12 Minute Books by Matt Rhodes Review : If You Earn $304 Per Month Per Book…And You Publish Books In 12 Minutes…How Many Books Would You Write?

12 Minute Books by Matt Rhodes Review : If You Earn $304 Per Month Per Book…And You Publish Books In 12 Minutes…How Many Books Would You Write?

12 Minute Books is a more than just a huge, invaluable shortcut that reveals how you can publish great books faster. It helps walk you through the most important steps of the publishing process. More importantly, it helps you calculate (and maximize) the probability that your each of your 12 Minute Books will be a sales success – before you even publish it.

The process is so easy for you to follow, a couple of my early students even double-checked with me and my team to make sure that they weren’t cheating. It’s true. (And no, they weren’t!)

Even better – between your mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and computers…

It’s very likely you already have anywhere from 20-30 Books just waiting for you to publish. (And in the unlikely case you don’t, fear not – there are literally an unlimited number of 12 Minute Books you can publish just with a few Google searches.)

Now, please don’t misunderstand me here…

This is NOT some “Magic Bullet” solution or fad.

When you buy and download 12 Minute Books today, you won’t magically get rich instantly. You have to put in real work. You still have to actually follow the steps, press the keys and click the buttons.

We just make it as easy for you as we possibly can.

Here are examples of 12 Minute Books you could potentially publish tonight when you take action:

  • Carefully document each and every step of the process as you prepare a secret family recipe.
  • Catch a ride to your local zoo and spend 2 minutes taking pictures of cute (and scary!) animals.
  • Snap photos over Uncle Jim’s shoulder while he walks you through how to change your car’s oil.
  • Write a journal with your best “MUST SEE!” sightseeing stories and vacation recommendations.
  • Pay 20 fishermen (and women!) $5 each for you to write and publish their best fishing stories.
  • I’m sure you’re catching on. The possibilities are literally endless!

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12 Minute Books Bonus:

  • 12 Minute Bonus #1: Secret Amazon.com 10x Profit Booster

This very simple guide lays out the exact secret ranking method that took 3 years of reverse engineering and tens of thousands of dollars to uncover. No one has revealed this Secret Amazon Judo Technique publicly before. It is no exaggeration that it can boost all of your Amazon sales by up to 10x…even more.

Now, you’ll find out EXACTLY what you need to do to rapidly shoot your Kindle e-books to the top of the Amazon.com search list with almost zero extra effort using this little-known method. This special report alone is worth far, far more than the small amount you’re investing today.

Note: This technique works to drastically boost the earnings and profitability of ALL of your Amazon.com sales, including your Books, eBooks or even affiliate and FBA products.

But, there’s more…

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  • 12 Minute Bonus #2: “Hidden Hot Niche” LIVE Training Webinar

This is a bonus to end all bonuses (seriously)…

Finding the perfect niche is the most important part of publishing 12 Minute Books. When you deal in a hot niche with real demand, your books sell themselves organically. (You can choose to pour on extra marketing firepower through ads if you want to accelerate book sales even more.)

There’s a Fiery Hot Kindle Niche tucked inside a multi-billion dollar industry, and only a handful of smart people are tapping it to it’s full potential. As a brand new customer of 12 Minute Books, you get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to this LIVE WORKSHOP with never-before-seen Kindle training explaining how to tap into this secret niche…

  • Did you know ________ is a multi-billion dollar industry? But the dirty little secret is — this secret niche is VERY easy to write for IF you know the simple formula…
    Why shorter eBooks in this niche sell BETTER than longer ones.
  • How to tap into this rabid market to sell on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace! (You can also sell on the iBooks store and more, too…)
  • Instructions for using The Keyword Method for targeted, in-demand sub-niche selection
  • 7 specific categories of ________ that sell like crazy!
  • Important Etiquette in this special niche — don’t get your Kindle account shut down for breaking the rules — we will show you what you can and can’t do
  • Proven pricing strategies best targeted towards this hot, in-demand niche.
  • How to create easy professional grade e-covers for your books fast.

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