Buzzinar by Omar & Melinda Martin Review : Viral Traffic Getting System & Software Makes $396,126.01 Per Year In Autopilot Commissions

Buzzinar by Omar & Melinda Martin Review : Viral Traffic Getting System & Software Makes $396,126.01 Per Year In Autopilot Commissions

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Buzzinar is Outstanding Autopilot Viral Traffic Getting Software And List Building System To Build A Big & Profitable List Super Fast With 2 Easy Step They Are; Attarct Subscriber And Monetize Them Then You Can Earn $396,126.01 Per Year In Autopilot Commissions. Buzzinar produces what we call a viral “Share Gate” for your lead funnel. The gate causes your prospect to share the funnel with their friends in order to unlock the next step. Just customize your Buzzinar inviter to look and perform the way you want then paste the WordPress short code on your download pages or welcome page. Yeah, it’s that simple. There are 40 designs pre loaded, plus you can insert your own or even add HTML. You will easily design and deploy your inviters. A robust set of admin controls enable you to customize the look and feel of your Buzzinar inviter with any of the 40 pre-loaded images. You can chose to use the WYSIWYG editor to enter your own, text, colors, fonts and even HTML. Create and save as many Buzzinar inviters as you want with your UNLIMITED SITE LICENSE. Each inviter has its own little shortcode, just copy and paste it where ever you want your inviter to appear on your site. The training videos will teach you precisely WHERE to insert your inviters in a funnel for MAXIMUM CONVERSION! This training course and WordPress plugin will singlehandedly multiply your income because it has proven to increase conversions and make you more money. Buzzinar is the key to making your content go VIRAL. The Buzzinar ebook and video course will GIVE you the entire VIRAL funnel strategy. The Buzzinar training course is quick and easy to understand.

This training will teach you EXACTLY HOW to leverage the REAL power of online lead funnels. You will become a VIRAL marketing master with the Buzzinar training course in less than one day. You’re Getting Your Hands on The Exact Same Viral Traffic SYSTEM We’re Using To Rake In $396,126.01 Per Year in Commissions. Nowdays, The internet has made the world a much smaller place. Getting someone’s attention on the other side of the planet was near impossible 200 years ago, but today messages spread like wildfire in minutes thanks to what we call THE VIRAL EFFECT. Today’s viral technology makes it possible to REACH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE SIMULTANEOUSLY in the blink of an eye. Applying this effect to your marketing is what will grow your list and your profits at record speed. Plus our Buzzinar system and software automates the process for you. No more struggling to build your squeeze pages and funnels that convert. No more waiting weeks or months for free traffic methods to kick in. No more tired, old and outdated lead attraction methods that simply don’t work. Once you implement the Buzzinar system you’ll set off a chain reaction that goes viral and attracts new subscribers automatically and because the money is waiting for you here when you discover the power of injecting VIRAL TRAFFIC INTO YOUR FUNNEL with the Buzzinar WordPress plugin. The Buzzinar WordPress plugin will pull viral traffic Into Your Website and it automates the entire process FOR YOU.

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Buzzinar Advantages:

  • The big mistake most marketers make when trying to build a list.
  • (Just about everyone screws this up yet by making A SIMPLE SWITCH you can start raking in quick commissions easily.)
  • Our secret insider strategy to multiply your subscribers every time you create a new list.
  • (This one’s staring you in the face and you’ll love how easy it is to implement and start making money for you.)
  • The fool proof way to turn every Freebie seeker into a repeat buyer.
  • (This method will convert even your stingiest tire kicker into a big spender.)
  • Our PROVEN lead attraction and SEGMENTATION method that results in cold hard cash!
  • (This is how you’ll segment your list to generate neat little PILES of cash.)
  • The single most important tactic YOU MUST USE to build a HUGE & PROFITABLE subscriber list FAST.
  • (When you start applying this angle you’ll PUT YOUR LIST BUILDING ON STEROIDS.)
  • Our time tested method to keep money coming in consistently month after month.
  • (You’ll be able to automate your online income and never worry about “bills” again!)
  • Follow up Jedi mind tricks to persuade your prospects with emails.
  • (Use these methods responsibly cause they are extremely powerful!)
  • The super easy and non technical way to build a LEAD FUNNEL quickly.
  • (This one shortcut will save you tons of time and technical aggravation while you getting subscribers on your list consistently.)
  • The key to making money AS YOU BUILD the list instead of hoping to be profitable from it later.
  • (If you need money fast then you’ll love this segment because you can start using it right away even before you build your first lead funnel!)
  • Why most of your prospects don’t trust you and never buy from you.
  • (Once you understand this fact you’ll be able to build trust and make them look forward to seeing your marketing messages!)
  • The profit killing mistake that stops most email marketers dead in their tracks.
  • (Holy Conversions Batman! – this simple formula will guarantee that you always create funnels with high conversions and low break points!)
  • Eye poping headlines and MOBILE email marketing tricks that ALWAYS increase open rates.
  • (Forget everything you know about subject lines and sales copy.. the game has changed with mobile devices and THIS one thing trick will make you a master at it!)
  • The art of mapping out an email campaign that makes you money forever.
  • (What good is a list if it doesn’t make you money over and over again? You’re about to learn the key to low unsubscribes and high conversions!)

