Leader Boot by Ray Lane Review : Get The EXACT Cloud Based Software We’re Using To Make $500 – $1,000+ Per Day In Affiliate Commissions…

Leader Boot by Ray Lane Review : Get The EXACT Cloud Based Software We’re Using To Make $500 – $1,000+ Per Day In Affiliate Commissions…

Hello and thank you for stopping my Review ! Here you will find Powerful tools, Marketing courses, plugins and many Internet Marketing Softwares tested by me, Tim Walker, creator of this product review blog.

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Leader Boot is Best Software That’s Easy-To-Use And Designed To Help You Get HUGE Results on Your Affiliate Promotions, CPA Offers, Boosting Your Video Views And Shares, And It Even Works GREAT For Promoting Services To Offline Businesses. You can make money just like this and more when you get your hands on this powerful, easy-to-use software app.

It is Our Under Ground Software App Made Us $32,481.51 In 26 Days Without Paying A Dime On Traffic And You Can Download It Here.It is Amazing Software That Provides REAL Value. Leader Boot is a software that will make life easier for every internet marketer. Watch our demo below. What is Leader Boot?

Leader Boot is a newbie-friendly that allows you to offer bonuses right on top of a sales page with the click of your mouse. This tools makes it easy to get big results on affiliate promotions, CPA offers, build your list, and even profit from offering services to offline business owners by putting an easy-to-customize overlay or bonus page on ANY sales page or offer.

It Takes Only 60 Seconds To Supercharge Your Affiliate Promotions and Bypass the Competition in Just 3 Quick Simple Steps.

  • Step #1 – Login to our easy-to-use software with the login information we will provide you with once you get your hands on Leader Boot today.
  • Step #2 – Add your JV link and the bonus page link and customize the color and page frame size.
  • Step #3 – Click Update, Send Traffic, And Start Profiting!There are no requirements to using Leader Boot.

You can get started create your first Leader Boot Page right away even if you’re a complete newbie and no experience at all. You just need a JV link and your Bonus Page link which can be created using FREE resources or Our Bonus Page Builders In no time at all. That’s it!We use Leader Boot to make $30,000+ per month on our affiliate marketing efforts, and inside, you’ll discover exactly how you can do the same. The sky is literally the limit with Leaderboot. Leader Boot prevents traffic leakage when compared to sending people to a bonus page first.

With Leader Boot, the bonus page is right there on top of the sales page so your visitor can look at the bonus page AND the sales page at the same time and make a decision, right then in there without having to visit multiple pages. The Leader Boot software is extremely easy-to-use, and it’s hosted in the cloud so there’s NOTHING to install. Customization of your bonus page overlay is fast and simple.Plus, we include step-by-step video training to make it easier than ever to get big results with Leader Boot.

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Leader Boot Features:
What Using “Leader Boot” Can Do For You :

  • As An Affiliate Marketer – You Can make more sales by sending traffic straight to a sales page with your bonuses overlaid right on that same page to completely eliminate traffic leakage
  • As An Offline Marketer – You can use Leader Boot to sell services to offline businesses by sending people to an engaging article with your own related advertisement right on top. You can also use Leader Boot to overlay Your review video on Top of Clients website explaining how Your services can improve their business and close more deals like was never possible before.
  • As a CPA Marketer – You can use Leader Boot to add Your CPA Banner as an Overlay on top of any authority blog posts and rake in easy CPA Commissions.
  • As A Video Marketer – You can Add videos on top of authority blog posts for more shares, better engagement, and tons of FREE traffic
  • Super Charge Your Conversions – You can easily add scarcity timers, videos, banners, text, images, buttons, optin forms, animations, bonuses and literally any marketing element on your ”boot” to skyrocket your conversions!
  • Super Easy Customization – You can create highly convertible Leader Boots in under 60 seconds without any technical skills or design knowledge at all.
  • For Any Online Marketer – The opportunities for getting traffic, building your list, and making sales are virtually endless with Leader Boot!
  • Build Your Audience – You can even add Your Google or Facebook retargeting pixel in your Leader Boot, building You a Massive Retargeting audience for FREE..

When You Get Leader Boot Today, You’ll Also Get Our Step-By-Step Video Training (Valued at $297)
Inside the video training, you’ll discover:

  • How to get started using Leader Boot right now, if you have no technical skills and you’re a total newbie
  • Tips and tricks to getting the most out of Leader Boot
  • Step-by-Step training on How we personally use Leader Boot to CRUSH it on affiliate promotions and make as much as $30,000 per month
  • Other ways to use Leader Boot to make money on demand… This powerful app works with everything from affiliate offers, to CPA, to promoting services to offline businesses, and more…

Leaderboot is for you:

  • You’re an affiliate marketers looking to save time, get an edge over other affiliates, and ultimately make more money
  • You’re a CPA marketer that wants to get bigger and better results in your campaigns
  • You’re currently using videos and social media to get traffic, and you want to get more traffic and results with just a few clicks of your mouse
  • You’re providing services to offline business owners and you want an easy way to make sales and profit
    ANYONE looking to make money as soon as TODAY online needs Leader Boot!

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Leader Boot Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Awesome Package of Landing Page Building Softwares
    With these two highly rated landing page building softwares you can easily build squeeze pages as well as video landing pages to nail every campaign!
  • Bonus #2: One LIVE Strategy Call With Experts
    Hop on a group call with affiliate marketing experts and take notes as they reveal everything you need to know to rake in commissions.. the same way they do it!
  • Bonus #3: Newbie-Friendly Video Editing Software
    Quickly create and edit video sales letters, review videos and much more with this premium, easy-to-use video editing software!
  • Bonus #4: HUGE Package of Marketing graphics and images
    You will never run out of flashy and beautiful graphics with this premium package of sales materials, vectors and graphics
  • Bonus #5: 10 Done-for-You Bonuses
    We have decided to do all the heavy lifting and are providing you with 10 complete, ready-to-go bonuses guarnteed to make your list go crazy!

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