Social Ride by Sam Robinson (SMP Technology) Review : Why These Companies Are Leveraging This Hot New Marketing Trend…

Social Ride by Sam Robinson (SMP Technology) Review : Why These Companies Are Leveraging This Hot New Marketing Trend…

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Social Ride Is Why These Companies Are Leveraging This Hot New Marketing Trend…, Social Ride is best combination of wordpress plugin & theme to find out the content on social media and aggregated all on to your website and bring in more engagement and sales with the intelligent content marketing automation. Social ride pro is a developed & designed by sam robinson & nakul. When it comes to doing anything online, be it promoting your business, affiliate marketing, ecom marketing or even just having a personal presence you need one thing. Content. Without content there is nothing to show, without anything to show theres no reason for visitors on your site. There is one form of content that has been proven to increase conversions when used in marketing. Its user generated content. The best place to find this is on social media platforms. Social ride is the unique combination of both a wp plug in and compatible theme that lets you find and publish the hottest social content on the web. By finding content this way you have two unique advantages. Firstly, people trust it, resulting in more time spent on your site, higher clicks and more sales. And secondly, you can find and publish content that is highly targeted, bringing you targeted traffic that is ready to convert. In addition, you can build trust and bring in more engagement and sales with intelligent content marketing automation and build a content generating machine that helps build your business. In addition, top companies are only just starting to catch onto using user generated content in their marketing. The few that already have are getting awesome results. Virgin holidays achieved a 260% increase in online bookings as a result of implementing this into their marketing. Now you can too with social ride. Its a wp plug in and theme that lets you find and curate the worlds hottest content from social media. Because this is content created by you and i, the general public, it builds trust with your visitors resulting in more clicks, leads and sales. Also you have the ability to use this content to drive traffic, pull leads and even make sales with the inbuilt amazon integration. Socialride is the perfect combination for businesses to create users generated content that can be displayed on their website or as a stand alone mini site.

Social Ride is brand new tool curates the most valuable content on the internet letting you increase customer engagement and conversions. The worlds top brands that are using the power of user generated content. This is why these companies are leveraging this hot new marketing trend. This is a new wp plug in and theme that lets you find, curate and publish this content on your site or as its own stand alone effort. All you need is a hosted wordpress site. There is no need to purchase any further tools to be effective with social ride. We include step-by-step training in easy to follow how to video format. Our dedicated support desk is on hand 7 days a week to assist you with any queries you may have about social ride. To get traffic online you need content. Social ride brings in the most trusted content in the form of user generated content. This content can be as targeted or broad as you like to appeal to various niches. Use the tools provided within social ride to then turn these visitors into leads or customers by referring them onto opt-in pages or to sales pages. You can find out how easy it is to create engaging social walls, fill your site with trusted content and use it to bring in targeted visitors that convert. If you have been looking for a way to integrate trusted content into your site then you will understand the value social ride could bring to your online business. Even if you are a complete newbie and are simply looking at a way to begin building a second income stream social ride has you covered when it comes to finding, posting and monetizing the most trusted stream of content on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a business, a blogger, an affiliate marketer or just an individual looking to unlock an online income. Social ride is the perfect platform to use to get visitors and drive targeted, converting traffic to your offers and with the ability to earn as an amazon affiliate right within the plug in you can get earning as soon as today with social ride.

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Social Ride Feature:

  • Multiple social media streams
    Social ride lets you pull user generated content from a number of social networks including facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest, tumblr and more.
  • Bring in your favourite content via rss
    Use the rss feed of your favourite websites, news or blogs to have their content come in hot and fresh to your site. This is perfect for your favourite sources of in-depth niche content.
  • Monetize with amazon
    Turn your content into profitable content with the ability to integrate amazon products and affiliate links into your social ride campaigns letting you truly monetize the content of others.
  • Advertising module
    You can now add your own ads into various posts turning traffic into clicks and those clicks into sales. This can also be used to earn using adsense ads or even deals with an advertiser to display their ads on your page.
  • Video content feeds
    Content doesn’t have to just be social content. Social ride lets you bring video content from both youtube and vimeo onto your side adding even more depth and ways to engage.
  • Content moderation
    Filter, moderate and approve the content to display on your social wall for maximum peace of mind and brand consistency with the inbuilt moderation tool. Protecting your users and your business.
  • Full training system
    Our step by step how to videos and training show you how to get the most out of the social ride plug in and theme, followed by members only live training webinars.

