The Auto Profit System Pro by Craig Crawford & The Aiwis Interactive Team Review : a VERY simple method, ANYONE can pretty much put this into action, regardless of technical ability or age!

The Auto Profit System Pro by Craig Crawford & The Aiwis Interactive Team Review : a VERY simple method, ANYONE can pretty much put this into action, regardless of technical ability or age!

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The Auto Profit System (APS)is а vеrу simple method аbоut List Building profit, ANYONE саn pretty much рut this into асtіоn, regardless оf technical ability оr age! Іt requires VERY lіttlе knowledge and tесһnісаl ability overall… The һаrԁ works ԁоnе for the uѕеr by the software, combined wіtһ the information рrоvіԁеԁ of the method, they САN’Т go wrong.

So overall, it’s PERFECT fоr anyone to build tһеіr subscriber bаѕе & generate аn income by gіvіng FREE stuff аwау to people! This method turnѕ freebie ѕееkеrѕ into cold, hard, саѕһ!

The рrосеѕѕ ultimately centres оn list building, more importantly а way in wһісһ you can mоnеtіzе the list building рrосеѕѕ IMMEDIATELY rаtһеr than waiting. The Auto Profit System Сеntrеѕ оn VERY Basic еlеmеntѕ!

Auto Profit System fосuѕеѕ mаіnlу on creating rеаl values, wһісһ mean its fосuѕ lies in the рrасtісаlіtу, nоt just theory. The training раrt is to make ѕurе you gеt to know һоw to do tһіngѕ in the ѕаmе way as the vеnԁоr did tо earn himself а fortune.

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The Auto Profit System Pro Feature:

  • The APS Strategy – Step By Step
    Instructions delivered by a video course that will walk you through STEP BY STEP until you make money and build huge lists. You will learn the EXACT strategy, what pages to build (using our builder and hosting), what products to promote, what follow up emails to write, EVERYTHING.
  • Discover Our Free Traffic Loophole
    Discover the exact free traffic loophole we’ve been using to get INSANE amounts of BUYER traffic per day. Without any blogging, forum posting or ANY of that stuff! It’s completely different and UNTAPPED. AND YOU’LL also learn our paid traffic secrets!
  • DFY APS Page Builder Hosted On OUR Servers (Cloud Based, Works On Mac/PC)
    They’ve been using our own custom and Super-simple Auto Profit system (APS) page builder. Remember, APS pages are way DIFFERENT to normal thank you pages, that’s why we need only 2 pages for this strategy, not a whole complicated full funnel. The job of an APS page is to get 100% CTR and to CONVERT freebie seekers into BUYERS & improve lead expectations & build relationships. We also host the pages you create! Although if you want to host it on your own WordPress site, we give you this:
  • WP Connector Plugin – 1 Click Import To Your WP Site For More Control
    If you want more control and want to host the APS page on your own wordpress site, we are giving you a special connector plugin that will do just that. So now you can choose, own hosting, or our hosting.

The Auto Profit System Pro Benefit:

  • No social media traffic or FB ads traffic, We use two very UNIQUE traffic methods both FREE (fast) and PAID (quality)
  • 100% Automated System, Set Each Campaign Once & Profit For Months
  • REAL customer getting system (turns freebie seekers into BUYERS)
  • Works again and again without fail and NO competition
  • Psychological Trick forces people to show interest in what you promote (100% Click through rate)
  • Don’t need fancy funnels, just a 2 page system and we host and create pages for you
  • No “TESTING” Until it works, our system gets it right the FIRST time, always!

Why You Need Get The Auto Profit System Pro:

  • Because we don’t spend time testing TONS of FB ads just to make one measly sale back, and then get IGNORED time and time again.
  • Because we don’t spend time creating and publishing content hoping people will notice and we hopefully get “viral” traffic
  • Because we see profits on our campaigns on the FIRST try and not on the 10th.
  • Because we’re not all competing for the SAME buyers, We easily make money with FREEBIE seekers and get 100% CTR from them.
  • Because we don’t Need to build deep and fancy funnels, pages, pop ups & “BEHAVIORAL” based triggers or whatever that even means.

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The system works in 3 simple steps:

  • Step #1 – Build
    Building The 2 Page System (We give you the builder and we host your pages) Use our system to make sure the APS pages are on “Turn freebie seeker into buyer mode”
  • Step #2 – Drive
    Drive traffic using our traffic methods. We love using a little paid traffic source with a twist because nobody else uses them and they’re a goldmine because our system turns freebie seekers into buyers.
  • Step #3 – Automate
    Automate the entire process and make MORE money with our special automation section. And from now on, just keep pumping the campaign with traffic, and you’ll keep making sales.
    And the best part, you’ll be building a list of HUNGRY targeted subscribers that you can sell to again and again.

The Auto Profit System Pro Bonus:

  • Bonus #1 – Our Own Personal Solo Ad Rolodex
    This is our personal list of solo ad sellers that we actually use to make money. Their traffic converts well for this system and you don’t actually need to go ahead and start finding vendors on your own and maybe even be scammed by some. You’ll be able to make money much faster with this because you’ll already know where to buy it and you know your investment is guaranteed.
  • Bonus #2 – Complete Case Study (OVER THE SHOULDER)
    This one is amazing and priceless. Imagine just copying what we do, and do that. How much time and thinking it saves you. No trial and error, no mistakes of any sort. Just copy, paste and customize. With this you’ll be able to get results faster and EASIER than everyone else that will buy this in the future at a monthly price AFTER the launch deal! They will NOT get this! Honestly?
  • Bonus #3 – Special “Watch us make $2,500 Sales with the APS” Workshop
    On December 20th you’ll join us for a one-off Customer Orientation Workshop where we’ll guide you by the hand live through maximizing your results and income using APS. In addition to that we’re also going to show how we’ve been using APS to bank $1,000 and $2,500 per sale commissions on complete autopilot!
  • Bonus #4 – DFY APS Secret Sauce Videos That Make Even MORE Money!
    The aps page that gets 100% ctr and converts clicks into money like crazy has another very powerful element to it. “Video” The moment we added video into our APS pages, short, engaging & effective videos, our sales started increasing. Well not only we’re going to upgrade your account to allow video elements. But we’re also going to give you DONE FOR YOU videos to put. Simply choose a video, and your APS page will be loaded with a powerful video with a call to action & proven to convert script without lifting a finger.

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