FaazImageGrabber by Rustam Sandegi Review : Revolutionary WordPress Plugin Allow You To Download Images Faster and Easily From Your WordPress Dashboard, Time is Money

FaazImageGrabber by Rustam Sandegi Review : Revolutionary WordPress Plugin Allow You To Download Images Faster and Easily From Your WordPress Dashboard, Time is Money

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FaazImageGrabber is The Best Image Grabber WordPress Plugin to Finding The Best Images For Your Article is Easy as 1,2,3. It is Revolutionary WordPress Plugin Allow User To Download Images Easily and Faster “Simple 3-Step Inserting images Into WordPress Post. First Type Of Plugin in Marketplace.

The only one wordpress plugin that has the most completed features to search article images in just a few seconds.User don’t need to do many things again in searching article images, like opening new tabs on the browser, saving images, renaming, and uploading to your wordpress. No more! All is available on your wordpress dashboard and you can do it all in just a few seconds.

FaazImageGrabber has so many benefits such as : MUST INSTALL PLUGIN – This is the only one wordpress plugin to grab image just a couple of clicks and only 3 easy steps. All wordpress user must have this plugin. EASY TO USE- We make this plugin based on idea how people can extreamly easy to grab article images. No more wasting time, no more stressful to find the best image to their blog post. WORKING PERFECT – This plugin can run with all wordpress plugin and all wordpress theme without any trouble or error. Perfect for all wordpress user.

FaazImageGrabber is Revolutionary WordPress Plugin Allow You To Download Images Faster and Easily From Your WordPress Dashboard because Time is Money. Still Wasting Time To Search Image For Your Post Content? It is Your Shortcuts To Enrich Your Content. Enrich your content with many image make MANY VISITOR. MANY VISITOR = $$ MONEY $$. No more again to Open New Tabs To Searh Image (Waiting For) Search Image Using Search Engine, Selecting The Image Then Download It (how much time wasted), Upload image to your post (boring! wasting time! leave it!! TIME IS MONEY).

Q : How to use this plugin?
A : After you install it, you need to insert license code in FaazImageGrabber Option and follow the installation instruction.

Q : FaazImageGrabber tab not showing?
A : Make sure you have activated the Faster Image Insert plugin

Q : How many result images in searching?
A : Result Up to 100 images

Q : Response result “Request Time Out”
A: It’s based on your server, if you use shared hosting, I suggest no more than 10 images in single grab

Q : This plugin for unlimited site?
A : Yes, you can install it on all your site

Q : Why some image can’t saved?
A : Based on warning
~ isn’t Valid Image!! -> This is because when you’re renaming the “Filename” in Image Editor on the Last Step, you’re not including .jpg extension
~ Valid Image but Can’t be Grabbed!! -> Some site using extra security.. so their image can’t be grabbed. We are still working on this; we will updates when it is done

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FaazImageGrabber Features:

  • Time And Effort Saving – With only several clicks, you can get your desired article images. Make your time more productive!
  • Complete Filter Exactly For Your Needs – You can filter the images based on your needs like size image, color, image type, and even license. All can be done with just a couple of clicks.
  • The Only Solution For You – This is all what you need in adding article images. You do not need the manual and boring steps. Add this plugin as the solution!
  • Free Update – We will always improve the quality and the ability of this plugin. You can get anything for free anytime there is renewal. You do not need to pay again
  • Unlimited Sites – We know that you have more than one website. Pay once for unlimited site license! This is a must have plugin for your website.

Theme Features:

  • Responsive design mode
  • Fast load
  • Fancy navbar
  • SEO ready (optimized meta keyword, meta title, meta description)
  • Thumbnail widget (recent post and random post)
  • Simple theme option
  • Easy – Direct link download
  • Download size available for all device
  • Never sale before, special made with love for you
  • Install to UNLIMITED Your Sites or Your Client Sites

FaazImageGrabber Benefits:

  • Extremely Easy To Use – Just 3 steps to enrich your WordPress sites with right image you desired.
  • Time and Effort Saving – Stop tiredness and stress in searching article images. Installed this plugin right away
  • Save Your Money – No need monthly payment, or API subscription. All you need to do is just install this plugin
  • Unlimited Sites – One time payment and install this powerful plugin to unlimited your sites

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FaazImageGrabber Perfect For:

  • For Any WordPress Users – WordPress users with any web topic, who want to be more relaxed in inserting images into article! Of course you don’t want to spend a lot of time just looking for a suitable image, right?
  • For Anyone Who Manages a Company Website – If you work in managing company websites that use wordpress, you must have this plugin. With this plugin, your jobs will be much easier and faster. If your jobs are done faster, your boss will be pleasure, right?
  • For Anyone Who Needs Practicability – This plugin is a solution for you who feel stressed and tired in searching the suitable images for the article on your website. Install this plugin and throw away the tiredness & boringness in posting new articles on your website!
  • For Anyone Who Feels Tired in Posting Articles – The traditional way that you did include: open new tab, search images on free image sites, save image, rename the file, upload, add caption, and alt image. This is a long process. You need a simple way, right?

FaazImageGrabber Simple Steps:

  • Step 1 – Enter your image keyword relevant to your content
  • Step 2 – Use this powerful filter features. Size, color, type and usage right!
  • Step 3 – Within just a second you will get a lot images relevant with your keyword! Select images you need to grab and insert to your post. All done, in your wordpress dashboard!

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