Offline Consulting Confidential by jimmack Review : Tap Into An Insanely Profitable and Highly Ignored Niche That Most Marketers Just Keep To Themselves, Auto Repair Shops Are An Untapped Goldmine.

Offline Consulting Confidential by jimmack Review : Tap Into An Insanely Profitable and Highly Ignored Niche That Most Marketers Just Keep To Themselves, Auto Repair Shops Are An Untapped Goldmine.

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Offline Consulting Confidential is a done-for-you package by Jim Mack that allows you to get business owners begging you to give them exclusive access to these leads. You are about to discover a brain-dead simple way to earn money by sending out emails. You will get money deposited right into your PayPal account in just a couple of days just after following this step-by-step lead generation blueprint. This is an untaped opportunity waiting for consultants and part-time freelancers. There are simply more of these business who always need help, than there are consultants who can help them solve that problem. What we have here is an abundance of buyers, and not enough marketing consultants who can help them.

Servicing clients is so easy. In fact, everyone who can follow some simple instructions can profit by becoming an Auto Niche Marketing Consltant.

Jim took what he learned and turned it into a step by step, paint-by-numbers Lead Generation System for Auto Repair Businesses. Offline Consulting Confidential is designed to provide you with everything you need to get started today – just sending a few emails then have money being handed to you at the end of the week.

Offline Consulting Confidential is the complete guide to earning 6 figures as an auto repair marketing consultant.

Then, why the Auto Repair & Service Niche?

A recent study said that Americans spent over $500 Billion last year in auto repair. The same study said that Auto Repair Shop owners spent $15 Billion in advertising. It shows that Auto Repair and Auto Parts are in the top 10 of Search Categories according to This is the Top 10 of Google Searches for Local Businesses!

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What are you getting from Offline Consulting Confidential?

You are getting everything you need to get your first high paying client today with this done-for-you package:

  • The Complete Step by Step System which will quickly take you from an absolute beginner to expert. Lead generation, websites, email marketing, and other services can easily be sold with this system. These small auto shops will hire you to generate leads and perform other services when you use this step by step system.
  • The scientifically crafter emails so they reach the ‘priority inbox’ every time. Those emails explain the business owner’s problem, and how you are going to fix it. Get your message read and responded to every time which means more responses to your lead generation email, which means more clients, more freedom and more money!
  • All of Jim’s free and paid lead sources to find business owners who are in DESPERATE NEED of your service. You will learn every trick Jim has spent 3 years developing and find every local business database to find clients who are in need of the services you will offer.
  • The Presentation Template to make closing the deals a no brainer. Just show the business owner the proposal and just wait for the yes. The ‘non-sales’ approach in these done for you templates stands out and establishes rapport with your prospects while building credibility and trust which lead to a closed deal.
  • Sample non-disclosure and work agreements. You can protect yourself with the proper legal forms to ensure you get paid on time from every client, and they know what they are getting in return EXACTLY.
  • Upsell, cross sell, and follow up scripts. You can earn more money from every client you land with these upsell templates proven to double the fee’s you earn from every client.

In fact, with this system you will ONLY deal with:

  • clients who are ready to pay your fee for websites, leads, email marketing, etc.
  • clients who need your help generating leads and growing other online properties.
  • Services you can outsource, generating leads for $5 that you sell for $50 EACH!
  • Clients who are coming to you, ready to buy your lead and marketing service.

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How Offline Consulting Confidential works?

Here are the steps to generate a 50% response from business owners you email, and get them to make the first move so you will get that first client, then second, then third:

  • Step 1: Find the ‘lowest hanging fruits’ prospects.
    Jim uses a handful of carefully crafted tricks and secret lead sources uncover businesses which have a problem can be easily fixed. You can offer these same services by outsourcing them for a fraction of the fees that you charge.
  • Step 2: Send each business a personal email pointing out their problem.
    These emails are NOT sales emails. They are personal emails which use a ‘plain speak’ approach to explain the problem to the business owner, and outlines a simple solution for them.
  • Step 3: ONLY deal with the prospects who ask to hire you.
    These templates get a 50% response from business owners, half of which will ask to hire you. Just reply to their email and hit send. Working with interested prospects will allow you to know that there will be very little rejection. Just someone who is willing to pay you to solve their problem.
  • Step 4: Collect payment, outsource the service, rinse wash and repeat.
    You can use PayPal or Stripe to collect your monthly fees from clients you book with these email templates or you can pick up a check. Just take a small portion of the fees that you collec to pay an outsourcer to do all the work servicing your new clients.

What is the best part of this system?

  • There is NO cold calling.
    Every business that you contact is a warm lead who needs something. All communication is done over email using copy paste emails scripts as well as done-for-you sales proposals for every service that you will sell. You will not send your time being told no. You will speak to only interested business owners. What you need to do is send a business owner an email telling them their problem and how you are going to fix it. They will contact you.
  • There is NO experience needed.
    This system is designed to take you from day 1 and walk you through what to do each day to be guaranteed 3 new clients in 30 days. Don’t need to be an SEO expert. Don’t need to know web design. Don’t need to be tech savvy. What you need to do is just send an email. Answer the email. Collect the check and get another client.
  • There is NO start up costs.
    Follow the instructions to learn by doing and land 3 clients in the process. You will get day-by-day instructions from ground zero, all the way to landing 3 clients in 30 days’ time. You can start making money in the first week without start up costs. It gives you time and money freedom.

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