Adsense Machine by Ankur Shukla Review : See Exactly HOW MUCH My NEW Site is EARNING Today…

Adsense Machine by Ankur Shukla Review : See Exactly HOW MUCH My NEW Site is EARNING Today…

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Wow! I didn’t know Adsense can be that profitable. Can’t wait to see the course.
~ Don N Joanne McNulty (Works at Happily Retired)

yes.. adsense still work.. i guess i using wrong method that why my earning not bigs.
~ Abdul Mu’min (Owner at Wiraswasta)

Adsense still works but you need to know how to get a lot of traffic. I see a lot of value in the idea that you can get this traffic without SEO. I am really interested in these techniques that Ankur mentions in the video.
~ Peter Marrett (Pompano Beach, Florida)

Love anything that generates passive income – & Adsense can certainly do that, once you have your site set up right. Looking forward to seeing what you have here Ankur & testing it for myself!
~ Julie Curry (Works at Julie Curry Consultancy)

Great way to use your break. Way back in 2000 I actually had an ad that cost 5c a click. It did not generate much business so I stopped it. Interesting to be on the other side of the nickle. Congratulations upon a job well done, Ankur. I would be honored to give your method a try. Internet income streams seem to be endless, but they all have a common component, work.
~ Valerie Knies · Internet Marketer at Valornet

I think that Adsense *CAN* be made to create passive money on a site that is getting traffic. I think it depends on three factors. What is the niche (meaning how motivated is the demographics to click the ads), where is the traffic coming from (meaning is it PPC, social media, cheaper ads like FB or another platform, PBN or it’s like), and finally it depends on what ads are showing up on your site. If you have a great site, clean traffic that is targeted, AND can control (somewhat) the ad content then yes, you can IMO.
~ Randal Blanchette

Certainly looks like Adsense works for you. Definitely interested in learning how you do that. Appears that FB ads are the next dead thing with the latest changes. Even from a user point of view, I don’t like the change. Go Adsense! Go Ankur!
~ Teresa Ondracek (Works at Marketing Consultant)

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