Netpreneur Franchise System by Dr. Ope Banwo Review : The 4-In-1 ‘Earn As Your Learn’ Money Making System

Netpreneur Franchise System by Dr. Ope Banwo Review : The 4-In-1 ‘Earn As Your Learn’ Money Making System

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Netpreneur Franchise System is an A-to-Z video training course that allows you to master online marketing techniques in order to begin generating stable profits through the implementation of several built-in tools and resources. If you want to find out more about this training, do not forget to stay tuned with my Netpreneur Franchise System Review for more details

The unstoppable development of this technological era has put a lot of pressure on online entrepreneurs as they have to constantly keep themselves updated with the newest business strategies so as not to fall behind. However, this is totally not a simple task at all.

That’s also the reason why countless numbers of courses have been compiled to provide you with enough information in the least amount of time. But, there is a chance you encounter scammy garbage courses which is a combination of old-fashioned tips that can be easily found on the Internet. Unlike them, follow my Netpreneur Franchise System Review to see why it is a different story.

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What The Netpreneur Franchise System Will Give You…

  • Short-Cut On Make Consistent Money Online
    You’ll discover exactly how to make CONSISTENT MONEY online, within a few days, even if you have no technical skills; have never created a profitable product; or have never made any serious money online before.
  • Skip All Mistakes And Obstacles
    You’ll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST internet marketers and start making money online immediately, while freeing yourself to learn long term strategies for building a consistent 6-figure income in 6 months or less.
  • Comprehensive Training & Solid Foundation
    You’ll learn how to build the pillars for permanent long term success for yourself and will no longer be at the mercy of merciless gurus who just want to take your money and give you incomplete training that always left you stranded. You will easily learn the things you need to do to become a legitimate guru in your niche.
  • Access to Quick Money Making Assets
    You’ll get access to other people’s proven money-generating assets and resources, without investing a fraction of their money, energy or time – and leverage them to generate tons of cash into your bank account.
  • Quadratic Internet Success Formula
    You’ll know exactly how to become a legitimate guru in your own right – even if you are new to internet marketing – by getting access to the Quadratic Internet Success Formula, the 4-in-1 ‘Earn as Your Learn’ solution for generating immediate income while learning to create a real sustainable income generating business on the internet.

This Is What You Get With The NFS:

  1. Franchise License 3 Sets Of Complete Plug-And-Play Money-Making Products
  2. Complete Professionally Done Marketing Funnels, Kits And Resources
  3. Professional created and tested Promotional Materials To Drive traffic
  4. Fearless Netpreneur’s Comprehensive 7-Pillars To 6-Figures Training Vault

The 3 Major Easy Ways To Make Money With The Netpreneur Franchsie System

  1. The Franchisee Referral Cash-Flow [ You Get 50% Of All Nfs Referrals! ]
  2. The Plug ‘N’ Play Cash Explosion [You Get 60% Of All Sales Of Our Highly Converting Business Packages!]
  3. Creating & Selling 100% Owned Products Through Netpreneur Marketplace [ Our Company And Its 1,000s Of Franchisees Will Help You Sell Your Own 100% Owned Products Through Our Exclusive Netpreneur Marketplace ]

Netpreneur Franchise System Bonus:

  • Confessions Of A Guru Wannabe (Value: $47)
    The Shocking True Story Of How A Clueless Internet Newbie Overcame Obstacles To Establish A 6-Figure Income In less Than 12 Months. This Amazon bestseller is a MUST-READ By every digital marketer and will help you deal with so many of the mistakes struggling marketers make
  • Free Lifetime Subscription To The Fearless Netpreneur Magazine [Premium Editions] (Value: $197)
    This is the #1 industry focused magazine that give YOU Regular Access To Advanced Internet Marketing Tips; Market Stats & Analysis; Game Changing Articles; Cool Tricks & Tips; and Insider Secrets From Top Marketing Gurus for ONLY $1… PLUS you get all the back copies!
    [Real Value $197 a year]
  • Digital Business Goldmines [Complete Videos, Audios, PDF Pack] (Value: $497)
    Step By Step Blueprint Of 12 Different Businesses you Can Start In the Next 24 Hours With No Investment; No Experience And No Technical Skills .
    (This is a Complete Training Package of Over 8 Hours Of Video, Audio and PDF Transcripts.)
  • Complete Access To Fearless Netpreneur Summit [Over 18 Hrs Of Training By 15 Top Marketers!] (Value: $297)
    This is a 3-day marathon Conference with Over 18 Hours Of Video Featuring 15 Of The Best In The Internet Marketing Business including Internet marketing superstars: Todd Gross; Sam Bakker, Omar Martin, Ron Douglas, Alicia Lyttle, Laura Casselman, Delilah Taylor, Ty Cohen, Sam England, Kimberly Hash-Devries, Victory Akpos, Ifiok Nkem, Chad Nicely, Stephen Akintayo, and Dr Ope Banwo as Host

