AdBuddy Software by Tom Yevsikov Review : New Facebook Software Generates 5,000 Leads & 8,500 Shares effortlessly

AdBuddy Software by Tom Yevsikov Review : New Facebook Software Generates 5,000 Leads & 8,500 Shares effortlessly

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AdBuddy Software is designed from the ground up to be both smart and simple. It’s smart in the sense that it helps you create performing ads without effort or experience. And it’s simple in the sense that you can create beautiful and effective ads in seconds without overwhelming features. AdBuddy will create high converting ads in seconds and will serve as a 7 figure mentor sitting next to you telling you how to make your ad better and explode clicks. Design A Click Getting & Attention-Grabbing Facebook Ad In 45 Seconds Without Any Marketing Or Design Knowledge. Premium templates & smart companion built on a special algorithm based on the minds of 6 and 7 figure advertisers. Design Actual CONVERTING Ads In Seconds With The EASIEST & Smartest Ad Builder Out There. SEE FO YO SELF Without Knowing Copywriting Using Templates & A Smart Companion Technology. WHY ADBUDDY? Create FB Ads That Actually Convert In Seconds Without Advertising Experience, Copywriting & Technical Know How. Templates built by marketer for marketers, built to convert, proven to convert. ZERO Graphical Or Technical Skills Required. Simplest user interface EVER. Smart companion to tell you how to build better ads Ad checker (checks quality and important factors before publishing) Cloud Based, No Installation needed, 24/7 Uptime*. Just with simple steps Select Template, Customize & Custom Tailor and Run Checker & Publish. Never Fail To Create An Ad That Gets Attention, Clicks And Sales Again. Design A Click Getting, Attention Grabbing & Profit Producing Ad In Seconds Without Any Marketing Or Design Knowledge. In 3 steps you can create ads custom tailored to your product that look and perform like ads that 6 figure advertisers carefully planned and designed. Create A Profit Producing & Drop Dead Gorgeous Ad In Less Than A Minute.

AdBuddy Software is your best solution. We Created AdBuddy. Built To Convert, Not Just LOOK Good. Adbuddy is your shortcut to creating captivating and profit producing ads fast. And it was created so that any local business owner, and online entrepreneur of any experience and background, can create an ad that represents their business or offer, gets attention, clicks and sales without struggle. Without having any advertising skills, Without being a copywriter, Without spending thousands on split testing, Without “finding winning ads”, Without spending time and energy, It was created to get it right Every time. The Power Of Smart Simplicity. Adbuddy is designed from the ground up to be both smart and simple. It’s smart in the sense that it helps you create performing ads without effort or experience. And it’s simple in the sense that you can create beautiful and effective ads in seconds without overwhelming features. And the goal of Adbuddy? Performing Ads Made, Easy & Fun, Ads like these were created in seconds, Every Ad Is A WINNER, Early users won’t stop using it, because it’s EFFECTIVE. This is an Ad Builder that creates ads that are built CONVERT and not just look good. You see there are plenty of designers out there, that’s cool, some of them are really dope. But none of them is built to CONVERT from the start. With AdBuddy, EVERY ad is a winner ad.

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The Powerful Features of AdBuddy Software:

  • Create Custom Tailored Ads That Grab Attention, Get Clicks & Produce Sales In Seconds.
  • Without Advertising, Copywriting or Design Experience.
  • Fully Cloud Based Operation, Everything Done On The Web.
  • Always Produce Performing Ads That Beat Other Ads.
  • Smart Companion That Makes Sure Your Ads Will Perform & Helps You Build Better Ads As If A 6 Figure Advertiser Is Sitting Next To You.

The More Features of AdBuddy Software:

Here’s What You Get Access To After You Purchase AdBuddy:

  • 100 beautiful, effective & smart ad templates – $997 value
  • Access to Adbuddy, your smart ad companion which helps you build a profitable ad design, ad campaign & marketing strategy. – 997 value
  • Our Adchecker, which makes sure your ad is good to launch or tells you if there is more work to be done, and what work. – $297 value
  • Unlimited commercial license as Bonus #1 – $397 value
  • How to become a highly paid freelancer with the commercial license training as Bonus #2 – $397 value

Total Package Value: $3,085 – Your Price Today A One Time Payment (NOT Recurring) Of


AdBuddy Software Perfect for:

