[New/Quality] Holistic Brain Health & Mental Wellness 270+ Piece PLR Pack by JR Lang Review : Holistic Brain Health And Mental Wellness Giant Content Pack With Private Label Rights

[New/Quality] Holistic Brain Health & Mental Wellness 270+ Piece PLR Pack by JR Lang Review : Holistic Brain Health And Mental Wellness Giant Content Pack With Private Label Rights

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Holistic Brain Health & Mental Wellness 270+ Piece PLR Pack is very recommended PLR for all internet marketers and for you. It is 270 + Pieces of High Quality and Diverse Health Content PLR. According To The Cleveland Clinic’s Healthy Brains Initiative, It Is Possible To Maintain Brain Health And Keep Memory Alive And Lifestyle has a profound impact on brain health, and lifestyle choices are critical to maintain control.

According To The World Health Organization. There are almost 10 MILLION new dementia cases annually and 47 MILLION people have dementia globally. According To The Cleveland Clinic, 5 Million Americans Are Living With Alzheimer’s and 135 Million Are Expected To Be Diagnosed by 2050, According To The National Institute of Mental Health, 17.9% of all Americans suffer from some form of mental illness.

The American Psychological Association reports, Mental illness increases the risk of cancer, epilepsy, obesity, diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. Of course, everyone wants to improve their mental performance, focus, and concentration and reach an ultimate level of mental wellness, You now have the opportunity to deliver information that millions of people are seeking with the highest quality content in various media that you can be proud to share with your audience All the research and hard work has been done for you to reach this massive audience!

Holistic Brain Health & Mental Wellness 270+ Piece PLR Pack is Including a ton of DIVERSE CONTENT and many EDITABLE SOURCE FILES, SO YOU CAN USE IT IN UNLIMITED WAYS. With an eBook, 3 reports, editable video sales page, quality editable videos, email newsletters, long articles, images editable viral images, editable infographics, and much much more. ALL WITH PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS! SKIP THE HARD WORK, MASSIVE COSTS AND THE MANY HOURS IT WOULD TAKE TO CREATE THIS CONTENT YOURSELF!

Edit and Brand As You Wish, Sell the eBooks, Build Your Lists Mix It Up To Create Loads of Content, Create Webinars, Build Sites Use In Newsletters, Video Marketing, Use On Affiliate Sites, Use To Promote Sites. The Possibilities Are Unlimited! THE HIGHEST QUALITY EXPERT CONTENT Brand New and 100% Copyscape Proof, Put Your Name On It, Establish Yourself as an EXPERT in this, In Demand Sector Of The Health Niche. Grab PLR Rights to 270 + Pieces Of DONE FOR YOU Content.

What Is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It is a license for various types of content that allows buyers to legally edit, publish and sell (within license parameters) the content as their own.

Why not hire a writer and designers to create all this content exclusively for me?

You could, but it would cost a fortune and take weeks of time. If you were to hire a decent ghostwriter the main eBook alone would cost you hundreds of dollars because that is the very low end of what good ghostwriters charge.

A high quality article of 500 words runs at least $20.

Videos and infographics cost hundreds of dollars to outsource, and hours of work in creating voice scripts, design, editing and production.

PLR also saves you a lot of time in research and work effort should you want to create the content yourself.

Since you can edit, brand and make the content your own, you save hundreds of dollars, hours of time and effort and still get high quality content.

Are The Images Copyright Free?

Yes, all images are 100% copyright free even for commercial use I make all the graphic elements myself, so there again the license is clear for your use

The content provided by JR is measurably better than anything you would get from even the top ghostwriters. No matter the topic, the information is always very comprehensive, very well written and highly detailed. I love how she references authority entities and offers many statistics and scientific studies in her writing. The videos are amazing too!First rate quality is the reason I buy every single pack she puts out, and always wait for her promotional email to buy any PLR because her bonuses are truly amazing!I should also mention that she typically answers any support issues I have the same day, sometimes within minutes of sending the request, another great perk of dealing with this amazing PLR provider. Thanks for everything, – Ron

JR, you are THE best PLR provider I use. Your topics are so relevant. You over deliver and the quality of your PLR is excellent. Whenever I buy one of your PLR products, I am always impressed with what’s included. – Donna J. Davis