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Frequently Asked Questions

> How Is The Sales I Make From The Franchise Shared Between Myself And The NFS?
Good question. We will give you 60% of all sales made with our system, while we keep only 40%. We provide you with all the Products; All the Marketing Funnels; All the Emails’; All the marketing graphics and resources but we give you 60% of all the sales made on your account.
You can also increase your percentage share to 75%, and get 10 complete-done-for-you-packages, instead of 3, by upgrading your membership to Platinum Associate.
> How Much Will It Cost Me After My Initial $1 Trial? I like your no-brainer offer to try the Netpreneur Franchise System for only $1 . But I like know what this would this cost mean after the $1 trial period is over in 10 days?
We wanted to give you a clear 10 days to test drive the franchise system and see if this is as good as I have said it is, and if it is for you. Once you have taken your time to check everything out and you will like to keep it beyond the $1 evaluation period, you’ll be able to keep it for less than $2/day…It will cost you only $50 a month thereafter to keep it. For Platinum Associates, it costs only $99 a month… And you can cancel it at any time. There is No long term contract. No Questions asked. No Explanations needed.
> How Soon Will I Be Paid My Commission Earned From The NFS?
We pay our franchise associates every 30 days. So if you made a sale on the 5th of Sept or referred anyone who became an associate member on the 5h of September, your sales commission and referral commissions will be paid on the 6th of October. The money will be deposited directly into your designated account in the membership area.
> Would I Be Able To Add My Own Products To The Franchise Network Once I Have Figured Out How To Create My Own Products To Market?
Yes! This is one of the major features that separates the NFS different from all the other systems out there who just want you to depend on them, month after month, while you become a perpetual follower instead of becoming a guru yourself. The NFS actually provides comprehensive training and coaching that allows you to create your own products and funnels so that you can become an independent marketer and guru in your own right.
One you get to that level of creating your own products and your own marketing funnels, (and with the superb training we have in the Vault, we expect you to do that in only a matter of week), we will gladly let you add your own products to our Netpreneur Network, so that you can promote and sell your own products, and also get other franchisees to help you promote it. We will also help you spotlight it in the Network, FOR FREE, in the first week of listing, as part of support for you, just to show we are proud of you!
> What Are The Other Costs Aside From The Small Monthly Fee That Kicks In After My 7-Day $1 Trial Is Up?
The only thing we ask is that you cover the 1-time cost for setting up your system (Only a token $25). It takes my staff about 5 hours to help you get everything set up – Your Squeeze page, connected with your sales page, upsell pages; Configure your autoresponder to work properly with our system, and set up your follow-up emails properly for you in your autoresponder.
> What If I Changed My Mind Within 7 Days After My $1 Trail Started?
Then there is no problem. You simply cancel your license on our site directly or go to our LVIE CHAT center at and we will simply cancel your account and you will NOT be charged anything for the system. You still get to keep the bonuses worth over $297 that you would have downloaded before then.
> I Get It That You Will Get Everything Setup For Me To Start Making Money Right Away, But I Know Nobody Goes Into Business Dong Nothing At All, So What Would I Need To Do To Make Things Start Working For Me?
Good question. I am glad you understand that you would at least have to do something otherwise how would you grow or even understand how you are making money. So, all we will need for you is to generate traffic to the ready-to-go systems we set up for you. We have comprehensive training on how you can generate traffic for free yourself and another option where you can simply order traffic from some of the specialists in the business that we have worked out a special deal with to help you get immediate traffic. You pay for the number of traffic you want and they will get it or you. That’s all. Everything else is automated. You only need to generate traffic (we have great training on ow you can generate free traffic on the site for you) or you buy it for immediate results (we have a great list of places and people to buy good from on the site)
> What Exactly Do I Get With The Netpreneur Franchise System?
You get complete access to the following:

