Instant Consultant Pack by pixelcrafter Review : the ultimate marketing pack to promote your offline services

Instant Consultant Pack by pixelcrafter Review : the ultimate marketing pack to promote your offline services

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Instant Consultant Pack is the ultimate marketing pack to promote your offline services. This complete package includes 8 MODULES = Premium Consulting WP Theme (with 3 pre-built demos), 12 HD Leadgen Videos, 5,700+ words Lead Magnet, 6 Professional Logo Templates, 6 Premium Business Cards, 6 Beautiful Postcards, 6 Pro Flyers. Attention Offline Consultants…Jo here, a direct response marketing expert at Pixelcrafter. Pixelcrafter is a direct response company specializing in developing WordPress themes, plugins and marketing packages to help both online and offline marketers to grow their business.

In addition to our main business line, we also do digital marketing consulting to local businesses in our town. We have been in this industry for 9 years now and have been fortunate enough to work closely with some of the top names in this industry, including, but not limited to: Adeel Chowdhry, Paul Teague (my friend and coach), Dean Holland, Bryan Zimmerman, Carson Rathi, Cory Friedman, Sam Bakker, Jameson Brandon, and Tristan Bull. Working alongside such people has done nothing but boost our expertise and help shape our talent in direct response marketing. We also have been personally coached by several six-figure direct marketing coaches such as Paul Teague and Steve Benn.

Although we started as a single fighter graphic designer, today we have grown as a team of highly creative designers and illustrators, smart programmers, and we have friendly and dedicated customer support and professional video script copywriters and voice over artists. We also have launched several best-selling products such as WP Lead Pro, WP Lead X, WP Pro Local, WP Pro Consult, WP Client Training, DFY Offline Website Content, Graphic Tsunami, Mascot Tsunami, Fan Page Tsunami 1 and 2 and many more… Therefore, please rest assured that direct response marketing is indeed our field of expertise, and that we are here to use both our skills and experience to help you make more money.

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  • Marketing pack gets you clients faster.
  • Marketing pack removes all of the stress… saving you a lot of time and a lot of money.
  • Marketing pack allows you to get everything you need at a FRACTION OF THE COST of what you would pay to have someone custom-create it for you.
  • Marketing pack lets you focus on selling your service.

“Alright… That makes sense. But Why Do I need to buy your Marketing Pack? How is it different from others?”


  • Our marketing pack is one of the best on the industry. It is developed by a professional in-house team with more than 30 years’ experience (combined) in web design and programming, graphic design and illustration, video script copywriting and voiceover.
  • Whenever you have difficulties using our product, we have a friendly dedicated customer service staff ready to help.
  • We are very confident that our marketing pack will revamp your digital assets and your marketing material and help you to
    re-position yourself as a go-to digital marketing expert

“Wait… You mentioned ‘Digital Assets’ And ‘marketing material’… what’s that ?”

  • When you’re selling digital marketing services to local businesses, your digital assets and marketing material should be your number one concern because they reflect the results you will deliver to your clients.
  • Your “digital assets” are your websites design, lead magnet report, leadgen videos – both the animation and the script, etc…
  • Your “marketing material” is your business card, flyer, etc…
  • If you have unprofessional digital assets and marketing material, then don’t expect your prospects to position you as an expert digital marketing consultant. You should walk the talk first before you can sell the talk to your prospects… That’s just the way it is.
  • In contrast… By having a professional website, videos, lead magnet, graphics, etc… you get the chance to instantly build your credibility, professional image and expert status.
  • In short… Your digital assets and marketing material build your customers’ perception about your business
  • Look… be honest with yourself. Whenever you receive a flyer or brochure about any web design or other service, can you recognize whether it’s the work of an amateur or a pro?
  • I’ll bet you can recognize the difference simply by looking at the quality of the graphics, and I’ll assume that you want to be perceived as a PRO, rather than some bum who is trying to run a business out of their mother’s basement.

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“Cool…Let’s say I want to build the same marketing pack like the one you have here myself, what is the work involved?”

  • Spend at least three hours to choose the best WordPress themes that are specifically designed for a consultant or 80 hours to custom-build a brand new WordPress theme.
  • Spend at least 20 hours to learn the theme and build the website yourself or you can outsource it for at least $2,000.
  • Spend at least two hours to write a high-converting leadgen video script for each digital marketing service you want to sell to local clients.
  • Spend at least $50 – $200 per 75 words to convert your script to video.
  • Spend at least four hours to write the lead magnet (PDF report) or $500 if you choose to outsource.
  • Spend at least $200 on graphic design. That’s a total of around 25 hours of manual labor work, NOT including the WordPress theme custom-build, video product and graphic design work.

Here’s what you will get!

  • Module #1:
    A Premium, Beautiful, Powerful and Responsive WordPress Theme Specifically Designed for Consultants with Personal and Developer License Included (Limited Time ONLY)
  • Module #2:
    6 Leadgen Video (Professional Style) You get the HD Resolution – MP4 format leadgen videos to sell the 6 Digital Marketing Services in professional style:
  • Module #3:
    6 Leadgen Video (Whiteboard/Doodle Style) You get the HD Resolution – MP4 format leadgen videos to sell the 6 Digital Marketing Services in whiteboard/doodle style:
  • Module #4:
    Lead Magnet
  • Module #5:
    6 Professional Logo Templates
  • Module #6:
    6x Premium Business Cards
  • Module #7:
    6x Beautiful Postcards to sell the services
  • Module #8:
    6x Pro Flyers to sell the services

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