Video Niche Domination by Paul Venables Review : New Technique Makes $8,018.95 From YouTube

Video Niche Domination by Paul Venables Review : New Technique Makes $8,018.95 From YouTube

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Video Niche Domination is Training Course How to Guarantee You Rank On Page One Every Single Time And Generate An Army Of Rankings And Many Traffic Streams easily. Get targeted, buyer-intent traffic to your offers Without paying for ads 100% proven with stacks of real results. This software and system give Youtube & Google what they want, so they keep sending you traffic. It’s time for you to FINALLY start getting results like this, The traffic, rankings and sales that you deserve. Today, you’re going to learn how you can strategically guarantee page one ranking at will by making the right choices before you even make your video. I’m also gonna share with you a powerful software that will ensure all your videos (new and old) get a MAJOR boost in Google and YouTube. It’s a simple, yet intelligent strategy we use to ensure the videos we put our effort into making WILL rank on page one. So you can know this before making them. You also get and Adobe Air Software (works on MAC and PC) that in one click, embeds your video on over 50 video submission sites. Oh, and you get over one hour of optimization training to make your videos bulletproof. Embedding videos so important because The embed function takes your videos outside the bounds of YouTube and gets them much wider exposure YouTube tracks all instances of your video embeds on other sites, It counts these as positive user engagement signals, and rewards you with higher video YouTube SEO

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Video Niche Domination Features:

  • Discover The Ultimate Video Optimization Process!
  • Discover How To Guarantee Page One Rankings Every Time!
  • Learn How To Sell This Process As A Service Again And Again!
  • How to guarantee page one rankings every time.
  • How to use our push-button software, that will automatically embed your videos on 50 sites in one click.
  • How to drive multiple traffic streams to an ARMY of buyer keywords.
  • How to sell this process as a service again and again.
  • How to quickly optimize your videos for fast AND long term results.
  • And much more!


4 Steps To Non-Stop, TARGETED And 100% FREE Traffic For effortless leads & commissions:

  1. Choose Your Keywords – We’ll show you a little known free method to ensure you choose buyer keywords that you can rank for and get an army of rankings and traffic streams.
  2. Pick A Video You Want To Rank – Use your own OR even someone else’s – we’ll show you exactly how to use OTHER people’s videos (completely legally) to drive traffic.
  3. Copy the video URL into the software
  4. Push one button (really, just one) – And instantly get your video embedded on 50 unique websites to unleash floods of targeted traffic.

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Who should use it?

  • Affiliate and CPA marketerscan make more commissions without paid ads
  • Ecom vendors can drive more interested buyers to their offers
  • List builders can spend qualified leads to their landing pages to build massive, targeted lists
  • Video marketers can dominate YouTube and Google for organic traffic available online
  • Social Media Marketers can build huge audiences of engaged fans
  • Freelancers can sell traffic generation and write their paychecks.


Video Niche Domination Bonus:

  1. $606 Rank while you Bank Case Study
    A private video where Paul shows you how he raked in $606 using one simple little video technique and all you need to do is watch and replicate it.
  2. The Six Figure Script Training
    Video training on how to easily create your own scripts to use for creating high converting videos. In this video Paul will be revealing the same script he started using which helped bring in his first six figures from video marketing.
  3. Discovery Ads Masterclass
    Watch over Adam’s shoulder as he shows you how to force Google Adwords to give you the data you need from massive authority videos and then use that to get the tons of the most targeted traffic possible to your video. This boosts rankings a well a help with list building and channel growth.


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