New VideoRobot by Paul Ponna Review : A great video platform loaded with features that are miles ahead of any other video app in the market today dan developed by Todd Gross & Paul Ponna.

New VideoRobot by Paul Ponna Review : A great video platform loaded with features that are miles ahead of any other video app in the market today dan developed by Todd Gross & Paul Ponna.

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New VideoRobot is the breakthrough new exclusive video creation software that help you to create stunning videos pro high quality in any language or niche within minutes and build spectacular videos that stand out, attract attention, and convert visitors into buyers. Videorobot pro is a great video platform loaded with features that are miles ahead of any other video app in the market today dan developed by Todd Gross & Paul Ponna. If you love using video in your marketing, you must see this this new revolutionary videorobot technology. It’s world’s only ‘all-inclusive’ video platform to create next generation pro-quality videos in any language or niche within minutes. The brand new video technology filled with features, unlimited flexibility, unlimited readers, unlimited text-to-speech in the market. With the revolutionary videorobot app you can now create stunning stunning 3d avatar videos, explainer, whiteboard videos, kinetic animation videos, live action videos, presentations and much more, this a whole lot more in any language from one easy to use cloud app and a whole lot more faster than ever before. This is like a combination of all the best video creation software on the market, but then we take it several steps into the future.

Videorobot is the only “multi-purpose” video tool that will ever need to create stunning videos in any language and sell them for hundreds in profits. Videorobot comes loaded with templates in the hottest niches online. You will get 100+ ‘3d avatar explainer’ video templates, get 100+ ‘kinetic motion animation’ templates, get 100+ ‘whiteboard’ video templates and blank canvas to create videos from scratch in any language. Unlike other video apps, videorobot offers stunning templates in the hottest niches online including health care, fitness, finance, local marketing, and a whole lot more (see the demo now). All templates come loaded with professional male/female voice overs, pre-designed with stunning visual effects, text and transitions. In addition, videorobot gives you the flexibility to import green screen videos or use your own unique background images or video to take things to the next level. Also, you effortlessly create any type of video for any campaign with just one platform. Now you can leverage the full power of video to drive traffic, leads & sales. With a single app that makes video creation easy, cheap and fun. When you can constantly provide innovative & different videos to your audience, you win the traffic game.

VideoRobot is a 100% cloud-based solution, meaning it’ll work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection to use the app. Nothing to install, nothing to update – it works perfectly right out of the box. The included library of over 300 templates makes video creation simple and fun, all while giving you control to customize anything you want. The “blank canvas” editor gives you the option to create “custom videos” from scratch with zero restrictions. Videorobot comes loaded with industry leading features that are not available in any other app. This includes 300+ ready-made video templates, male and female voiceovers, award winning text to speech, one-click translation, human-like 3d avatars and a whole lot more. You get all this for a jaw dropping low one-time price that comes with commercial license & unlimited video renders. You get step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process right from creating your videos to getting results. (yes, this also includes how to sell your videos for top dollar!). You can use videorobot to create as many videos as you want, as often as you want, in as many niches as you want. No limits. In addition, this unique custom video creation platform puts you in 100% control. Pull from the full library of text effects, logo intros, animations and more.

This software instantly integrate them with images & videos of your choice. For a 100% custom video that speaks directly to your audience. The only limit is your imagination. This has never been done before in any other video app. Welcome to a whole new world of limitless video possibilities. We’re not joking when we say nothing on the market comes close to videorobot. We own all the apps and have put each through its paces. This is a revolution in video marketing technology. And good news is you get commercial rights, so you can create and sell videos to clients as often as you want and keep 100% of the profits.

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Here Incredible Of VideoRobot:

  • 100+ done-for-you ‘3d avatar video templates’
  • 100+ ‘kinetic animation video templates’
  • 100+ ‘whiteboard video templates’
  • Revolutionary ‘blank video canvas’
  • One-click translation – videos in any language
  • Automatic green screen removal
  • Hottest and in-demand niche video templates & editable text sales scripts.
  • World’s best life-like ‘text-to-speech’
  • 40+ male and female human-like 3d avatars
  • Real-time 2nd generation lip-sync technology
  • Hundreds of real professional male and female voiceovers for all templates in the app!
  • In-app audio recording & flexible video editor
  • Stunning logo openers, intros, outros, text effects, motion animations and a lot more.

VideoRobot Feature:

  • Get 300+ Fully Customizable Video Templates In The Hottest Niches
    You get access to high quality ‘3d avatar video templates’, ‘kinetic video templates’ and ‘whiteboard video templates’ in the hottest and in-demand niches. These templates come with professional male/female voiceovers. End users can personalize every element including logos, images, backgrounds, audio and more to create stunning videos in minutes.
    – Use 300+ pro-quality ‘done-for-you’ templates to create videos
    – Creating videos is easy and takes just 6-clicks
    – Hot niche templates come with ready-made graphics, male/female voiceovers. Stop wasting money hiring professionals
    – App comes loaded with 300+ beautifully designed video templates in the hottest and in-demand niches
  • First Of Its Kind ‘Blank Video Canvas’ To Create Any Style Of Animated Video
    You can now create videos in any style using the blank video canvas without relying on templates using the all new never-seen-before blank video canvas. You can utilize the library of inbuilt text effects, motion animations, intros, outros, and a lot more to create any style of video in any language effortlessly.
    – Create unique 3d videos, kinetic videos, whiteboard videos, explainer videos, presentations, and a lot more from scratch using the new ‘blank video canvas’
    – Add 3d avatars, text effects, animations, logo openers, outros, voiceovers to any video in seconds. Endless possibilities.
    – Videorobot is packed with features to create any style of video without the need for external third-party apps.
  • One-Click Translation & Real Time Lip-Sync Technology
    Translate your sales scripts into any language with one click. Then within seconds convert it into life-like audio using our world’s best text-to-speech engine. Your audio and voice instantly syncs with the 3d avatars in the app in real-time (within seconds) to create professional and engaging videos with no camera, mic or any additional software.
    – Create videos in any language using one-click translation
    – Create videos without spokespersons? Solved!
    – Use our wide variety of human-like 3d avatars and world’s best lip-sync technology to create compelling videos
    – Mind blowing features like text-to-speech, 3d avatars, lip-sync, text animations, and flexible blank video canvas now make this possible.
  • Logo Openers, Intros, Outros, Text Effects, Motion Animations And Next Generation Live Action Videos
    Utilize the library of eye-popping motion animations, effects and video assets to create videos without limitations. All the assets are 100% customizable making video creation a breeze. For the first time ever, customers can upload any image or video background behind the logo openers to create unique and stunning ‘live action videos’ in 30 seconds or less. No more relying on templates with ‘fixed backgrounds’ and ‘boring animations’ that can’t be customized.
    – Spice up existing videos from any source in minutes using blockbuster effects and animations included
    – Create professional videos with built-in library of animations and effects with zero experience or tech skills
    – Stand out from the competition by creating high converting videos that drive sales and traffic in minutes!
  • World’s Best Text-To-Speech, 3d Avatars, Green Screen Removal
    Our industry leading game-changing features like the world’s best text-to-speech engine, 3d avatars, and the all new and improved, pattern interrupt, real-time lip-sync technology, and automatic green screen removal available at a ‘low one-time price’ makes this a must have. Using the ‘auto green screen removal’, users can seamlessly integrate themselves or other spokespersons into their videos and templates in the app to take their video creation to the next level without any effort.
    – Pattern interrupt video technologies included for more engagement!
    – Smooth ‘green screen removal’ and background replacing ability for effortless integration.
    – Paste any text and convert it to life-like voice using the world’s best tts engine!

VideoRobot Benefit:

  • 300 ready-made video templates: choose from the hottest niches with smart automation & customization tools
  • Flexible blank video canvas: design custom 3d explainer, whiteboard, kinetic animation, live action & sale videos from scratch!
  • Maximize reach & engagement: award winning text-to-speech with one-click translation to convert global audiences!
  • Commercial license included: make unlimited videos for your own use or sell for 100%.
  • No need for multiple apps and expensive monthly subscriptions
  • Zero limitations on the style or quantity of videos you create
  • No experience needed – create studio quality videos without ever being on camera
  • Get the traffic, clicks & engagement your videos deserve with state-of-the-art conversion technologies

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Why You Need VideoRobot?

  • Lack budget and time?
    Solved: videorobot includes all the tools & templates you’ll need to create any type of video in one platform without the need for a camera or expensive freelancers!
  • No experience?
    Solved: over 300 done-for-you customizable templates in the hottest niches make video creation point & click easy… zero experience needed!
  • Need unlimited flexibility?
    Solved: create custom videos from scratch using the world’s first ‘blank video canvas’. Video formats include 3d avatar, whiteboard, kinetic animation, kinetic animation, live action, sale videos and more!
  • Need an all-inclusive solution?
    Solved: get unrestricted access to industry leading 3d animations, real-time lip-sync, world class features & limitless flexibility inside videorobot!
  • Need global reach?
    Solved: award winning text-to-speechh and one-click translation lets you showcase your videos to a worldwide audience in any language.
  • Need industry leading features?
    Solved: videorobot includes cutting-edge conversion tools & video assets to deliver you the results without the need for multiple video apps

Exclusive Bonus For You:

  • Bonus #1 : Huge library of hd stock videos ($3000 value)
    Hd stock videos cost $150 to $300 each. Craft studio-grade professional videos using this huge collection of hd stock videos and backgrounds.
  • Bonus #2 : 100 royalty freemusic tracks ($1500)
    Finding great music you can legally in your videos can be a pain. So we’ve made the investment for you, and are including as a fast-action bonus 100 tracks you can instantly add to your videos. Each costs $10-$20, making this bonus alone worth $1000-$1500.
  • Bonus #3 : Top notch stock image library ($800 value)
    Use powerful image library to tell your story. Simply pick one that is best for your video, modify it to meet your needs, and create compelling videos!
  • Bonus #4 : Commercial license &unlimited video renders
    Limited time – create unlimited videos in any niche or language and sell it online and offline for $300 to $500 each!

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