Local Blog Spinner Pro by Bruno Review : Get thousands of visitors and turn them into leads on autopilot

Local Blog Spinner Pro by Bruno Review : Get thousands of visitors and turn them into leads on autopilot

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Is there some limit on the size of a blog article?
The front-end product is limited to 2,000 characters per article, which is sufficient to write a really nice article. If you upgrade your spinner, the size of articles will be limited to 5,000 or 10,000 characters.

Are there limits on the number of articles?
No, you can spin as many articles as you wish. You can use spun articles for your own blog or sell this service to your clients and charge 5-10 dollars for each article.

Will each post contain geolocation?
When you prepare the article to spin, you can decide if you want to have localization in the form of a Google map at the end of the article. You are free to spin articles without geotags, but if you remove them, you will lose the advantage of local search in Google.

Which method of spinning do you use?
We use sophisticated algorithms to make spin copies. It uses standard synonyms (if they exist) but also spins phrases which make your articles even more unique. If you are not satisfied, you can edit spun articles on your WP blog.

How long does the spinning last?
Spinning of 1 article might last from few seconds to few minutes depending on the length of spun article, amount of synonyms and overall Internet traffic.

How unique will my articles be?
You can check your spun articles with any plagiarism checker. Our system identifies the synonyms for words and phrases and then randomly uses them in each article. If you set 10 articles to spin and the word has only 5 synonyms, this word will be used in 2 articles on average.

What does it mean that I can use Spin Rewriter?
Spin Rewriter uses the best neuron network technology for spinning. Local Blog Spinner has a built-in logic, but if you want use Spin Rewriter, you can also use it via the in-built API. When you buy Local Blog Spinner, you will also get a link to Spin Rewriter.

What should I do if I do not have a blog site?
Installing a WordPress blog site is extremely easy and you can find many YouTube videos that explain how to do it. If you are still not sure, you can use Fiverr where freelancers can do it for you for just $5.

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9 features which no other spinner has:

  • Generate 10 articles by 1 click
    You can set up generating 10 articles by 1 click. The spinner will find as many synonyms and phrases as possible and randomly combine them to generate unique text, which Google will index separately. Each article will be unique and contain keywords in a variety of synonyms.
  • Localize your position
    Show your customers where is your business. Each article could contain Google map localization of a state/city which you can choose according to your preferences. Localization will boost local Google search and bring you tons of customers. You can set up to 10 cities by 1 spinning.
  • Quick Google indexing
    Blog articles can be indexed very quickly in comparison to other content. Your new blog article might be indexed within a few days. Google will search it and later drive unlimited traffic. You can help indexing your articles by sending a sitemap to Google.
  • Publishing files at different times
    You can publish your articles on past dates, so that your customers could see your blog as established. Simply set up the oldest date and the latest date and the spinner will randomly calculate and set the dates of your articles between these dates.
  • Different output formats
    The standard output of spinners is text. The local spinner output is the CSV file, which can be edited in Excel or any other spreadsheet software (even in Notepad). The second option is the XML file, which you can use in some other web services, mainly in non-Wordpress blogs. You can edit XML in Notepad++.
  • One click publishing
    We will give you a special plugin for a quick upload of your spun article, which uploads your CSV file to your WP blog site. The articles with past dates will be published immediately, so that your website will look as if it were established long ago. You can set your oldest article as published as many years or months ago as you like.
  • Use the best world spinner
    Our spinner contains millions of synonyms and will do a perfect job for you. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can use the best world spinner called SpinRewriter. Local Blog Spinners has sophisticated interface where you only need to write a relevant API key.
  • Output file is editable
    You can preview the spun articles in Excel or another editor. If you are not satisfied with the output articles, you can easily edit both the headlines and the body of your text. The publishing dates of your article are also editable. You can also edit articles in your WP blog site.
  • Commercial rights included
    You can also spin articles for your partners and clients. This will not only allow you to attract traffic to your website, but you can sell the traffic to your clients. You can charge them hundreds of dollars monthly for this service. Or you can use the traffic to sell affiliate products.

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