  • Complete Newbies
  • Social Media Managers And Marketers
  • Local Brands And Store Owners
  • Freelancers And Service Providers Advertisers
  • Failures (people who kept trying and this was the only thing that helped)

Who Can Expect A Negative Outcome With AdBuddy Software:

  • Non action takers
  • “ MAKE MONEY TOMORROW” type of people
  • Know it alls

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AdBuddy Software Works In 3 Simple Steps:

  • Step1 – Select Template
    Adbuddy was built to convert effortlessly. Select from 100 (currently) drop dead gorgeous and highly effective templates that were built with the help of 6+ figure advertisers and based on data that is proven to work.
  • Step2 – Customize With The Help Of AdBuddy
    Now you just play with it using our drop-dead easy user interface which makes creating custom tailored converting ads effortless. At this point you will meet your companion, adbuddy itself. And he will help you create high converting ads by teaching you what will work best for your ad. And he won’t let go until you have a profitable ad in your hand!
  • Step3 – Run Checker & Publish
    He last step is all about running a special checker which will check if your ad meets the requirements for a fb ad and it doesn’t get penalized or it’s reach limited due to certain reasons. After the checker approves your ad, you can download it as both png or jpg! Or publish it with the *optional* instapublisher.

AdBuddy Software Creates EPIC & EFFECTIVE Ads With The Help Of 2 Main Elements:

  • Element #1
    Is the templates, which are built to convert, and with the help and suggestions of 6 figure advertisers, our own experience and obviously, fb advertising proven data from various resources, We created those templates to have built-in marketing elements in mind such as colors, what gets attention etc. Built to convert, built to be effective, built to perform.
  • Element #2
    Is the adbuddy companion, this smart little fella goes ahead and helps you craft a killer ad. It’s as if a 6 figure advertisers is sitting next to you telling you what to do, what not to do, what will convert better and what you should avoid doing. He will help you with scarcity, colors, what text to put, what works best etc. Everything you need to create a performing and Effective ad. And Once You’re Done, You Run Your Ad Through The Checker, Which Will Tell You If Your Ad Is Good To Go, Or Need More Work To Get The Best Results. This Is The First Of It’s Kind. And It’s Damn Easy To Use.


AdBuddy Software Bonus:

  • Limited Time Bonus #1 – Commercial License ($397 Value)
    How would you like to help other people, local businesses and companies to create effective and performing ads, and get paid thousands to do that? You see, just as you need this, other people need it do. There is a huge potential in offering ad design and creation to companies, local businesses and other online entrepreneurs. Imagine your struggle, now imagine the struggle on a local bakery or restaurant when they really don’t have absolutely any online experience! So what do they do? They go to freelancers and design companies to create ads for them, and they pay dozens and hundreds even for a single image ad! And these freelancers and design companies use the same designers that are built to design, but not to Perform! and so they either deliver bad work, or they use experts to help them create the ads! You can break that cycle, and bring something fresh to the market with Adbuddy. And this commercial license which is normally sold separately, will allow you to sell these designs and ads you create as a service to clients, and earn a damn good living while doing so. This Bonus ALONE is Valued At $397 But That’s Only Bonus #1
  • Limited Time Bonus #2 Training On How To Sell Adbuddy To Clients ($397 Value) per year
    I knew that when I’d offer the commercial license, many people will be scared to use it because they won’t know how to find clients, how to close deals, how to sell on fiverr and outside of fiverr, and the all the moving parts of selling this service. So, I felt obligated to offer another limited time bonus, which will show you and teach you how to find clients, how to close them, how to sell on fiverr and outside of fiverr, where there is a goldmine of people looking for this service and of course, how to go from 0 to making money with adbuddy’s commercial license opportunity. This bonus when fitted with bonus #1 is valued at $397. To be honest the realistic price I should put on this product should be $497 per year for a one year license, especially with the unadvertised bonuses *hint hint*. However, I need early users to build up a database to sell it in the future. I need serious people to help me build the reputation of this platform. I want to help people get results as soon as possible and I believe that early users will benefit from it the most. I am selfish, I run a business after all, but I’m also spreading goodwill at the same time. I am looking for a win-win. Therefore, I am going to make this software very accessible, so that you can get your hands on it. Instead of pricing this course at $497/year like I wanted to, I am going to hold the price to a ridiculously low amount so that as many of you can get it as possible. In fact, if you act fast today, you can get instant access to Adbuddy for a one time price of:

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