTER – EXCLUSIVE discount and FREE order management software from our favorite fulfillment center – you sell, they ship – it’s that simple
  • PRODUCT TEMPLATES – Our patented product listing template – the same one that’s generated over $913, 452 in sales in 2 years
  • PRICING TEMPLATES – Templates for pricing, setting quantities and more – zero guesswork needed
  • NINJA TACTICS – Exactly where to source products, plus our ninja tactics for finding great deals
  • CONVERSION HACKS – Conversion hacks that practically FORCE viewers to buy your products
  • SCALING METHODS – Next level promotion strategies to scale up: both free and premium methods covered


“This is the first time I have seen such a fantastic, newbie friendly, easy to follow eBay training course. There is no stone left unturned in this high quality video training. It has been so easy to make commissions on eBay and Bay profits Academy will truly put you away ahead of your competitors.” – (Bill Hugal)

“Bay Profit Academy is an absolute comprehensive A-Z video training course on how to make a killing on eBay from a team who are doing up to $5k + a week on the platform. From a beginner to a veteran marketer. This over the shoulder training is new fresh and not like usual stuff coming out. No tech skills and free traffic, what more could one ask for. Do your self a favor and pick this up now.” – (Mark Bishop)

“This new wBay course is going to be one of the biggest selling product of 2016 no doubt. No stone is left unturned in the video training and don’t forget it is all done with free traffic which is very rare done with free traffic which is very rare nowdays. 10/10 for Bay Profits Academy, Hands down the best eBay training course I have seen.” – (Venkata Ramana)

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