WPLeadPro 2017 Theme by pixelcrafter Review : The Most Powerful, Beautiful And Flexible Leadgen WordPress Theme For Online And Offline In 2017

WPLeadPro 2017 Theme by pixelcrafter Review : The Most Powerful, Beautiful And Flexible Leadgen WordPress Theme For Online And Offline In 2017

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Wp Pro Local is Amazing. I have been a offline consultant for over 5 years and FINALLY someone has come out with a theme that actually works for offline! I have literally switched ALL my clients sites over to WP Local. Also JPs constant updates makes it the best offline theme on the market. Period. In fact he asked me if I wanted another better wordpress theme and I said no. just make Wp Local better. Thats how good it is. If you are a offline consultant and you do NOT own this theme you are insane.


  • Is WP LEAD PRO 2017 is a monthly recurring payment to use the system?
    No! There are no monthly fees with WP LEAD PRO 2017. You buy the software (you get the WordPress theme) and you can use it on as many sites as you want.
  • Do you provide support if I get stuck using WP LEAD PRO 2017?
    YES, Of course! Our friendly support team are available to help you through your issues. We admit in the past, we have some problems to handle the customer support desks due to the fact that we did not have in-house programmer. The good news is, Jo, the founder of Pixelcrafter has mastered the wordpress programming and managed to build all Pixelcrafter’s wordpress products, so we can rest assure that we can solve all tech problems and help you with any issue you have.
  • Is it difficult to use WP LEAD PRO 2017?
    Easy and difficult is relative for different people. So we have provided various tools and guides such as 1 click demo data (we call this instant makeover), PDF guides and the video guides… to help all of our members whether they are Non-Tech Marketers, experienced marketers or even savvy programmer. As a results most of our customers who bought our other cool WP products thinks that it is easy to use our products.
  • Is WP LEAD PRO 2017use the latest technology such as 1 click demo data, drag and drop support, integrated option panel ?
    Yes, WP LEAD PRO 2017 uses the cutting-edge technology. You just need to click the demo data right after you activate the theme and your site will be ready in few minutes. It also support the drag and drop builder so you can build any layout you like.
  • We use the most updated framework for the backbone such as Bootstrap for the HTML/CSS framework and we integrated the most powerful and popular theme option framework called Redux Framework.

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WPLeadPro 2017 Theme Features:

  • Powerful Layout optimized for increasing the optin rate for all online and offline niches
  • Eye catching big form with big red arrow on the header area with full control on its component integrated with the main layout
  • 5 X Instant Demo Content / 1 Click Makeover
  • Mobile Optimized – Super Responsive Layout in any Devices
  • Powerful Theme Option Panel
  • DRAG AND DROP Support – Build additional layout you like
  • Built using Bootstrap – the most advanced html /css framework
  • Built using Redux Framework – the most advance theme option framework


  • You will be some of the first to get in on this opportunity for a crazy low price
  • You don’t need to touch the coding to make simple changes
  • Your download including the theme files are hosted in a dedicated member area. We spent $400 to build the member area using the best membership software.
  • We’ve setup several optional ways to help with your new wordpress theme: Written Documentation, Knowledgebase and Tickets.
  • WPLEADPRO 2017 theme is the most flexible Leadgen theme that will allow you to
  • Choose any color scheme you like (Unlimited color scheme)
  • Define slider positions
  • Hide or show the area from admin panel
  • Powerful admin panel
  • And other cool features which I will tell you more in just a minutes
  • Use the Page builder feature
  • Developer License included. Developer License will allow you to use this theme on as many yours and clients sites.

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>>> WPLeadPro 2017 Theme by pixelcrafter – Full Details Click Here <<<