Quick Start Challenge T-100 by Craig Crawford & The Aiwis Interactive Team Review : The Doors Open Once A Year.. “4000% Traffic Increase..” It Produced Results Right Away” & “This Program Changed My Life”

Quick Start Challenge T-100 by Craig Crawford & The Aiwis Interactive Team Review : The Doors Open Once A Year.. “4000% Traffic Increase..” It Produced Results Right Away” & “This Program Changed My Life”

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Quick Start Challenge T-100 is Best 4 week Live Training Course from Dean Holland and Craig Crawford to Coach You Step-by-step During The Next 30 Days to make money online. It is 4 week live training course includes Laying The Foundations, Triple Tier List Building, Automated Income Generator, Online Traffic Takeover and Get A Bonus 3 Hour Live Masterclass Where You’ll Discover “The Fastest Way To $10,000+ Per Month Without Creating Any Products”. Join 1000’s of Like-Minded Successful Business Owners to Build Your Own Business within 30 days or Less.

Quick Start Challenge T-100 is The Fastest Way to Builde Your Online Business. We’re offering you a unique opportunity to join our 30 day coaching program called “The Quick Start Challenge T100”. The plan is to coach you step-by-step during the next 30 days to implementing a proven blueprint that makes you $100 or more every day.Are You Tired Of Not Making A Full Time Affiliate Income? Introducing The Live 30 Day Coaching Challenge To Walk You By The Hand From Zero To $100+ Per Day Online.

This is a step-by-step, hand-held-all-the-way live coaching program (only we’re not going to charge you $5,000+ to take part). We’re going to take you through a 4-phase process that takes you from zero to results in 30 days or less, Each week we’ll reveal the next part of the process to you. We’ll share it live, then answer any and every question you have, Then give you some time to implement it, before we move onto the next phase. By the time it’s complete you’ll have the entire system built into your online business, poised to take you from zero to $100+ per day. And even though we’ve called it The Quick Start Challenge T100, with the goal to provide you with everything you need to get you to $100 a day online.

Quick Start Challenge T-100 is Proven To Do Way More Than $100 Per Day. Some of those that took part in the previous year’s challenges increased their traffic by over 3,000% within the first 10 days. Others went from no email list, to having hundreds of new subscribers within just a few weeks! And then there’s those who are now making thousands a week online as affiliates, all thanks to taking part in the Quick Start Challenge.

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Quick Start Challenge T-100 Features:

During the next 30 days you’ll join us live for the following coaching sessions:

  • Week One – Laying The Foundations – We’ll get you up and running fast with the correct ‘asset’ in place to set you up with long term, sustainable success
  • Week Two – Triple Tier List Building – The only way to build a profitable email list FAST. This alone can replace your day job and get you complete financial freedom for you and your family!
  • Week Three – Automated Income Generator – Automation = freedom, and that’s exactly what you’ll create in week three. Your very own automated system that produces commissions whilst you sleep!
  • Week Four – Online Traffic Takeover – You’ll be one of the first members of the public to discover this brand new traffic getting system. Only my $2,000+ clients have seen this so far but you’ll get your hands on it here so you can generate insane amounts of traffic and sales at will, anytime you like!


Quick Start Challenge T-100 Detail Features:

  • Week One – Laying The Foundations
    Here’s some of what you can expect in week one :
    – What is the simple foundation you can deploy in just minutes that will set you up for long term success online? All will be revealed in week one_________ << Without this you’ll stay stuck and join the 97% of failed affiliates (we’ll share all in the first 30 minutes of coaching)
    – How I banked over $3,000 in a 7 day period using a simple _______ (after making $0 for the 4 years previous) and how you can swipe this in minutes!
    – What is a ‘HUB site’ and why creating one can put $1,000+ commissions into your pocket even if you’ve never made $1 yet (HINT: You’ll get one of these in week one)
    – How can you get more done in 1 – 2 hours online than most do in 8 – 12 hours so you can win back your time and begin to experience the time freedom of an online based business. This one trick we’ll share on week one will do just that for you!
    – There’s dozens of things you need to do to make $100+ a day online right? WRONG! We’ll show you the 4 things you need to do and why so you can get results easier and faster!
    – You can’t make money because no one’s heard of you, right? HECK NO! Using our secret weapon you can make a full time income even as a complete newbie! (we’ll reveal the secret in week one!)
    – Why it’s OK to be a tech-dummie and still get results
    – The complete $100+ per day blueprint explained!
  • Week Two – Triple Tier List Building
    Here’s some of what you can expect to discover in week two :
    – Is there an EASY WAY to build an email list? YOU BET! We’ll share it with you here
    – What is the “Triple Tier List Building” method and why do you need it? All will be revealed in week two (HINT: Without this you’ll be leaving BIG money on the table!)
    – Can you really get paid to build your list? YES!! Using the ‘TTLBS’ you can and we’ll prove it so you can deploy it fast in week two
    – Discover the ‘3 money pages’ that create commissions for you with our secret list method
    – How to turn your email list into your most valuable asset in less than 15 minute a day
    – Is it really possible for a newbie to send emails and bank commissions? YES! And we’ll show you how (Just as we have 1,000’s of others just like you)
  • Week Three – Automated Income Generator
    Here’s some of what you can expect to discover in week three :
    – Is it really possible to bank big whilst sleeping? YES IT IS! And in this session, you’ll not only see how, you’ll be handing the simple steps to implement it in your business!
    – The number one reason some people slave away at the computer 4 – 12 hours a day whilst others make more money in 1 – 2 hours (and how you can join them!)
    – Why automating your business in THIS way can not only make you money every single day, it can give you the time freedom to enjoy it
    – The 5 steps to deploy your own automated income system that will then work 24/7 for you (even if you’re on vacation!)
    – The biggest mistake people make when adding automation to their business and how you can avoid it (this can save you thousands a month in lost commissions!)
  • Week Four – Online Traffic Takeover
    Here’s what you can expect :
    – Why traffic generation has changed forever and what to do about it (WARNING: If you do not discover this right away you can kiss goodbye to paid traffic success forever!)
    – The most powerful traffic-getting system that exists online today (NOTE: I’ve only shared this with my $2,000+ clients)
    – How to quickly and easily start getting traffic to your affiliate links so you can start making commissions within days! (Some people make money the same day they discover this!)
    – The ninja Facebook ads method to get low cost laser targeted traffic in any niche (even if you’ve never used Facebook ads before!)
    – The ‘Traffic Rebound’ strategy that gets sales and commissions for pennies on the dollar
    – How to turn complete strangers into followers, fans and customers so you can make more money starting today!
    – How to legally and ethically get other people to drive traffic for you (from their websites and email lists!) so you NEVER struggle for traffic again!
    – How to setup and deploy a 3-phase automated traffic getting machine so that your traffic flows every day, even if you’re not online
    – The number 1 mistake people make when trying to get traffic that stops them getting even a handful of visitors (and how YOU can avoid it so you get traffic on demand with ease)
    – How to future proof your traffic system to ensure long term, sustainable success online
    – The exact strategy I use to get 972 – 1,904 visitors a day (and the resource I go to when I want more)

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Quick Start Challenge T-100 Bonuses:

  • A Bonus 3 Hour Live Masterclass Where You’ll Discover “The Fastest Way To $10,000+ Per Month Without Creating Any Products”
    You’ll discover:
    – What others have called “The Ultimate $100,000+ Shortcut” – When some of our other clients discovered what you’ll soon see it blew their minds (and their bank accounts!)
    – The one addition I discovered to the QSC system that allowed me to start having $1,000+ DAYS online
    – How to add recurring income streams into your business with one “set and forget” strategy for automated recurring commissions
    – The 1 thing I do each day that takes less than 60 minutes that puts an additional 4 figures each day into my bank account
    – How to get other people to drive traffic for you (this is the EASY button to traffic generation that even an infant could do!)
    – The 7 figure income system – Discover the digital business system I’ve created and use to make up to $311,068 per month and how others like you have used it to make a full time income online within just a few short months
    – The secret system that allows ANYONE regardless of skills, knowledge, or experience to earn commissions of up to $4,000 per sale (what would making 1 or 2 of those each month do for you?)
    – Don’t like selling? No problem! Discover How to make a full-time income giving away products for FREE! (this is one of the biggest reasons I became an online millionaire!)
    – And much more!
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2 – Weekly Q & A Live Streams So Nothing Holds You Back!
    – 30 Rules For Being an Online Marketer
    We know there is a lot to learn to be a successful online marketer, so what if all of the most important things, the stuff you need to do, was all in one place? In this great bonus, you can get a prescription for what you need to be doing today and every day to turn your online business into a crazy success
    – Vidinci Video Niche Marketing
    + When it comes to video marketing there’s niches and there’s niches.
    + The smart money isn’t in the usual niches like Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist. These are super competitive, rely on repeat business and the margins aren’t always great.
    + The smart money is in high margin, low volume niches. Niches that don’t rely on repeat business. They only need a small number of jobs a year to make great money.
    + In these niches a lead can be worth anywhere from $7000 to $40000 to the provider and they are happy to shell out thousands for a good video that will generate leads.
    + This amazing bonus will show you just how do that!
    – WP Sell Anywhere
    Want to get a payment button for the payment processor of your choice added wherever you want one, so you can offer your products in every post you line up? No problem, with this simple easy to install plug in!
    – WP Tube Ninja
    + Your new WordPress traffic generating machine!
    + Even if you’re the biggest Internet newbie who can barely turn on a computer you can now…
    + Automatically rank higher in all the major search engines with a lightning fast search engine optimized WordPress theme!
    + Instantly increase your profits using the smart Ad Bar technology… and you can even A/B split test multiple ads to uncover the best performing ad!
    + Secretly cloak your affiliate links and redirect traffic to more than one URL using the advanced money-making
    + Link Monetiser and quickly post related and relevant YouTube videos to your blog with the super easy to use YouTube Video Tool!
    + Display random videos in the sidebar of the blog to increase the number of video views, reduce bounce rate and make your blog more user friendly!
    + To claim all of this and join the Quick Start Challenge coaching to take your business to $100+ per day


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