200 In 20 Minutes v2.0 by Desmond Ong Review : You’ve Been Invited to Test The “200in20App” That Has Been Helping me Make $200 in 20 Minutes…

200 In 20 Minutes v2.0 by Desmond Ong Review : You’ve Been Invited to Test The “200in20App” That Has Been Helping me Make $200 in 20 Minutes…

200 In 20 Minutes v2.0 is an app which allows you to build the “200 in 20 minutes” campaigns for free. Furthermore, it is also a training program which Desmond – The author of this product reveals his secrets to making 200 dollars in just 20 minutes. Inside $200 in 20 minutes, you will get $200 in 20 minutes full training program plus $200 in 20 minutes app; cloud based software (worth $197 – yours free) including: $200 in 20 minutes version 2.0 full training program, Life time acess to the “$200 in 20 miutes” campaign builder software, Free live online masterclass, Private invites & tickets to future events, Life time access to Desmond’s facebook group, $1,485 worth of bonuses and 60 day money back guarantee. Opportunities like this don’t happen all the time – and when they comel you have to grab it with both hands. So what you want to do now is get instant access to the $200 in 20 Minutes training program now and start making $200 in 20 minutes. There’s no secret loophole or secret traffic source or secret formula to become a millionaire overnight. None of those guru B.S. here on this page. What I have for you is an effective, simple method that truly works and is used by top marketers to create millions of dollars of income every single year. What you’re about to discover is extremely sustainable It’s reliable. It’s proven to work. And more importantly it’s the easiest way to get positive results in today’s internet marketing climate. This system has nothing to do with: product launcing, facebook ads, fiverr, SEO or content marketing, Google Adwords, youtube or video marketing. If you’ve been using a lot of the old, traditional internet marketing systems and they’ve been failing you, it’s because you’ve been misled. The honest truth is Internet marketing is always changing. What’s hot this year might not be hot next year.

This simple system is all about tapping into a hot source of highly targeted traffic – and then segmenting them based on “what they want” and then redirecting them onto the right offers. It might sound a little confusing or maybe complicate right now, We designed a “simple to use” software that allows you to build the “$200 in 20 minutes” campaigns for free. We are allowing you an access to the software… that we called, “$200 in 20 Minutes App” for absolutely free if you join “$200 in 20 Minutes” right now, $200 In 20 Minutes Campaign Builder (Worth $197 – Yours 100% FREE If You Take Action Before The Timer Expires). But if you’re still on the fence. You’re right to be skeptical about this especially when Desmond named this training program and software “$200 in 20 minutes”. But hear me out, Desmond simply named this program based on truth. And the truth is we did make $200 in 20 minutes of work consistently. So we aren’t hyping this up or even trying to “scam” you, None of that. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or MLM.

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10 reasons to enroll in the “$200 in 20 minutes training program today:

Reason #1

  • This training program can really change your life and it has proven to do so again and again for our students from all over the world.
  • What you’re about to learn inside this program truly works and it can work very well for you.
  • All you need to do is to follow the step by step instructions and you’ll be able to see results with this program guaranteed!

Reason #2

  • Life time access to Desmon Ong’s students Facebook Master Mind group
  • I’ve been known to always overdeliver in terms of long term value
  • And one place where I always share free content, answer questions and help my students are on my Facebook group
  • and people are willing to pay $50 just to be able to get inside this group
  • Today… you can jump in for… FREE!

Reason #3

  • Free Online live masterclass – “How to create a $10,000 per month business by persuing your passions
  • $200 in 20 Minutes Program will get you to $5,000 – $6,000 in average income per month
  • But if you want to take it up a notch and start making 5 figures per month or 6 figures per year
  • you need to get on my live masterclass so I can show you the 8 steps that you can follow to get there

Reason #4

  • Private Invites to future Desmond’s live events & online masterminds
  • My live events and online masterminds are always sold out and there’s no way you can get a ticket unless you’re invited.
  • If you join $200 in 20 minutes and prove that you’re a willing learner, I would personally hand you two invites to come to my live events.

Reason #5

  • Personal invite for Desmond Ong’s Inner circle program
  • One of my most successful mentorship programs is my “Inner Circle” program.
  • However, doors are closed because I am truly focused on helping my clients to hit that million dollar mark.
  • You will get a special access as well as apply for a trial to get in for a month! Outsiders are paying $4,997 to get the same access!

Reason #6

  • 2 tickets to core Mastermind live in New york/ San Diego
  • One of my famous live events, the “Core Mastermind Live” has been creating six figure earners in the past two years
  • However, just like most of my live events, the tickets are all sold out for 2016 and 2017.
  • But if you prove to be an action taker today and join “$200 in 20 Minutes” – I’ll get you two tickets one for you and one for your spouse for free.

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Reason #7

  • If you join today, you’ll also get these Extra fast Action Bonuses worth $1,485
  • Super commissions method
  • 5,000 sales in 7 days case study
  • Desmond Ong’s direct media buying strategy

Reason #8

  • Only the first 500 member will get the free $200 in 20 minutes App
  • We will be removing this Fast Action Bonus when this timer expires:
  • The $200 in 20 Minutes App is a great software built by my team to create simple “$200 in 20 Minutes” campaigns on the fly
  • It takes just a few clicks to get it setup and get it running for you
  • This software development costs us over 5 figures in development fee and if you’re the first 500 members to join you can get it FREE.
  • We have to limit the amount of users due to server size

Reason #9

  • We will close the program & it’s real
  • While most marketers threaten to close their program and never do
  • We actually ALWAYS close our training programs after a couple of weeks.
    Here’s why
  • I am very focused on helping each and every one of my students and because of that I tend to not have a lot of time
  • Since I have limited time, I can only really deal with a limited number of students

Reason #10

60 days money back guarantee

Simple Step Inside 200 In 20 Minutes v2.0:

  • Step 1: Build the “$200 in 20 minutes campaign” using our app
  • Stap 2: Upload the $200 in 20 minutes page
  • Step 3: start making money with “$200 in 20 minutes page”

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