Social Ride Perfect For:

  • Businesses
    The socialride wp plug in and theme is the perfect combination for businesses to create user generated content that can be displayed on their website or as a stand alone mini site. This could be used to aide a community engagement strategy or to help with quality content curation for marketing purposes.with the ability to pull content from a large selection of social networks via posts or hashtags makes it easy to run contests, show product related content and monetize that with links to the companies products.
  • Bloggers
    One of the key things any blogger needs is engaging content. Social ride gives anyone with a blog an almost endless stream of content covering any niche. The best bit is the content can continue to stream in on autopilot. Using content to get traffic to a blog is one thing, monetizing that content is another. Social ride allows bloggers, businesses or individuals to monetize any of the content displayed through the ability to post their own links or amazon affiliate links.
  • Affiliate marketers
    No matter the product you are promoting, no matter the industry. You need a source of traffic to click through on your offers. Social ride gives you the content to draw in traffic. With the advertising module you can then drive clicks from this traffic through to your affiliate offers bringing you profits. The ability to pick and choose your content and have it pour in on auto-pilot makes this the perfect tool to publish high quality, user generated niche content.
  • Amazon marketers
    Much like affiliate marketing, as someone who earns commissions from selling products listed on amazon you need traffic. Even better if the traffic is targeted, quality traffic. With social ride you have the ability to find and build niche specific content that can be found via the community or organic traffic. That traffic can then click through to related products via your affiliate link bringing you passive profits from amazon
  • You
    Social ride even has individual applications, such as being able to bring all your favourite feeds, content or news via social media together in one place. This is the perfect way to build and grow your own niche site about a particular topic.

Why Should You Need Social Ride User Generated Content Software?

  • Massive increase in brand visibility
    Studies have shown a 250% increase in visibility for brand specific content when displayed as part of a social wall.
  • Increased sales and conversions
    With user generated content on your site, visitors are likely to spend up to 300% more time on your page, which has proven to increase sales by at least 7%. That’s 70 extra sales for every 1000 visitors!
  • Authenticity and community
    User generated content is not created by businesses, it’s not created by savvy marketing people, its created by real world users. This adds a layer of trust to your brand with a sense of authenticity and community. When people see others using and engaging with, or even promoting brands, they are more likely to trust them.
  • Easy, trusted content creation
    One of the most time consuming aspects of marketing online is creating content. That’s why major companies are employing dedicated content creators and spending millions on creating
  • Targeted content without the distractions
    Lets face it, social media is a great marketing platform, however to reach people using social media you have to battle against all the other distractions present. Displaying the targeted content from social media in one place without the distractions and even ad’s from your competitors helps create a better experience for your users, clients and visitors.

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Early Bird Bonuses Of Social Ride:

  • Early Bird Bonus #1 : White Label Rights Video Sales Blueprint
    – Repackage and sell for 100% of the profit! The all-in-one guide about creating 6-figure videos plus a massive resources pack including the following plus heaps more!
    – The how-to-blueprint about how to use video to skyrocket your profit in product launches and affiliate promotions
    – Including an extensive resources pack filled with graphics, video backgrounds, still backgrounds, cartoons and much more
    – Populate your membership site with included graphics at intervals to demand monthly recurring payments from your customers
  • Early Bird Bonus #2 : White Label Rights Clickpop Engage
    Engage using video, utilize the ability to lean on viral news and websitesto engage traffic with opt-ins, images and call to actions to build your list and drive sales sharing power of social media
  • Early Bird Bonus #3 : Turbozon Builder Software
    Instantly display amazon products in your pages in just a few clicks. Turbozon builder is the best, fastest and easiest way to display amazon books on any page online – it’s a software your customers will love!
  • Early Bird Bonus #4 : Backlinks Analyzer Software
    Backlinks analyzer is a pc application that will ensure that your backlinks are active, stay active, and that backlink companies deliver on their promises. Just because buying backlinks doesn’t break the bank it doesn’t mean you should be ripped off by paying good money for links that only remain active for a matter of days.
  • Early Bird Bonus #5 : Content Valet Plugin
    Content valet is a smart piece of technology that connects the plr content archive to your blog and allows you to quickly import the articles you choose for your blog. Think of it as a plr easy button.
  • Early Bird Bonus #6 : Optiroi Software
    This software can help you to get the fastest and easiest way to 10x the sales, profits and cash flow of your internet business!
  • Early Bird Bonus #7 : Lead Book WordPress Plugin
    Now you can take advantage of facebook’s powerful lead ads platform while seamlessly, adding your new leads to your mailing list, thanks to this easy-to-use wordpress plugin.
  • Early Bird Bonus #8 : Survey Logic Plugin
    this brand new plugin takes the best of what those “big boys” offer with their high-priced solutions, and combines it with the software you already know how to use for a fully customized experience
  • Special Oto Bonus #9 : Turbo Tube Engage Pro Software
    You can subscribe your viewers very effortlessly with your aweber account, allowing you to grab and hold their attention longer. Your subscribers are added to aweber automatically. You can select from the ten (10) gorgeous templates offered for your signup from within the software. And again: your viewers will need to signup with your aweber list in order to resume the video.
  • Early Bird Bonus #10 : Backlinks Warrior Software
    Discover an easy to use software tool that finds unlimited relevant backlinks with a few clicks of your mouse!
  • Early Bird Bonus #11 : Easy Seo Ninja Software
    Discover a brand new ninja software that finds the best keywords, so you rank on the first page of google every single time.
  • Early Bird Bonus #12 : Wp Amcom Pro Software
    An easy way to make more money from your wordpress blogs, by adding self-updating amazon bestseller ads to your blog posts. The software uses the amazon bestseller “rss feeds” to get the latest ads. These provide a self-updating selection of the bestsellers in any amazon category.

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