Private Label Rights (PLR) can be a highly profitable addition to any online business. But only if it’s great quality, and covers topics your readers are eager to read and buy.For me, one provider of PLR stands head and shoulders above all others – InternetSlayers.com. Their materials are consistently of the highest quality and best value of all the many PLR providers. And when they release a new PLR package, it’s always massive, with everything you need to boost sales and profits right away. – Jim Van Wyck

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[New/Quality] Holistic Brain Health & Mental Wellness 270+ Piece PLR Pack Features:

  • 47 Pg. eBook: Holistic Brain Health eBook
  • 19 Pg. Report #1: Holistic Approaches To Mental Wellness
  • 12 Pg. Report #2: 50 Tips For Brain Health
  • 12 Pg. Report #3: Brain Burnout
  • 15 New High Quality Articles (10,500 + Words)
  • 67 Copyright Free Images
  • Custom Video Sales Mini Site For eBook (editable)
  • Sales Video With Professional Voiceover (editable)
  • 36 eBook Covers (editable)
  • 3 Custom Squeeze & Thank You Pages (editable)
  • 7 Day Newsletter Series (1,600 Words)
  • 103 Extra Sales Graphics
  • 25 Viral Images: Improve Brain Health (editable) & PDF Report Created From Images
  • Image Collage: Improve Brain Health (editable)
  • Checklist #1: 10 Key Considerations For Preventing Burnout (editable)
  • Checklist #2: 32 Tips For Brain Health Checklist (editable)
  • Checklist Graphic: 30 Ways To Boost Brain Health (editable)
  • Checklist Graphic: 10 Key Considerations For Preventing Burnout (editable)
  • 4 Infographics (editable)
  • 3 High Quality High Definition Videos (editable)
  • 3 Professional Voiceovers Provided Separately (use as you wish) + Text Scripts
  • 6 Video Cover Graphics
  • 25 Brain Health Tips, Tweets/Social Media Updates
  • Brain/Mental Health Authority Site References
  • Brain Health Market/Statistical Data

[New/Quality] Holistic Brain Health & Mental Wellness 270+ Piece PLR Pack Benefits:

  • Evergreen And Hugely Popular Niche
  • Everything Is Done For You
  • Full PLR Rights To Sell, Brand And Edit
  • Many Editable Source Files To Make It Your Own
  • Huge Time And Money Saver

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24 Ways To Use This Content:

  1. Brand the eBooks and sell them
  2. Educate your clients, web visitors and blog subscribers
  3. Establish yourself as an authority in the niche
  4. Build your lists and give elements as bonuses to subscribers
  5. Create webinars
  6. Send the information in newsletters
  7. Monetize with affiliate links and make killer commissions/use on affiliate sites
  8. Use slideshows, videos and PDF files for site promotion on Slideshare, Scrbd, DocStoc etc…
  9. Create webinars
  10. Turn articles into an eBook and sell it or give it away
  11. Create an entire site with all the content or mix it up to create loads of unique content.
  12. Create many unique slideshows to post on your sites and/or use for promotion to get traffic for your sites
  13. Turn the PLR into videos, post on your sites, or for promotion on Vimeo, Youtube, etc.
  14. Convert the PLR to audio
  15. Use the information to create podcasts
  16. Make it into special reports
  17. Use on Facebook and Twitter
  18. Add it to an existing related product
  19. Give reports or eBooks as a bonus when someone makes a purchase with your affiliate link
  20. Create blogs with it
  21. Use infographics to build links, and on you sites.
  22. Use it on your sites, create many posts or giant authority posts
  23. Use audio voiceover files to create podcasts, or make more videos
  24. Create an ENTIRE COMPLETE WEBSITE on wellness with all the information included

[New/Quality] Holistic Brain Health & Mental Wellness 270+ Piece PLR Pack Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: 24 Pg. Report: How To Detox From Brain Fog Report with Images, Covers and Squeeze Page
  • BONUS #2: 10 Brain Health Articles, Value
  • BONUS #3: Editable Infographic: Super Foods For Brain Health
  • BONUS #4: HD Video: 25 Ways To Age Better With Pro Voiceover and Covers (editable)
  • BONUS #5: HD Video: Improve Your Body’s Immunity With Positive Thinking With Pro Voiceover and Covers (editable)

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