BacklinkMachine by Ankur Shukla Review : Download This New 1-CLICK SEO Plugin For WordPress That Will Get You 1000s of Backlinks on AUTOPILOT & Help Rank Your Site Higher…

BacklinkMachine by Ankur Shukla Review : Download This New 1-CLICK SEO Plugin For WordPress That Will Get You 1000s of Backlinks on AUTOPILOT & Help Rank Your Site Higher…

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BacklinkMachine is Best Plugin Software to Build Backlink on Complete Autopilot to Every Blog Post On Your Site In Just 1-Click.This brand new WordPress Plugin + SaaS product that builds 1000s of backlinks for your sites at the push of a button.

BacklinkMachine is 1-CLICK WordPress Plugin That Gets You 1000s of Backlinks to Help Rank Your Sites Higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing. Your One Click Solution to Building 1000s of Backlinks to Your Site & Getting Higher Rankings. With this simple plugin, you will Make More Money, Simple, 1-Click Software, Simple 1-Click Install and Unlimited Sites.

BacklinkMachine has so many benefits such as : 100% Newbie Friendly – Super Simple, Using Backlink Machine is as EASY as 1-2-3, Get Instant Access to Backlink Machine, 100% Autopilot Software.

BacklinkMachine has simple steps such as Step 1 Click the “Get Backlinks” Button next to the blog post you want to build backlinks to, Step 2 Enter The KEYWORDS you want to use for the backlinks & select how many backlinks you want & Finally Step 3 Push “ONE BUTTON” & You are DONE. Automatically build backlinks for new posts published on your site, Simple push button solution that can but used for old & new sites.

What is BacklinkMachine WordPress Plugin Software by Ankur Shukla? One of the KEY factors to ranking higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine is BACKLINKS. If you have a good number of backlinks, your sites rank highert than your competitors.

That is FACT. If you look at most rankings, the higher ranking sites have more backlinks than others. Well, thats exactly what BacklinkMachine helps you get, MORE BACKLINKS so you can rank higher. Not just that, it does two key things :

  1. AUTOMATION – build backlinks automatically to any new post published on your wordpress site. 2. PUSH
  2. BUTTON – Want to build 50 backlinks to a new post? You got it.

BacklinkMachine can do that in just 1 Click, all links delivered within 24 to 48hrs.

Does Backlink Machine work with any WordPress theme?
Yes, since it connects with our backend SAAS app it can work with most of the popular wordpress themes as long as your site is self hosted and not a free wordpress site on

What type of backlinks are these and where are they coming from?
We have a network of over 5000 wordpress content blogs and these backlinks come from various posts and comments on those blogs. They are medium quality links and range from PR3 to PR0.

What are Credits? How many Backlinks can I build?
1 Credit means 1 Backlinks. With the Unlimited Sites option, you can install the plugin on unlimited sites build up to 2000 backlinks across all sites combined. And in our members area you can top up your account with more backlink credits anytime you want.

Can I see where are my backlinks coming from?
Yes once you submit a task to build say 100 links, you will get a JOB REPORT that gives you the exact links where you have your backlinks coming from. It completely transparent.

Are these Backlinks Safe?
Yes they are – Backlinks are posted to a network of 5000 niche blogs, all these blogs are 100% safe and many of these have been around for over 3 to 5 years The new links are drip-fed over multiple days, so it looks natural. Many of our customer sites have moved up in rankings since using this.

How many Backlinks do you recommend to add to each post?
In our experience, adding at least 25 backlinks using backlink machine can often give you decent rankings if the topic or keywords are not too competitive but it highly depends on the niche, keyword and the authority of your site. We cannot guarantee any rankings as a lot of other factors are responsible for ranking.

Do you offer training and/or support for this product?
Absolutely! You will get a detailed video walkthrough showing you every single feature of the plugin. And if you have any further question, our support team will be happy to help.

Is this hard to use?
Not at all! Its extremely newbie friendly. We have created the user interface with the end user in mind, so interaction is very straightforward and just needs 3 clicks to have everything up and running.

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BacklinkMachine Features:

  • WordPress Plugin that can build backlinks to all your posts with the push of a button.
  • Define any number of anchor text for your links.
  • Generate a complete backlink report in 48hrs.
  • Drip Feed backlinks intelligently over a few days.
  • Automatic indexing of all your backlinks.
  • FULLY AUTOPILOT – make a new post and get 20 or 50 backlinks built to it within the next 48hrs.
  • No manual work required at all.
  • No more expensive outsourcing.
  • Build Backlinks for Unlimited WordPress Sites

BacklinkMachine More Features:

  • Get Higher Rankings Easily – All the top sites that rank in the top 5 positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing have one thing in common, lots of backlinks. Having more backlinks is proven to rank your site higher and thats what you get with our software.
  • Use on All Your Blogs, Unlimited Sites – Get the Unlimited Sites License for a small price today and you can install this plugin on unlimited sites that you personally own. No matter how many sites – this is a must-have for all your sites.
  • Automatic Updates to the Plugin, No need to install over & over again – We are going to keep updating this plugin regularly, we are open to ideas and new feature suggestions to keep them coming. Every update will be rolled out and your plugin can be automatically updated in just ONE Click.
  • Download Detailed Reports With Complete List of All Your Backlinks – Once your backlinks are created, a report is instantly available inside your LOGS section that you can view and save to your computer. This report has all the backlinks that were created for your site and you can track them.
  • Fully Autopilot – No Manual Work – When you make a new wordpress post, you can instantly create 20 or 50 or even 100 backlinks to it without doing any manual work, no extra steps and nothing else to do. That is the power of AUTOMATION that Backlink Machine brings to you.

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BacklinkMachine More Simple Steps:

  • Step 1 Click the “Get Backlinks” Button next to the blog post you want to build backlinks to
  • Step 2 Enter The KEYWORDS you want to use for the backlinks & select how many backlinks you want & Finally
  • Step 3 Push “ONE BUTTON” & You are DONE.

BacklinkMachine Perfect For:

  • FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS MORE GOOGLE RANKINGS – The simple fact is – when you have 100 articles ranking on google instead of just 10, you get a lot more traffic to your site. More traffic brings in more money from your site and that is always good, right?
  • FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS MORE TRAFFIC – SEO traffic is the best kind of free traffic you can get. If tweaking a few things and installing a new software can do that for you, why are you missing out on the best free traffic source out there?
  • FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS 100s of ARTICLES RANKED – Adding backlinks can skyrocket the visibility of your content and take your site to the top ranks in search engines. Why be satisfied with just a few top positions when you can get more by doing 10 seconds of extra work?
  • FOR ANYONE WHO DOES NOT WANT TO SPEND ON SEO – Hiring a SEO company can cost you hundreds of dollars each month (or even thousands if you have a big site) – why do that when you can get great results by using a simple software + a few seconds of your time.
  • FOR ANY WEBSITE OWNER WHO RUNS A WORDPRESS SITE – This plugin is a must have for every wordpress site. Every site owner is spending money on backlinks – why do that when you can automate 90% of the work using a simple software. Must have for every site owner.
  • FOR BLOGGERS, WRITERS & PODCASTERS – Whether you are a blogger or a writer with a site, you want more traffic and you want to reach a bigger audience. This is what you can achieve

BacklinkMachine Bonus:

  • Exclusive BONUS #1 – ($99 Value) – The PERFECT Backlinking Strategy for 2017
  • Exclusive BONUS #2 – ($99 Value) – LIVE WEBINAR – Learn The Strategy to Make $10,000/month as an Affiliate using SEO

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