Arthritis PLR Pack by Kim Phoenix Review : Low Introductory Pricing Available During Launch Period Only!

Arthritis PLR Pack by Kim Phoenix Review : Low Introductory Pricing Available During Launch Period Only!

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Arthritis PLR Pack is brand new PLR Product from Kim Phoenix. Without a doubt, you know someone who suffers from arthritis. You may even have arthritis! The interesting thing is that many forms of arthritis exist. What arthritis sufferers have in common, though, is the joint pain and stiffness associated with the disease. Although there is no cure for arthritis, a lot of things can be done to alleviate the discomfort and pain, as well as allow continued participation in activities of daily living.

This is where you come in! Kim Phoenix has just released a new, large “Living Better with Arthritis” PLR pack that is meant to help anyone who is struggling with a form of arthritis, and is looking for practical tips to make life easier. These tips include ways to prevent further damage to the joints, as well as techniques to use their energy wisely, which is negatively affected in a lot of people with arthritis. There are many parts of this PLR pack. The Ebook, in particular, is chock-full of practical information. You won’t find fluff in this PLR product, nor will you find the same old rehashed information.

“Kim’s content is excellent.”
She pays close attention to the little details and offers a variety of content in really useful formats, especially the PowerPoints, which are perfect for YouTube videos and webinars. I highly recommend you buy Kim’s content while you can… she’s the next rising star in the PLR world! – Ronnie Nijmeh of

“Love your PLR products”
I just purchased your Migraine, Stress, and School Stress PLR packs. I learned about you from Ruth Pound. I knew I could trust you to have quality products when I saw you recommend PLR by Ronnie Nijmeh, Tiffany Lambert, and Nicole Dean. I have purchased from all three of them.
I can easily see you as becoming one of the go-to PLR people who have quality PLR.
Thank you for doing the webinar with Kelly McCausey. I have a time set up to talk with her in order to get my podcast launch going. I owe it all to you!! – Gwen Dempsey of

“Beautiful and thoughtful”
I bought Kim’s Migraine PLR Pack. Her PLR is gorgeous, suitable for handouts or opt-in offers with no editing required. Her checklists and charts are practical and raise the bar for what to include in PLR offerings. And to prove Kim’s understanding of her buyers, her books come as broken-up chapters, SO convenient for repurposing and for serializing in autoresponders. ” – Anita Hampl of The Short Attention Span Writer at

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Arthritis PLR Pack Includes:

  • 9343-word “Living Better with Arthritis: Practical Tips to Protect Your Joints & Save Your Energy” Ebook
    This PLR ebook has been professionally written, and includes many practical tips on how people with arthritis can live better lives, simply by learning how to protect their joints and how to save their energy every day.
  • 11 Brand New Articles about Arthritis
    Available in Doc, Txt, & Pretty PDF formats
  • 1 Infographic
  • 27 PowerPoint Slides
  • 5 Arthritis Product Reviews
    The products I have chosen are on Amazon, but there are other affiliate programs where you can find these or similar products.
    The product reviews include:
    – Tub Transfer Bench
    – Long-Handled Razor Holder for Women
    – Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser
    – Hip Replacement Kit of Tools
    – Kettle Tipper
  • List of Arthritis Affiliate Programs
    – As just mentioned above, Amazon has many products suitable for people with arthritis.
    – However, you may live in a State where you are unable to promote Amazon products. If that is the case, I have included a list of some other affiliate programs that you can promote.
  • 5 Related Social Media Images
    – You get 5 social media images, each 400 px X 400 px (PNG format). All you have to do is brand them with your business name, and then make them go viral on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
    – The social media images are related to the content in the Ebook and/or the articles.
    – All images used in the slides are in the public domain and/or royalty-free.

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