  1. You get 3 Complete Access to proven and highly converting Done-For-You Products, with 2 upsell products for each (includes Free Gift; Main Product; Upsell 1 AND Upsell 2 products).
  2. You get 3 Complete professional Netpreneur Marketing Funnels to match the products ( includes your own personalized Squeeze pages; Sales Pages; Upsell Pages; Thank You Page and Membership areas for product downloads). You combine 1 and 2 to start making money immediately in the next 24-72 hours.
  3. You get access to comprehensive Netpreneur Incubator Vault (A collection of over 100 training videos, audios and transcripts on how to build your own internet marketing empire within a few weeks).
  4. Automatic Access to the exclusive Neptreneur Marketplace where you can list and sell your own products and get other franchise associates to help you market them

> Can I Really Make Money Within 24-72 Hours As A Netpreneur Franchisee as Stated In The Sales Letter?
YES. IT IS VERY POSSIBLE! Lots of people have done it as a matter of fact. The way the system is set up, you could POTENTIALLY start making money within 24-72hours because you will get access to complete proven-to-sell Products, highly converting marketing funnels that only need traffic from you to start generating sales (and we will show you several easy options on how you can easily get good traffic to your funnels).
However, to be CLEAR, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. We cant legally guarantee that you would make money in 24-72 hours or that you would even make any money at all, since we don’t know if you will carry out our instructions to the letter, or if you will work as hard as many people who have made 100s of dollars within hours of joining. or even if you will do anything at all.
All we guarantee you is that we will give you the best opportunity you will ever have to make money quickly online by giving you access to complete products and complete funnels and complete marketing materials that have made us and others hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last one year. One of the products you will have access to has already been sold by over 500 associates and sold over $550,000 in the last 10 months!
> Would I Have Any Control Over The Email List I Build With The NFS?
ABSOLUTELY! The whole system is set up so that the subscribers will go DIRECT TO YOUR email list, in your OWN AUTORESPONDER. If you don’t have an autoresponder account before, we will give you links to go create one IN YOUR OWN NAME, WITH OYUR OWN RECORDS so that everybody that goes into your mailing list remain EXCLUSIVELY YOURS.
> What If I Am A Complete Newbie Who Has Never Made Money Online And Does Not Even Know What A Squeeze Page Or Auto-Responder Is? Is This System For Me?
Great Question. The Netpreneur Franchise System was designed specifically for people just like you. Having to do all of that ‘techie’ stuff yourself, AT THE ONSET, IS USUALLLY WHAT MAKES 97% of the people fail. We know it takes time to learn all that is why we have provided you with the complete materials you will need from products, to marketing funnels, to autoresponders and the emails you will need to follow up with your subscribers.
SO, you get tools to start making money immediately, while you take your time to use our training library to learn everything you will eventually need to become a guru in your own right. That’s why we call it the “EARN TO LEARN” SYSTEM.
> What About If I Canceled My Subscription After I Have Been Billed My First Month Fee, Would I Still Get A Complete Refund?
Again, you can cancel your subscription at any time you choose. We have NO CONRACT and require NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENT from our franchisees. We actually want you to grow and graduate from the done-for-you-systems!. However, since we have already given you enough trial period to check it out, and since we would also have given you access to ALL our digital materials that costs us hundreds of thousands to put together, AND we would have provided you with some training and coaching for the month, we would not be able to refund you for the month already charged at the time you choose to cancel your membership. We would however cancel any recurring arrangements or memberships you have with us, so that you will no longer be billed in the future. We are however very confident that you would get so much more value from our franchise that you will stay with us until you have become a full-fledged guru in your own right and even ask us to market your products for you!

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