Inside Buzzinar you’ll get:

  • Buzzinar PDF eBook – 125 Pages of viral funnel building awesomeness right at your fingertips.
  • Mp3 Chapter Narration – Listen online or download to your favorite mobile device & listen on the go.
  • Mp4 Video Lessons – Learn the funnel process and see the strategies right on your screen.
  • Buzzinar Software App – Create autopilot traffic for all your funnels in both WordPress and HTML.

This is how your funnel goes viral and pulls in traffic on auto-pilot:

  • Prospects Squeeze Into Your Buzzinar Funnel
  • Our high converting OP2 funnel template will get them in the door and on your list for you.
  • They Invite Others In Order To Get More Stuff
  • The Buzzinar app compells them to invite more people in order to get an “extra” FREE gift.
  • You Monetize Them & The Process Repeats
  • Once they’re in the funnel the people they invited repeat the process, and so on, and so on.

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  • “Wow Team Martin! You’ve really delivered with Buzzinar – it’s amazing! Every successful person understands the importance of leveraging their assets. Every Internet marketer knows the holy grail of online business is viral traffic. With a few clicks of the mouse and a tiny shortcode, Buzzinar is the key to making your content go viral. This thing is Awesome, thanks guys!!” – (David John)
  • “If you’re like me and have a family, hold down a full time job and try to run an IM business in between, you know how little time you have. Do you think you could spare 4 minutes to put a viral campaign together? I installed the plugin and set up a campaign in 4 minutes flat that is not a typo, it took just 4 minutes to make fully functional viral campaign. I bought the original Buzzinar plugin way back in 2012 and it was a great viral plugin then. They’ve been constantly updating this thing and this new version of the plugin is even EASIER to use than the previous version. Plus there is an HTML version too. Omar and Melinda have really put a lot of thought into the new Buzzinar system and it really shows. Will I be using it? You bet. It’s a no brainer”. – (Mike Jackson)
  • “These two are like a dynamic duo of Internet marketing. They know how to make build lists and make money on command. This product really shows you techniques that WILL make you extremely successful if you implement them. I rarely see this level of product quality from any Internet marketers out there. Omar and Melinda really know their stuff. You can buy Buzzinar with your eyes closed they will never steer you wrong.” – (John Thornhill)

Buzzinar Bonuses:

  • The Buzzinar HTML Software
    *Not everyone uses WordPress, we get it.
    *Thats why we created a separate Buzzinar software tool that will work OUTSIDE of WordPress.
    *You don’t even need to have a WordPress site for this to work because there’s nothing to install on WordPress.
    *If you like using HTML to create your websites we’ve got you covered.
    *This package will enable you to quickly design and configure your Buzzinar invite exactly the way you want it
    *then just generate the HTML code at the click of a button.
    *Copy, paste, done.
  • Unlimited Sites Developer License
    *With this license you can use this WordPress plugin and HTML software on as many websites as you want.
    *Create as many inviters as you want for all your websites and even on client websites… FOR LIFE.
    *You also get FREE updates and general support for 1 full year at no additional cost.
  • Our Optimize Press Funnel Template
    *No need to start from scratch! You can customize all of my pages and use them as your own however you like!
    *This is the same exact template that I start with whenever I am building a new funnel.
    *This will save you loads of time and aggravation. (Optimize Press theme not included)
  • 1 Year Of Free Updates & Support
    *You won’t have to pay a penny for any additional features as we improve the plugin and software for an entire year.
    *All the updates we do and all the features we add are yours free of charge.
    *You’ll be notified to update your plugin right inside of WordPress.
    *General plugin and software support is also FREE for 1 year.

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