AdSmartly Pro by Victory Akpomedaye Review : The first ever platform that turn FB into a lucrative lead generation machine…

AdSmartly Pro by Victory Akpomedaye Review : The first ever platform that turn FB into a lucrative lead generation machine…

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AdSmartly is the first ever platform that turn FB into a lucrative lead generation machine…
To Ignite a EXPLOSION of new income from every Facebook ad you create!

AdsMartly Makes You A Winner With Every Facebook Ads You Run, Get You Leads With Just 1-Click With No Fear Of Bounce Landing Page, Instantly Create Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages And Sell Affiliate Products + Custom Products Inside Your Facebook Fan Page In Less Than 45sec!

Think about this,
Many people don’t use FB ads because they have bad experience with ROI. Fortunately With AdSmartly Fb ads is now for everyone. Because it solve the two major pains of our customers…

  • Losing leads after they click on a paid ad.
  • Not being able to follow up with your most engaged audience (all the people who liked and commented on your ads).

This is the most sought after tool many marketers have been wishing they had in their marketing arsenal. With AdSmartly you will no longer loose the connection with this audience who took efforts to comment or like on your Ads. Fortunately, you will never loose your Ad $$ to Facebook ever again.

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Take A Look At Some Of of Industry Game-Changing Smart Features Built Inside AdsMartly

  • Custom Link Generating System
    Never again would you use your destination link raw in creating Facebook ads, but you would rather rely on AdsSmartly custom links to set as your facebook ads destination link to allow you get the most of leads from website Link ads.
  • Create Ads Campaign in 30Secs
    Do not stress yourself with the extensive learning curve of placing an Ads with Facebook for the first time, with AdsMartly Ads Campaign Creator, within 30secs you are already done setting up an active campaign that would start making you money.
  • Publish Content Instant Share
    Instantly publish your created content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter whenever you hit the Publish Now Button after creating your content. You can access millions of premium videos and images through the connected pixabay API.
  • Facebook Pixel Code
    Never find it challenging to get your ads Pixel code which you would always need for retargeting.
  • Lead List
    Smartly manage all gotten leads from different sources and export as CSV or into Mailchimp, Aweber, Madmimi and Sendlane
  • Engage Leads
    Actively send direct inbox messages to your fan page messenger list, as well as communicate through app notification directly on the users account whose lead has been grabbed through the custom link.
  • Language Pack
    You can easily switch your account language to whichever language that you prefer for accessibility.
  • Sponsored Post Engage Audience Connection Channel
    Don’t let facebook go with your paid audience, always keep and contact with your warm audience, interact and remarket to them and convert them into leads.
  • Custom Tab
    Creatively create Affiliate Ecom Store page, Landing Page and Squeeze Page directly published on your facebook fan page, leveraging on facebook SEO and Viral Traffic to make the most of sales and grab instant leads without having to fill an optin form.
  • Editable Templates
    Have access to millions of images you can quickly use to create facebook specified ads post.

Why You Need AdsMartly As Well As Share It With Your Customers

Recently most people started complaining over high cost of Facebook Ads, not able to access their Facebook paid audiences from sponsored posts, high record of bounce rate with website landing page ads that prevent them from getting leads or making sales. So with Adsmartly you can intelligently and ethically get all these from Facebook and make them easily accessible because you have already paid to be granted access.

With Adsmartly you don’t need to bother anymore if users will ever get to your landing page and optin, with the first ever custom Link technology you can ethically grab all your required leads fantastically before any users’ lands on your promoted page.

With Adsmartly you don’t need to worry about Facebook just keeping your acquired leads from your sponsored posts, you can now engaged with your leads and create and export your leads as warm audience that you can keep remarketing to without paying facebook high anymore.

With Adsmartly custom tab technology you can now sell your affiliate products from Amazon, Ebay and Bestbuy or any product at all directly on your Fanpage without fear of been seen or having to pay high subscription cost with shopify, leaveraging on Facebook SEO for high visibility by prospects.

Who Can Use AdsMartly?

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5 Rock-Solid Reasons Why You Should Promote Us On March 24th?

  • Victory Akpos is well known for releasing SOLID products that generated six figures in gross sales revenue.
  • We provide premium customer support on all our products, maintain and improve our apps even after several months of launch.
  • Expect a MASSIVE reciprocation from a hardworking upcoming super affiliates that goes HARD on promo’s and crushes leader-board’s almost on daily basis.
  • You will be promoting a quality software your customers are going to love
  • We have brought in the BEST copywriter, designer and video team to ensure your promo converts every visitor you send our way into an ATM machine for you.

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